Beachbody Coaching – is it for you?

When I became a coach in 2009 not one person that I knew had heard of Beachbody.  They did hear of P90x and Tony Horton but that was about it.  I have been a coach now for almost 6 years and have traded my 6 Figure Nurse Management Career for a Stay at Home 6 Figure business spending the time with my daughters that I was missing while working full time at a hospital.  Now I help others get fit and healthy and help them design their own lives and am working on retiring my successful Realtor husband from his career to enjoy our lives and help others do the same.  Here is a News piece that was done recently that sums up EXACTLY what coaching is all about.
FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston I am looking to mentor other woman into building their own businesses doing the same thing, creating freedom and choices for their lives.  Is this something for you? Here is exactly who I am looking to mentor ONE on ONE to earn the same 6 figure business I have earned only in a shorter amount of time.  I have done all the footwork for you and have a very well respected amongst leaders in this business Training System that will give you the Road Map to success.

If you are ready to GIVE YOURSELF a RAISE… Then I encourage you to apply below.

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What is a Mom-Hack? 7 Day Event

There really is no Webster’s definition of Mom-Hack but there is an official definition of Life-Hack so we will start with that.

noun 1. any procedure or action that solves a problem, simplifies a task,reduces frustration, etc, in one’s everyday life

So how would I define a Mom-Hack?  Any Procedure or Action that solves a MOM PROBLEM, SIMPLIFIES A MOM TASK, REDUCES FRUSTRATION FOR MOMS, ETC.

Mom Hack

Are you all of a sudden saying “sign me up”.  Well good.  I have discovered by working with 100s of moms a month that I have solutions to make their lives easy and I didn’t even know it!

Day in and day out I get messages saying “thank you, you have made my life so much easier”.  Yes most of the time it is my Health and Fitness Challengers but I would say that 1/3 of the messages are from my coaches saying “thank you for making my life so much simpler”.  I figured well if I can make my Challenger’s lives simpler, my coaches lives simpler, why not help make EVERY mom out there’s life simpler by just a few simple steps.

Do you find yourself with a plan for the day and at the end of the day realizing that you have no idea what happened all day but all you do know is that your list went right out the window.  Well you are not alone.

I look forward to sharing with you 7 days worth of TIPS and tools for you to walk away with complete and utter control of your personal, fitness, and family schedule.  You will also be able to streamline your daily activity all from the comforts of your smart phone.  You do not have to be tech savy to join, all you have to be is willing to learn.

I will be offering this 7 Day Private Group that includes your FREE E-BOOK to take and keep with you at all times for quick reference when you tend to fall into your past traps.

My goal in life is to HELP OTHERS LEAD HEALTHY AND FULFILLING LIVES and taking control of your daily life using simple solutions falls completely in alignment with it.

Do you WANT to conquer the DAY?  SIGN ME UP FOR THIS FREE EVENT below (date 6/1/2015)

Shakeology What is it?

When I first started my journey, Shakeology had just come out yet and was recommended by my Coach April at the time. I was in the middle of a round of P90x and I trusted her completely. She had really help me dial in my nutrition but I knew nothing about Shakeology only that it was this bag of powder that was supposed to make me feel better. I trusted her judgement and have been drinking it ever since. If there was a video that existed way back then like this I would have been all over it as soon as I saw this. If you have been skeptical thinking this is too expensive, or this is a protein shake then this 3 minute video is worth your time. If at the end you still have any questions please email me at and I would be happy to answer them.