This week I am running a private group on Facebook where I discuss the most frequently asked questions about What Beachbody Coaching is.  I have been a coach for 5 years and last year I earned the coveted 2013 Elite Team Beachbody Title, so I have definitely learned and applied the best practices of coaching and teach the coaches on my Team to do the same.  Here are the Videos that I shared in that private group.  If this sounds like something you are interested in doing please fill out the application below and I will be contacting you to make sure and get you started right.

Anna Gray and Tony Horton

TOP 10 Frequently Asked Questions – Click on Playlist to see All the Videos that should answer all your questions.

What are the Responsibilities of a Coach?

What is My Story and How did I become a Coach?

What does it cost to be a Coach?

Can I be a Full Time Beachbody Coach?

Do I need to have a Transformation to be a Coach?

What if I am not a good salesperson?

Do I need to be a nutrition expert?

What is Beachbody Coaching? (Webinar – 30 min)