I cannot tell you how many times I hear from moms, especially my age that say they just don’t have time for themselves.  In fact, I just received an application for one of my upcoming challenge groups and my future challenger states “I’m not sure if I have time to put into myself right now.”  Can you relate?  Are you living your life everyday with fulfillment or are you just getting by just hoping that things will let up so that you will be able to take some time for yourself……. SOMEDAY!!

I am here to tell you to STOP that thinking right now!! Please stop!! You deserve to be treated and pampered.  But, what if you literally don’t have time in your mind??  I am here to give you 5 Simple but impactful solutions to embrace your amazing self and treat it like it deserves to be treated.

5 easy pamper steps


5 Easy Ways to Pamper Yourself when you don’t have the time

1 – Spend your Lunch hour with YOU!  Do you have a day job where you have a lunch break?  I know that when I was working full time I used to have an hour lunch in the middle of the day.  Some times the time changed and sometimes the hour turned into 30 min when I had a huge deadline.  But the fact is by law you have to take a lunch break.  Do you own your own business and just can’t seem to get yourself to take a break?  Think of it as you PAYING yourself your hourly rate by walking away from your “work” for an hour.   Are you a stay at home mom?  Same rule applies, although the time during the day may be different.  If you have children that nap then THERE is your time.  If they do not nap and you are with them all day, then maybe your me time might HAVE to be before they wake up.  Either way you are all paying yourself your own hourly rate by giving yourself an hour a day to YOU.  What do you do during that time?  You spend the time “clearing your head” or Read Personal Development just related to you!  Suggestions include Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracle Now (I read a page a day focused on ME).  When you spend that time Clearing your head you are actually not only paying yourself in imaginary dollars because it will make you that more efficient the rest of the day but you are filling your TANK with Good Stuff!  I know, I know its hard to shut your brain down… But get this appointment with YOU on your google calendar, ical, or a big ol post it note on your desk.  You will thank me later.

2 – Spend the time in your car with YOU!  If you commute to work, turn the darn news off, turn the music off (you can listen in a later task) and fill your head with positivity.  If you have a DVD player, then go to your library and check out some personal development.  Personally I use my iphone and have an after market bluetooth and a subscription to audible.com (1 book a month for $14.95)  since my car is older but now a days our cars are built with Blue Tooth.  This will not only keep you OFF your phone while you are driving but you are now spending the time Fueling your brain again with positivity.   I would suggest something like Stop Saying your Fine by Mel Robbins (your first book is free by the way).  We tend to just pass through the days thinking how am I ever going to get through the day, I am telling you this is HOW!!

So FAR we have not ADDED any time to your daily life, have we?  But what we have added is VALUE.  You will be a happier mom, wife, friend, just by taking these first two steps, and feel like you have just had two massages!

3 – Create a Playlist and Listen to it while getting ready to start the day! You can see what I am doing here.  I am showing you how to Turn Your Mind Off when you can = Pamper yourself!  Before you go to bed, either download 10 songs from itunes or do my favorite, dig into your spotify and make your playlist that way.  It is Free!  Create a Playlist for each mood you tend to be in.  If you are energized in the morning then create a playlist that accompanies that.  If you need a pep talk, create a playlist that mimic’s that.  If you just need something for a positive mood called MOOD BOOSTER, here is a playlist that I subscribe to that does the trick (see I have no creativity so I like to follow friends playlists, in fact right now as I write this I am listening to a playlist a friend on my hockey team made for our locker room, kind of pumps me up and makes me feel good!)

4 – Make your Shower a Spa! You can still do this on a budget.  My favorite thing is to have products from the store Lush.  I feel that every time a take a shower I am treating my body to a spa treatment without the cost of one.  Heck I have the steam room, all that is left is the fancy smelling lotions and potions, right??  Some of my favorite Lush treats are Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (not necessarily Budget friendly at $30 a tub) which make my body smell and feel amazing when I get out, and Happy Happy Joy Joy hair conditioner which makes my hair feel and smell amazing before crawling into bed.  If you don’t have a Lush store or don’t want to spend the money on Lush you can do the same thing at the grocery store.   Find some amazing smelling product (of course you want to use good quality products on your skin but if this changes your mindset and makes you feel amazing I am all for it as a treat.

5 – Get a 10 Min Massage!  You are thinking what the heck is she talking about?  10 minutes?  That’s it?  I am telling you this is my Super Ninja Trick — This 10 min massage will cost you under $20 I guarantee it and will take 10 min out of your life but give you back a whole day in payment.  This was my absolute favorite thing to do when I worked full time.  I would take my lunch break at the mall.  That was 1 hour for just me to clear my head and 10 minutes of it was spent in complete bliss.  If you live near a large mall chances are you know exactly who I am talking about, become friends with those folks.  They greet you with a smile and welcome you into their hands for the short time you have.  I became kind of an addict about it and did it at least one time a week.  It really was a time that I could just shut my mind down and feel like I was in my own world.   The best part about it was that I was able to take on the rest of the day completely rejuvenated.  If you don’t know of any place that does it.  Reach out to a friend or post on your social media wall asking Where is the Nearest 10 minute chair massage.  When you find your place, come back here and comment below that you think I am your best friend now!!!

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