Why I opened a Facebook group called IdentityMe

Why I opened a Facebook group called IdentityMe

Anna Gray, RN

31 October 2017

My Journey to setting up an amazing Facebook Group

In August of 2017 I opened a Facebook Group named IdentityMe after going through the hardest self discovery year of my life.

You wake up one day and you are married for 19 years, have two daughters who are early teens and tweens, you have the house on the hill, the cars, the money in the bank and the one thing you discover you are lacking, your own Identity

What do I mean my Identity?

I mean that I clearly forgot the things I love.  I forgot the bands that I love to listen to, I forgot there were travel destinations on MY OWN bucket list.

I discovered I had morphed so much into a mom and a wife, I forgot about me. 

When I shared these things on my Facebook Page I discovered I was not alone.  I knew I needed to gather more women who were going through what I was going through and spend time with them, rediscovering ourselves.

This was the first group out of probably a hundred groups I have created that I was not going to be the teacher.  I was simply just one of the group.  I would be one going through the same things the rest of the group would be.

I knew I needed this group but since it wasn’t going to be just my group I reached out to my friends on my Instagram page to even help me name the group.  I wanted the group to define the group.  And IdentityME was born.

What I discovered as running this group for a few months now is that the quality of the group over the quantity is what has given this group legs.  The conversations and consistency of the women in this group, give me joy.  Everyday I wake up and see a post from someone in the club having an AH HA moment for themselves.  They are in a safe place to share it and are encouraged and given virtual big hugs and high fives.

What this group is not

A complaining fest.  You would think that because we have lost our identity, we would be in a constant state of bitterness and complaints.  It is clearly the opposite.  People are in there to inspire themselves, to pick themselves up.  This is not a rule in the group but it is clearly just the vibe. 

What kind of things do we share in the group?

When I started the group I actually sat down and envisioned what the group would look like and feel like but had no idea what type of content I would share.  But I knew the FEELINGS that I wanted for the group.

Once I had that, I knew that I did not want to create your typical Monday Motivation, Transformation Tuesday Posts.  This group was going to be different.

This group would house content of what I and the group were going through in my life, I made it my so much my mission to listen to what people were saying and create posts around this.

In the beginning it was just posts to allow people even the shy ones to step up and have fun.

I created many polls to hear what the group members were struggling with.  One of those things that members talked a lot about was the inability to journal but they knew the value in it.

I tried to run one Journal Challenge that totally flopped.  In hindsight it was confusing.  But I knew the need was still there.  So I decided it would be only 3 days in the middle of the week and it was not going to take them more than 10 minutes.  I created 3 topics to write on and I posted in the group.


So, do we talk about journaling all the time?  NOPE.  Do people want to join the group because they have seen my posts on my Bullet Book Junkie Instagram page?  YES.  But what I have found is that the same people that see the value in journaling are the same people who want to better their lives. (a post about Bullet Journaling)

Listening to my ladies brings me joy.  Making them smile brings me joy.  Sharing my own struggles makes me feel supported as if I was in someone elses group.

This group is my pride and joy and I can only hope that it grows the right way with the right people.  As I plan on nurturing it more and more everyday.

If you are looking at connecting with other like minded women, and are on the path of your own self-discovery then join the club.  We would love to have you!

Step by Step Coach Registration


What do I need to order when I sign up?

Anna Gray, RN, Los Angeles

24 October 2017

There are many ways to sign up as a coach.  If you haven’t read my WHAT KIND OF COACH WILL I BE or HOW TO SIGN UP AS A COACH make sure you read those first.
But now you are trying to decide what do I want to purchase on sign up to make my sign up worthwhile.

So I am going to break it down for you..


  1. Purchasing a Challenge Pack will ensure that your coach sign up fee of $39.95 is waived.
  2. Purchasing anything else but a Challenge Pack you will be paying the coach sign up fee of $39.95
  3. Coach Sign up fee covers your first month of your $14.95 coaching fee so with a Challenge Pack that first month is covered for you.

What does the coaching fees cover?

Quite honestly there are too many things to even list. You have a website and you have a TON of training resources that are by far worth more than your monthly fee.

Purchase Options

I will purchase a Challenge Pack
When you go through the coach sign up walk through HERE you will choose your Challenge Pack – My recommendation is the Beachbody On Demand Pack as you receive streaming rights to ALL BEACHBODY products for entire year + plus your first 30 days of Shakeology (your daily dose of nutrition)

Challenge Packs are by far the best value and you receive the most bang for your buck with one.

I will not be purchasing a Challenge Pack
You can skip through the challenge pack purchase and go straight to sign up and pay your Coach Sign up Fee.

Once you are signed up as a coach you can log into your account and choose which product you will purchase with your 25% discount.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing.

  1. If you would like to earn any sort of income you need to remain an “active” coach.  In order to do that you must meet monthly product volume requirements.
  2. In the beginning it is a merely 50 PV points a month.  This is equivalent to about $50 a month.  This can be your own purchases or those of your customers.  If you are drinking Shakeology every month you are automatically going to be meeting your active status as that is equivalent to 90 PV.
  3. If you are not drinking Shakeology every month, reach out to the coach who signed you up and they can give you PV point values for everything.
If you have any questions, feel free to comment below as I see all the comments I would be happy to help make this seamless for you.

How to sign up as a coach

How to sign up as a Beachbody coach

Anna Gray, RN

24 October 2017

So you are ready to do this.  You have read my blog post that defines what kind of coach you have decided to be HERE.

Now you need to know how to sign up.  Let’s start with who you are signing up with.

You will fall into one of three categories

  1. I am going to sign up with the coach who has helped me this far
  2. I am going to sign up with the coach who told me about coaching but I have never had an account with that coach before
  3. I am going to sign up as a coach with you because you seem to really know what you are doing (lol see what I did here)

If you are signing up as a coach with the coach who has helped you thus far you will need to

  1. Log into your teambeachbody.com account with your email address and password you signed up with before
  2. Click Be a Coach
  3. Choose A product to purchase on sign up
  4. Fill out your personal information and BINGO you are done.

If you are signing up as a coach with a coach whom you are not already “attached” to

  1. Log into your teambeachbody.com account with your email address and password you signed up with before
  2. Click Be a Coach
  3. Choose A product to purchase on sign up
  4. Fill out your personal information and BINGO you are done.

If you are signing up as a coach with me

  1. You are in the US use this link for sign up- https://www.teambeachbody.com/coach?referringRepId=30827
  2. You are in Canada use this link for sign up-https://www.teambeachbody.com/coach?referringRepId=30827
  3. You are in the UK use this link for sign up- https://www.teambeachbody.com/shop/gb/coach/signup?referringRepID=30827

If you are still wondering what to purchase on sign up click HERE

What kind of Beachbody Coach will I be?


What kind of Coach will I be?

Anna Gray, RN, Los Angeles

24 October 2017

When awesome people like you decide to sign up for Beachbody Coaching there are many ways you can go about doing this. My goal in this post is to help you navigate your decision and set you off to a great start on your new adventure.

Let’s break down some terminology.

What is a Coach?

A coach is someone who signs up for an account and pays a “coach sign up fee” and agrees to pay the monthly coach activation fee every month. There are ways that the initial fee can be waived and I will go through that later but the monthly fee is a very minimal fee and at the time of this post it is $15.95 a month.

What is a Discount Coach?

A discount coach is someone who decides they love the products Beachbody offers and would like to enjoy a discount on their monthly purchases. They do not have to do anything else but pay their coaching fee and enjoy a 25% discount.

What is a “working” Coach?

A working coach is someone who decides they want more than to just receive a discount on Beachbody products. They enjoy the same benefits for the same monthly cost but they chose to receive a commission when the people they have referred to the products purchases a product. They can also start to enjoy residual income once they refer people who sign up as coaches under their coach account. There are many ways to earn an income but all require others to purchase Beachbody products. A working coach is being paid “a referral fee” when others purchase products with their link.

How do I decide what kind of coach I want to be?

This is solely a personal decision. This is where the coach you are planning on signing up with can walk you through. I created this post so that it makes it super easy to decide who you want to be based on a few questions you will ask yourself.

What do I wnt to get out of this?

Some people sign up as coaches to simply be a Discount Coach (see above) and some people would love to receive income for helping others find a health and fitness solution that meets their needs.

If you want to just enjoy the discount and don’t have any desire to sign up to receive income then all you have to do is log into your http://teambeachbody.com account and click Be a Coach.  Go through the sign up process and submit. (I will go over choices on sign up later in this post)

Some people would like to receive a little extra money for referring people to the products and helping them succeed with completing a program or utilizing the program the way it is intended.  These people are ready to be a cheerleader to those whom they connect to a solution.

Most coaches start out with this one desire in mind.  They would love to earn a little money but don’t have the time or resources to spend on making this a “big thing”.  I personally was one of those people when I started.  I had a full time job and was a mom and wife.  I learned how to refer and help people to the products and started to receive my 25% commission.  After time I decided i wanted more than a little extra money so I decided to carve out more time and resources for it.

Some people want to make this a business they can be proud of, one that provides their sole source of income.  They are willing to put in the time and energy to legitimately make this a career.

With all of these options the sign up process is exactly the same.  It is what you do after the sign up that varies.  But there is no difference in how you sign up based on what your goals are with the business.
How much time do I want to spend learning?

If you have decided that you would like to carve out around 10 hours a week to this business you have made the decision that you would be considered a working coach.

If you do not have 10 hours a week to spend on this business that is perfectly ok.

Even if you spent 5 hours a week on this business you can set yourself up for earning potential. It is with some guidance that you will find more time in your schedule than you think you have.

If you are willing to find a bit of extra time you didn’t know you had, then I would encourage you to call yourself a “working” coach. During this time you will be spending it on Learning how to be successful and learning how to really help people reach their goals.

None of us were born professional coaches. We all have to learn how to do it. Just like you go to college to learn your profession, this is no different. We are not born knowing how to do this. The time spent on it is completely up to you.

How much time do I want to spend helping others?

This is pretty self explanatory if you read my last paragraph. So you spend the time learning how to be successful, now you spend the time seeking people who need your help. That again is completely up to you. And once again we are not born knowing how to do this. You will be taught how to best find and help those who need you using proven systems that meet YOUR needs. There is no one size fits all with this. This is where your UNIQUENESS will be your biggest asset. Even if you think there is nothing unique about you. You choose to spend that 10 hours a week, I guarantee you will earn that extra income you deserve.

Now that you have decided what type of coach you want to be and how much time you want to spend on this.  It is time to reach out to the coach who referred you and let them know.  They will set you up with the EXACT training and support you need to be successful.
If you would like to know what is the best way to sign up as a coach CLICK here and I will walk you through that.