I hate Cooking, I hate Fast Food – What are my options?

I came across this question the other day and figured I would spend some time addressing it because hear it a lot “I hate cooking, but I also hate fast food. Is there a natural option that’s extremely quick to prepare that will give me all of the nutrients and energy I need every day, especially when working out?”

ground beef meal

This question my friends IS MY LIFE!!! So I am going to share a few go-to’s that I eat during my day.


Breakfast Ideas

1.  Steel Cut Oatmeal – Super hearty and Super Healthy to grab and make on the go.  In fact Starbucks has a great option

2.  Hard Boiled Eggs – I like to prep them on the weekend and have a dozen ready for the week for me to just grab and go.  My kids also love them so sometimes I need to make less.

Snack Ideas

1.  Almonds – I like to take a Bulk Bag of Almonds from Costco and then separate them into snack bags (12/bag)

2.  Apples and Almond Butter – Apples stay fresh for quite a while and are sturdy so I like to have them in my house.  I also never eat Fruit without eating it with some sort of protein or healthy fat.  It slows down the absorption and therefore keeps you fuller longer.

3.  Starbucks – Protein Platter or Chicken Hummus Plate are my go-to’s

Lunch Ideas

1. Turkey Slices (Applegate Farms) – I do the same with Turkey Slices and put them in small Ziploc Bags so I can quickly grab them on the run.   Add a Gluten free Tortilla and some Mustard and you are good to go!

2. Shakeology – I get all my greens for the day even when I don’t have time to eat my Greens.  Find out more about Shakeology Here

Dinner Ideas

1.  I always have Grassfed Beef, Ground Turkey, or Chicken and throw a bunch of spices on/in it.  Pair it up with some Steamed Veggies and you are good to go.

I am a creature of habit and some may say my food is boring but it gets me through the week and on the weekend I am able to splurge and taste test all those fun things that we would love to indulge in everyday but can’t.  It is all about balance for me but you can absolutely get by without being a gourmet cook.

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Eating Clean without Time to Cook

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