11 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

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11 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

by: Andrew Bicknell

Boosting ones metabolism is something many people try to achieve everyday. Having a high metabolic rate increases the amount of calories, or energy, the body burns on a daily basis. Without optimal metabolism the body will store excess calories as fat for future use. The problem for many people is they don’t ever use these excess calories and as a result struggle with weight issues.

There are many factors that affect a person’s metabolism including age, weight, hormonal changes, lean muscle mass, diet, genetics, stress and the amount of physical activity undertaken on a daily basis. As you can see boosting your metabolism involves many factors, but the fact of the matter is that it is relatively easy to boost your metabolism if you are committed to doing so.

Here are 11 tips to help you boost your metabolism:

1. Build lean body mass. As we age our bodies metabolism or ability to burn calories decreases. One way to offset this problem is by exercising. Lean muscle burns calories and the more you have the more calories you burn, even while resting. You can build muscle through resistance or weight training at least twice a week. You can also boost your metabolism by doing cardio exercises. You can choose to do this between or in conjunction with weight training. Simply going for a walk or using the stairs instead of the elevator are good ways to get in an aerobic workout.

2. Eat Breakfast. Many people ignore eating breakfast. What they don’t realize is that it’s the most important meal of the day. Breakfast gives your metabolism a boost and provides a consistent energy supply throughout the day. The majority of people who eat a healthy breakfast have fewer weight and health issues than those who don’t.

3. Sugar is bad. Processed and refined sugar such as found in sweets and soft drinks overload the body with sugar causing many serious health issues including obesity and diabetes. Complex carbohydrates are a better energy source because they supply an even level of blood sugar. The human body just isn’t built to deal with the large amounts of refined sugar most people include in their diet.

4. Spicy foods that make you sweat can help boost your metabolism.

5. Get a good night’s sleep. There is research that shows that people who do not get sufficient sleep tend to gain weight. This may be because the body uses sleep to heal and regenerate itself, including its muscular system.

6. Drink more water. Water is the lubricant of the body. It also flushes toxins out of the body and keeps the kidneys operating at maximum efficiency. This allows the liver more time to do what it does best, metabolize fat stores.

7. Eat small meals. Eat 5 to 6 small meals per day spaced 20 to 3 hours apart. This gives the body a steady supply of energy and prevents binge eating.

8. Don’t miss meals. Skipping meals in order to loose weight is counter productive because it actually slow metabolism and can lead to over eating.

9. Plan your meals. If you have a daily or weekly menu you are much more likely to stick to your plan.

10. Drink green tea. Green tea has been shown to boost metabolism and unlike coffee does not stress the body with caffeine.

11. Include more high energy foods in your diet including fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These provide a more balanced energy source and will not cause blood sugar spikes.

Boosting your metabolism can be done if you are dedicated to doing it. This does not mean you need to stress over each little thing but if you eat right and exercise you should see a decrease in body fat and a much more energetic and happy you.

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Do you just lack that motivation to workout?

I lack motivation to workout.. HELP

I decided to start a P90x Challenge group in order to get people through the holidays and not feel horrible.  What I found was that the excitement was there and that people were ready to make that leap, Or Were they????  I had 65 people commit to the challenge but what did I discover, I discovered that only a handful took that leap and WERE READY for it.

I feel that, in some ways, because of the large number of participants in the challenges, people have been slipping through the cracks… It’s been a little TOO EASY for people to go back to their old ways and go unnoticed… and as a coach, THAT KILLS ME! I want to see you guys CHANGE… not just physically, but I want to see your confidence levels rise, I want to see you start to believe in what is possible for yourself again… and I want to see you become STRONGER, inside & out!

SO, I have decided to run a NEW kind of challenge… This challenge group would only have 5 MEMBERS… They would ALL be doing the SAME WORKOUT PROGRAM and not JUST P90x STARTING ON THE SAME DAY… THEY WOULD ALL BE REPLACING ONE MEAL A DAY WITH SHAKEOLOGY (& yes, if you do not have Shakeology, that would mean you would have to be willing to invest in it… because if I am going to invest my time in working with you one on one… I need to know that you are willing to invest in your own health first!)

Because each member will have a different starting weight and goals, we will also be using the Beachbody Club membership to customize a meal plan specific to YOUR goals to get you the BEST possible results! Even better… By being a CLUB member you will actually SAVE 10% on ALL of your Beachbody purchases!!!

If you have not already, you will need to officially sign up to have me as your coach by going to:
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and TOGETHER the 6 of us would BEGIN OUR 90 DAY JOURNEY. Checking in EVERYDAY, without exception!

I will be giving these 5 my cell phone number for anytime support and you BETTER BELIEVE I will be calling YOU if you don’t hear from you on the boards!

This IS a commitment… ON MY PART and YOURS… Hence why I said that the people selected would NEED TO BE READY to SERIOUSLY change their lives! But I do believe it could be something that will not only make me a better coach for having gone through it… but will leave 5 people COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED at the end!!!

If you would like to be considered and are willing to make ALL the commitments above, then… what are you waiting for?!?! Write me back, RIGHT NOW and tell me that you want in this group!!!

Make it COUNT!

Insanity Asylum_Back To Core Review

Insanity Asylum the sequel to the incredibly popular Beachbody’s Insanity throws something different in this 30 day plan, it’s called Back to Core.  Now coming from someone that has been doing Beachbody workouts for the past almost 2 years, I expected another awesome workout that focuses on your Abs, Obliques and Hip Flexors, hey I was excited for is as I always am.  But wait, Back to Core means literally that “BACK” to Core.  This workout is 90% Back strengthening moves, but slow controlled moves, something that has been needed.  These moves are those that strengthen the Core and Back so that you are strong enough to do those pull-ups.  Here are some of the moves:

Band Exchange-100% perfect for swimmers in training

Lateral Pull Down with the Band-one of my favorites, who needs a pullup bar?? You can feel everything in your back.

Rotator Split Lunge-All I can say BACK ON FIRE!!  and a new favorite Shaun T line “The only thing that sucks is that you have to sides to your body”

So there is a combination of Isometric moves that finish on the floor with moves like:

Hip Ups, One Leg Hip Ups, etc, etc, etc,

The feeling I feel now is now (I just finished the workout) is how my legs or arms typically feel, that JELLO feeling but in MY BACK!!  Wow!

So the variety in Asylum has so far really impressed me.

Mom’s Homemade Granola

Mom’s Homemade Granola


While I was injured at home on the couch my mom was kind enough to make me a huge batch of Homemade Granola. This recipe is so easy to make and perfect for adding to things like Nonfat Greek Yogurt, or your morning cereal.

1/2 CUP RAISINS (can use dried cherries if you wish)
1 Teaspoon CINNAMON

3 Tablespoons hot water