How to find Time Gaps in your day

How to find time gaps in your day

Anna Gray, RN

8 November 2017

Have you been guilty of saying “I don’t have any time to do anything let alone something for myself?

It’s so easy to fall into this trap saying “BUT…..

  1. I have to get up early to fix the kids breakfast
  2. Drive them to school
  3. Go to the grocery store
  4. Or Go to Work
  5. Pick them up, have them come home on the bus or have them in day care.
  6. Cook Dinner
  7. Bring them to Practice
  8. Make sure they Bathe
  9. Tuck them in
  10. Do your Laundry
  11. Maybe watch a little TV
  12. Maybe remember that you hadn’t taken a shower
  13. ……..and do it all over again

Guess what???

I am now going to be hard on you.

Let’s start with you my single momma.  #1 I know I don’t walk daily in your shoes and I absolutely know that you are doing DOUBLE THE WORK as anyone else.  But I am going to find you time.  I swear by it.  You will start to find those time gaps you are look for.  Those time gaps you need for yourself.  

Life is too short my friend to be tied completely to an agenda.  

You are not guaranteed tomorrow if you haven’t heard.

Let’s look at 24 hours in a day.  I am going share with you an example of my schedule so you can start to say to yourself throughout your day and ask yourself “what would Banana do?”

5:00am – alarm goes off

5:30am – roll out of bed

5:55am – have a cup of coffee

6:00am – leave the house for work

6:45am – clock into my shift

Could be 8am, could be 9am – 15 minute Break

Could be 10:30, 11:30, 12:30pm – 30 minute lunch break

Could be 1pm, 2pm, or none – 15 minute Break

7:15pm – Leave work

7:45pm – Home and dinner

8:30pm – 9:30pm – hang with my family, talk about the day, about any upcoming events, and give lots and lots of hugs

9:30 – 10:00 – Wind down for bed

10:30pm – Shower and bed

The Next Two Days do it all over again

Yes my husband brings the girls to school and picks them up on those days because it is just not possible with my schedule.

So I am going to show you that even on my busiest days I find a little “me” time.

5:25am – 5:36am – in my car listening to something uplifting.  Maybe a morning show, maybe a podcast or ebook.  But this mentally prepares me for the day. ..ME TIME!

8:15am – you know that 15 minute break I get at random times.  I take my cup of coffee and breakfast and sit by myself and listen to something uplifting.  For me it could be a business training or check in with my Club Members ….ME TIME!

12:00pm – that also rolling lunch break – It is a very tight 30 minutes for which I typically can be found outside the hospital soaking up the sun if its out while listening to something special or actually working on my business from my phone.  That 30 minutes is my focused time where no body bothers me…..ME TIME!

1pm Break – Same thing.  No need to mingle with work people, I need me time… so another trip outside to reach out to some friends and make me smile …… ME TIME!

10pm – Bedtime Shower……. I think about anything good that happened that day…. And do my best to only think of that…… ME TIME!

I just found you……….drumroll………..1 hour 30 minutes of ME TIME… even on my busiest of days.

I want you to note that on these days I don’t have the time or energy for a workout, I would love to but I am just keeping it real.   My sleep could also use an additional 1.5 hours a sleep these days.  But it is just not possible.

My other 4 days are off of work and include me taking over with mommy duties.

I’ll tell you some more great ways to find more time in your schedule if you are not working long days like these but clearly have issues with your time.

Kids Drop Pickup – get there 10 minutes early and play a personal development or humerous podcast

Laundry – ask around your local neighborhood groups if there is anyone looking for just a couple hours of work a week to do your laundry, fold it and put it away…….. This is a big secret and one that I will say I have been using for over 4 years…. I used to be embarassed to tell anyone that I did this but let me tell you it is by far the BEST $ I could ever spend…. Feel free to email me if you need suggestions on how to do this.

Kids Sporting Event – depending on the age of your kids.  If they are young and need you there.  Start building your own business.  You are able to watch your kids while you work on earning some extra part time income

I’ll tell you some more great ways to find more time in your schedule if you are not working long days like these but clearly have issues with your time.



If they are older, go to YELP.COM and search Chinese Foot Massage…… and then thank me later…. 1 hour dirt cheap… and you feel like a whole new woman




Go have coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a while


Grocery Store – put those headphones in and listen to a podcast or a great Spotify Playlist.  Turn your mind off and stroll.


I have many more examples of where to find time gaps, if you would like my FINDING MY SELF CARE TIME GAPS TOOLBOX click here.


I think you are now equipped to find those spots of time where you will be tell yourself “what would banana do?”  and the next thing you know you will stop saying the words “I don’t have time”.  Your goal… remove them from your vocabulary my friend.