When working with my Challengers one of the most common concerns I get which is a big concern I had when starting the 21 Day Fix program was “what if I am not a meal prepper, this is so confusing what do I do?”
21 Day fix prep tips
I am here to take the fear out of you Non-Meal Preppers like myself and give you REAL – LIFE examples of how I fit my containers in my day without prepping.
I will say that meal prepping is the easiest way to ENSURE you are doing it right, but hey we all live different lives and I tend to live mine in the car going from one kids practice to the next.
Let’s take an example Meal Bracket for the 21 Day fix. 1800 – 2009
21 Day fix meal bracket
That equals:
5 tsp
So how would I lay this day out without following a recipe or meal plan?
1 – I break down how many meals I would like to eat in a day?
I like to eat 5 – Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner
2 – I fill in the meals with what I think I could eat based on being a creature of habit.
BREAKFAST – I like to have all my yellow containers before dinner so I typically have one during breakfast (my typical two options A or B)
A – 2 Eggs OverMedium, 1 piece of Wheat or Sourdough toast (I love sourdough toast, its not perfect but its me)
B – Gluten Free Oatmeal with Berries a scoop of my Chocolate Shakeology
3 – Snack.  Typically I am on the run or at home getting ready to workout so I like to have something small
A – Banana, Almonds
B – 1 Shakeology, Almond Milk, 1 TBS Almond or PB, Frozen Strawberries
4 – Lunch.  Lunch usually consists of a salad comprised of things I have been missing in my morning colors.  Kind of a catchall
A – 1 Green Containers of Lettuce, 1 Red Container of cooked chicken or turkey slices, 1 green cup filled with green onions, red onions, chopped zucchini.  21 Day Fix Dressing
= 3 GREEN (2 lettuce and the veggies that fit in the 3rd green container), 1 RED, 1 ORANGE
B – Zoodles (2 GREEN containers worth) with Red Sauce and Ground Turkey
5 – Snack.
B – Carrots
A – If I havent had my Shakeology I will have that with Water, sliced almonds and Regular or Vegan Chocolate
= 1 RED, 1 BLUE
6 – Dinner.
A – I always have protein in my dinner, usually have cooked chicken, cooked turkey, or grassfed beef cooked.  It takes 5 minutes to cook them with 1 onion and some spices. Makes for an easy RED.  I typically pair it up with Veggies that I like:  Mine are Zucchini, Asparagus, Yellow Squash, Cauliflower.  These are my go toes I am not a big veggie eater at all and that is why I religiously drink my Shakeology.  It counts as a RED but I know that if I cannot get in all my green containers I know my body is working on those greens in Shakeology.  If I am lacking energy I will have a fruit for dinner for the natural sugar.  I will have a purple over a yellow anyday.  If you are dragging and want to go to bed by 5pm, then go ahead and eat one of your purples during dinner, but try and make it before 6pm (I have been known to break that rule and still survive, but I am sharing best practices)
= 1 or 2 REDS (the protein), 1 GREEN, 1 PURPLE
21 Day Fix Meal Prep, meal prep, container meal prep, 21 day fix
A = 3 – 4  REDS (1 RED to spare), 1 YELLOW (I have 2 yellow spares if I need them), 1 PURPLE (2 purples left to spare if I need them),  5 GREENS, 1 BLUE, , 1 ORANGE, the tsps I count in my cooking with coconut oil.
So, with Scenario A — I still have colors to spare, so if I need more during my snack or lunch or dinner I will add 1 extra serving, or if I am out on the road and run through starbucks I can grab a Protein platter that has some fruit on it, a piece of bread, etc.
B = 5 REDS, 2 YELLOW (1 to spare), 3 PURPLES, 3 GREENS (2 to spare), 1 Blue, 1 orange to spare, tsp I use in my cooking.
As you can see this meal plan can be used following recipes or following it on the fly.  There is still preparation involved and that is really up to you on when and where you normally eat.
21 Day Fix Meal Plan Tools collage
I would take the bracket you are in.  Look at how many meals you typically eat.  Spread out your colors how you would NORMALLY eat them taking away your normal FAST FOOD, TV DINNERS, etc and then see how many colors you have left.
Other strategies are to keep the containers on your counter so when it comes time to put your protein or lettuce on your plate you use the containers to measure them and place them on your plate.
The containers are there for a reason.  You will see the more you use them to portion things out, the easier it will be to eyeball your servings later.
This program is made for EVERYONE.  You can use this program with or without the DVD set that comes with it.  Personally I follow this meal plan using this technique I just shared everyday including when I go out to eat.
Example a lunch I eat when I go out to a local restaurant called Lazy Dog:
It is called the Chicken Hummus Salad
Comes with Iceburg Lettuce, 1 Chicken Breast, Pesto sauce, Balsamic Dressing, Hummus on the side an a pita bread
I have them modify it by changing the lettuce to Mixed Greens.  This meal on the 21 Day Fix Plan would be: 2 GREEN (they give you a ton of lettuce), 1 BLUE, 1 RED, 1 ORANGE, 1 YELLOW….. a perfectly balanced lunch… I would then track what colors I had eaten and see what I had left for dinner.
Rule of Thumb:  If you are still hungry – Go for a GREEN first, then a RED, then a PURPLE.
If you have any other questions regarding how to prep for the 21 Day Fix or if you are a busy mom like me, how I hack more meals out.  Send me an email at coachannagray@gmail.com
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