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Project Curiosity Episode #1 Michelle Butts

My interview with Michelle Butts   Here is what I knew of Michelle before we had our 30 minute Chit Chat on Instagram.   She and I met going through our Health Coaching Certification class. She joined me in one of my Fitness Challenge Groups after experiencing a bad...

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Finding Gratitude Outside the box

We know we are supposed to practice gratitude. ?? We know it’s good for us. ? But why do we have such a hard time following through with it? I want to share with you why practicing gratitude thinking outside the box will ensure that you stick with it which will...

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Finding The Quiet in Your Head

You are at work finishing a project…or my case at work in the middle of a surgery when all of us sudden these thoughts come bombarding your head. :::Like uninvited fireworks exploding. ? PEW PEW PEW ⚡️ “ I have to pay my taxes” “I have to schedule an eye appointment...

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Rather than by Default, Live Life Deliberately

When I was a senior in high school it was expected for me to go to college and get a degree. It wasn’t that I had to go to an Ivy League school it was just expected that that is what was in store for me. Go to college, get a degree in something and get a job. That’s...

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How to find Time Gaps in your day

How to find time gaps in your day Anna Gray, RN 8 November 2017 Have you been guilty of saying "I don't have any time to do anything let alone something for myself? It’s so easy to fall into this trap saying "BUT….. I have to get up early to fix the kids breakfast...

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Why I opened a Facebook group called IdentityMe

Why I opened a Facebook group called IdentityMe Anna Gray, RN 31 October 2017 My Journey to setting up an amazing Facebook Group In August of 2017 I opened a Facebook Group named IdentityMe after going through the hardest self discovery year of my life. You wake up...

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