Les Mills Nutrition guide Review

At first glance it looks like any other Beachbody Nutrition guide and since most guides are basically coming from the same ideas such as eat clean unprocessed food.  The P90x guide goes a bit into more detail with carbs and protein ratios and each month is a different ratio.  It tends to confuse readers and the effect is usually one of 2 things.  1- It is too complicated to follow or it is too expensive to follow

What I have discovered is that people that are seeking a nutrition solution they need a step by step guide.  “today eat this, tomorrow that”  We are typically creatures of habit, and this is where a lot of nutrition guides lose the consumer.  “Its telling me I need to eat 3 pages of groceries in one week.  That IS EXPENSIVE.”  Yes they are correct that is Expensive!!  The problem is we don’t want to spend the time cutting down the list in half and repeat certain days.  So we get stuck and throw in the towel.  The Les Mills guide is, I think a HUGE improvement in making things make sense to readers and therefore will create a higher number of successful challengers.  Because we all know that Exercise + Nutrition +Support = Success 

So Les Mills starts off with a 7 day jump start.  This jump start has an average calorie/day of between 1000-1200 calories with 4 meals a day spread out throughout the day and making dinner the last meal.  The shopping guide falls along all the other guides in that it is about 2 1/2 pages when you put all the recipes together.  The meals are incredibly simple such as Egg White Pita with Melon, this is one of my favorites.

Here is the recipe:

1 4″ Whole Wheat Pita

4 egg whites scrambled

1oz goat cheese (I bought mine individually wrapped at Trader Joes)

1/4 C chopped tomatoes

1/2 Cup Melon (I actually have 2/3 cup berries instead)

Every meal only has about 6 ingredients or less.  What is nice is that they incorporated Shakeology as one of the snacks.  So with such a low calorie count.  You are still ensured in ingesting all the necessary nutrients your body needs in a day and not eating cardboard.

My best advice is to pick 3 of each meals that you can see yourself eating and repeat those days this way you remove some of the complications and decrease your potential grocery bills.  For me I lost the 6 lbs I gained from a 2 week vacation on the 7 day Jump Start and really felt amazing, not hungry at all.  I think because I spaced my meals out perfectly and prepped my meals on Sunday for the week.  Since I work full time and have to make my daughters lunch I decided to do this in combination with her lunch, its when you wait until the night before to prepare that you risk falling off the wagon.

Phase 1-

Tailored at losing weight and sustaining energy.  To start the phase you determine your caloric needs, very easy to figure out for this program

For this program it is Your Current Weight  x 10 = calories needed.

The Nutrition guide is 1500 calories for his phase and not recommended to eat less than 1300 calories or more than 2000 calories.


You build your own daily meal plan.  This means two things.  1- a more efficient grocery Bill, 2- ease/peace of mind.  Recommendation is to eat something every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  Hey, if you have a smart phone give yourself an “It’s time to Eat” ALARM.  This way if you plan avoid your pitfalls.  If your caloric requirement is over 1500 calories there are convenient 100 calorie and 200 calorie options to add to your day.  There is a list of 8 Breakfast, 8 morning snacks, 8 lunches, 8 afternoon snacks and 8 dinners to choose from.  So even you picky eaters will find something.  One of my favorite meals in this phase is the TBLT

2 slices Light Whole Wheat Bread

3 slices Turkey Bacon

3 tomato slices


1 apple

There is even a Burger and salad for you red meat lovers.

Phase 2 offers 25 300 calorie meals, each with a protein boost modifier (you are adding 200 calories of additional protein/day) add protein boost 2 times a day.

Phase 3 is your choice based on where you are at and where you still want to be.  There are 2 paths to take:  Path 1- Keeps you chiseling’ Path 2-gives you the option to maintain your new look.

A couple fun things about the guide is that if you are still hungry there is a great list of FREE foods.  There are some great ideas for sprucing up your water and a GET LEAN SMOOTHIE BAR, a step by step guide on how to make a great smoothie.

If you are ready to take my next Les Mills Pump challenge please message me at coachannagray@gmail.com  if you have any other questions about Les Mills Pump I would be happy to answer them.