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Rather than by Default, Live Life Deliberately

When I was a senior in high school it was expected for me to go to college and get a degree. It wasn’t that I had to go to an Ivy League school it was just expected that that is what was in store for me. Go to college, get a degree in something and get a job. That’s...

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How to find Time Gaps in your day

How to find time gaps in your day Anna Gray, RN 8 November 2017 Have you been guilty of saying "I don't have any time to do anything let alone something for myself? It’s so easy to fall into this trap saying "BUT….. I have to get up early to fix the kids breakfast...

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Why I opened a Facebook group called IdentityMe

Why I opened a Facebook group called IdentityMe Anna Gray, RN 31 October 2017 My Journey to setting up an amazing Facebook Group In August of 2017 I opened a Facebook Group named IdentityMe after going through the hardest self discovery year of my life. You wake up...

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Step by Step Coach Registration

BEACHBODY COACHING What do I need to order when I sign up? Anna Gray, RN, Los Angeles 24 October 2017 There are many ways to sign up as a coach.  If you haven’t read my WHAT KIND OF COACH WILL I BE or HOW TO SIGN UP AS A COACH make sure you read those first. But now...

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How to sign up as a coach

How to sign up as a Beachbody coach Anna Gray, RN 24 October 2017 So you are ready to do this.  You have read my blog post that defines what kind of coach you have decided to be HERE. Now you need to know how to sign up.  Let’s start with who you are signing up with....

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What kind of Beachbody Coach will I be?

BEACHBODY COACHING What kind of Coach will I be? Anna Gray, RN, Los Angeles 24 October 2017 When awesome people like you decide to sign up for Beachbody Coaching there are many ways you can go about doing this. My goal in this post is to help you navigate your...

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