My new Challenge Group begins this week.  The most exciting thing about the first week is that it is a Prep Week.  It’s one thing to have your workout program, your Shakeology and have been added to a support group, but you are probably looking at your stuff going “Ok where do I start?”  After running groups for years I have discovered that some need a specific plan or they will fail and others just need to be kept in the lanes with simple guidelines.  My goal for every group is to be able to assist each type of person.  So, here is some insight into what Day 2 and Day 3 Looks like in my group.

I like to prep them for success before taking that DIVE into committing to working out, eating right and supporting each other.

Day 2
challenge group sample post


sample challenge group post

Feel Free To PIN this MEAL PLAN for your own — USE 
sample meal plan

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