Fudgy Avocado Brownies

Not only do avocados add a boost of healthy fats, they also intensify the flavor of chocolate and make these brownies ultra rich, and decadent. These gluten-free treats are so fudgy and moist, you won’t even remember how healthy they are!


22 Minute Hard Corps accountability group

Private Groups are really the key to success in the world of health and fitness.  I have been running private groups every month for the last 7 years.  There is a reason I continue to do this, and it is is described by one word…… SUCCESS!!

Results are my goal for my clients.  I have had 100s of clients become coaches over the years because of their experience with Beachbody programs.  That is exactly how I started.  It is one thing to workout at home on your own but it is another to show up daily and cheer each other on.  People from all over the US and Canada checking in to a private group and saying “hey I had a tough time” or “yes I did it!”

We share what we are eating as we follow the meal plan, we share what we like and what we don’t like.  Here is an example of a post in one of my recent groups.

challenge group post 1

We share highs and lows.  Myself and my team of coaches who are working on their own journeys are there to support you individually and notice when you are missing. Motivation is key to getting through a workout program and we stick together #nooneleftbehind.

Here is an example of some of the daily motivation in the group.

challenge group image


So what can you expect in this 22 Minute Hard Corps Group?

You will be following the 22 Minute Hard Corp Program, following the workout plan working out 6 days a week.  Each workout is 22 minutes long so you can absolutely fit this in your schedule.  You will be following the meal plan including your daily does of Dense Nutrition, Shakeology.

So that you understand the benefits of Shakeology, I want you to take a look at this video:


I will give you a 4 week meal plan complete with 5 meals a day and one of those being Shakeology. (since I am running this group with a PREP week you receive a 5th Bonus Meal Plan). That’s a huge component of this because I truly believe it is that important and will help you with dropping the weight and honestly replacing the “on the go” food with something whole foods and wholesome that typically takes away those cravings. I know for me when I don’t have it my cravings come back!

Let’s get to the workout program… Here is a trailer of the program.

So, now that you are excited to be a part of this group.. Let’s get you started!!! I want to know about you and why you want to be a part of this group!!

22 Minute Hard Corps

Here is the location to purchase the KIT you will need for the program —>

22 Minute Hard Corps™ and Shakeology® Challenge Pack

if you already have Shakeology you may want to consider the New Performance line KIT

22 Minute Hard Corps™ and Performance Challenge Pack

22 minute hard corps

But remember I want to know more about you… If you are having a hard time coming up with the funds for this Kit, let’s chat about how you can enjoy a discount on the products, I have a way that you can earn the money you are paying for your Kit.  In your email to me at coachannagray@gmail.com send me Why you would like to be a part of this group and what you have been struggling with the most.

I look forward to working with you!

Anna Gray and Tony Horton


Anna and Tony Horton

Tony and I

43 year old Mom who plays sports

Soccer from age 5 all through high school. Tennis from age 12 through my sophomore year in college.

Ice Hockey from age 25 until present. Sports are in my blood – my parents played sports and still are.

I was taught you are never too old to do it. There has never been any limit in my life to what is possible. I choose to play sports and will play as long as I physically can.

I think sometimes people think I’m nuts for playing hockey. Probably because I grew up in San Diego, California and no one knew what hockey was.  For me, hockey has just been an opportunity to learn a new skill.

Anna Gray Hockey
Just like when I started my own business. I thrive on learning new skills and being a better version of myself each and every day.  I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t have bumps and bruises from this past weekend during the Pacific division women’s national ice hockey tournament.  But,  I will say that I am not bedridden, I am not on any medication, and overall I feel amazing!!!!!

About 10 years ago, when I was playing hockey, I was overweight and out of shape and winded on every shift I took.  I was proof that you could play hockey and be over 200. But I could not skate for longer than 30 seconds without being completely winded.   I remember being diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma in fact.  In hindsight that was another word for overweight and out of shape.
anna gray hockey old
I think I continue to play competitive hockey because it’s like a barometer on how physically healthy I am. If I weren’t playing it would be easy to skip that extra work out or eat like crap. But I do it to prove to my own self that I can still hang with the rest of them.  The girls that played in high school and college.
I’m grateful to be surrounded by incredible workouts, incredible nutrition, incredible support which allow me to keep up the pace that I would like to do for the rest of my life.  Heck I know a gentleman hockey player who is in his 80s and still get on the ice at least twice a week. I want that to be me!!!!
So I will enjoy a couple days off to recover and then I will be back choosing my workout of the day at home, drinking my nutritional shake, and hoping to inspire my two daughters.
anna gray soccer old
Age is just a number.
If you would like the information about the workouts or nutrition shake that I am talking about please feel free to click on the link year and be a part of the #empowerYOU movement!

Can I be a Beachbody coach if I am following a different exercise plan?

I meet people everyday on social media who are either runners, people who love go to the gym, love crossfit, or love following a plan that connects them to a community. I see it everyday! I also see how amazing these people are at sharing their love for fitness and health. It pains me however to see them not be able to take advantage of their love for fitness and monetize it to create a living they desire.

beachbody coach

I started and continue to do in home fitness programs so yes that seems like it is just a natural fit. So, how can those who love to workout outside of their home be amazing coaches? It happens all the time. There are amazing coaches out there able to create their own financial security because they are able to connect their clients with tools and resources that fit their needs. They have taken the selfishness out of their own journey and have decided to listen to what other’s needs are… By listening to their needs they are able to connect them to the tools and resources they NEED to LITERALLY CHANGE THEIR LIVES. Imagine the power you have to do such a thing. So, why wouldn’t you want to use your love of posting your food and workouts not only to inspire people but to CHANGE their LIVES!!!

I also explain it in more detail in this video I created.

If you are now ready to earn an income while doing what you love, I would love to have you join our Team Victory All Star Team. Please email me at coachannagray@gmail.com with the Subject line “I’m Ready” and I will connect you with the next step and training to make it happen!


Beachbody Coaching