The Best Text Overlay Apps to date

If you are like me, you’re never without your iPhone. I apologize to all of you android users as I am not sure if these are options for you.

Text Overlay Apps

When I used to work full-time at the hospital and built my business at the same time, my iPhone was my mobile office. I built my now full-time business on social media, mainly through Facebook and on the go.


Social media requires great visual content, right? But would I be able to create great visual content when I only had my phone?


There are probably more photo edit apps in the iPhone store then there are people to use them.  So, rather then choose a generic text overlay app I prefer to think outside the box and take my images seriously.


Here are my 3 of my favorite iPhone text overlay apps that I currently use. I am always looking to raise the bar so these apps may change in the next year, but are my current go-to apps.


1. The Studio Design App (also avail on Android)

What I love about this app is that you don’t have to be a designer to look like you have designed your own fancy overlay.  You can choose from someone more talented than you are and “Remix” their image using your own image.  This adds a professional flair to it in seconds.  Here is an example of my own image I “Remixed”.  I simply took my stock image I had of the sunset/lake and set it behind the Text Overlay Template I grabbed in the App.  If you would like the Free Tutorial on how I did this, click the button for the instant download.
My Favorite Text Overlays

Studio Design App
I have been using Title Fx for a very long time now.  It is a great go-to app when I need a very clean/clear text in a very specific spot on my image.  What I like about this app is that your Font is very clean but you can adjust the size and angle so precisely it is perfect for those hard to place spots.  The great thing about this app is that you can easily put text on an image that you may have a hard time seeing the contrast.  How?  Well you can place borders or shadows behind the text that can be very subtle but make your text pop in front of an image that may not get the same feel in any other overlay app.  Best of all it is so easy to do, even my 4th grader can create professional font overlays.   Here is an example of one I created. I created a raised look on the text and a very subtle shadow to make it look and feel like it is lifted off the image.

My Favorite Text Overlays

Title Fx App
Wordswag was one of those apps that when the masses discovered it, everyone started to use it and you could pick out a Wordswag picture a mile away.  So, why is this still on top of my list.   Well because there are features within the app that I don’t think everyone knows about.   You really do have a lot of flexibility with the way your image stands out.  My goal for you is to make it not look like a typical Wordswag image but have the pop you wouldn’t get in a basic text overlay app.  Here is an example of one I created in the app.
My Favorite Text Overlays

WordSwag Image
If you do choose to download my Free tutorial, I will be sharing with you new apps that will make your life so much easier.  I am actually currently testing out 3 new Text Overlay apps that I am excited to share once I get the hang of it.  So, you don’t want to miss it.  You will be the first ones to hear about them and how I use them.  

If you would like to see more of how I use them on my social media, you can follow me on Instagram at @fitbusynurse or on Facebook at will also be sending you updates on New Apps I discover along the way.

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