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Fudgy Avocado Brownies

Not only do avocados add a boost of healthy fats, they also intensify the flavor of chocolate and make these brownies ultra rich, and decadent. These gluten-free treats are so fudgy and moist, you won’t even remember how healthy they are!...

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43 year old Mom who plays sports

Soccer from age 5 all through high school. Tennis from age 12 through my sophomore year in college. Ice Hockey from age 25 until present. Sports are in my blood - my parents played sports and still are. I was taught you are never too old to do it. There has never been...

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21 Day Fix Planning Tips

When working with my Challengers one of the most common concerns I get which is a big concern I had when starting the 21 Day Fix program was "what if I am not a meal prepper, this is so confusing what do I do?" I am here to take the fear out of you Non-Meal Preppers...

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