bullet journal categoryIf you take a look at my home office cabinet you’ll see about 100 personal development books and probably 30 journals and 20 planners. All different. See, I have been running my health and fitness business for over six years and have always been seeking the perfect system. I am sure I am not alone.

There are great planners out there that start great and then turn into big empty pages because either I can’t fit anything in the boxes or the boxes I need are not even there. The planners that have been close contenders have been planner pad or passion planner. It’s like Goldilocks and the three bears. This one is too big, this one too small, but none have been just right!
Since they have been close, not perfect, I always tended to forget to take it with me as well. There’s no doubt planning is 100% worth it, no one can argue that. So, let’s assume that these planners are 100% perfect, you can fill in every bubble and every bubble matches your life, AWESOME!
Now what about all those Post-it notes around your desk, your car, your kitchen? What if I told you, you could plan your life with all your matching bubbles or boxes, have a place where all your notes and journaling are in one place, and you are excited to take it everywhere you go?
I have finally found it! I stumbled upon a term called “bullet journaling”. I will be honest I thought it was a journal you could buy on Amazon.  Yep another “almost perfect journal”. Then I started digging into Pinterest and Facebook and found this whole community of bullet journalers. What? It’s a movement? Not a book.
bullet journal category
OK, let’s see what the hype is all about. So, I asked the question “how do I get started?” And then my world was now opened. Their advice was practice in an existing journal and see if you like it, and what kind of information you want to put in it. So, I practice for two weeks, creating pages I thought I would use and not caring about how it looked.
What this journal did was allow me to have the freedom of how my mind works, have everything in one place, forced me to slow down, and bring back some creativity I lost in my adulthood.
Bullet Journal
Here are my tips on how to get started with bullet journaling:
  1. Take an old journal that still has about 10 to 20 pages left before you go out and buy one. You will want to know if using a lined notebook versus a graph paper notebook is for you.
  2. Some people choose to drawl on their’s. I like to doodle and draw so I chose to do such a thing on mine. There is nothing wrong with not drying on your bullet journal. You can follow the originators system by going to bulletjournal.com and simply following along that way.
  3. Test out a couple pens. My favorite so far are the Faber-Castell PITT artist pen and the Staedtler Color Pens
  4. Create an index page. Create a month page.
  5. Play with how you want your daily pages to look like, this is where it is personal. It does not have to look a certain way or take out a certain amount of space. You can literally put whatever you want on your days. I choose to keep a whole page to myself because I like to add my thoughts, what would be on Post-it notes, and my to do list.

Here is a practice page I did:

iPhone image on 2015-11-05 at 13-35-516.  Play with categories in your practice journal. Originally, I thought I would keep a tally of certain things, so I created a category page for that thing. Turns out I won’t regularly use that, so I made a note to myself that I would not be creating category pages for that topic in my new fresh notebook.

Another Practice Page

iPhone image on 2015-11-05 at 13-35-587. Don’t worry about making mistakes you can always use white out or what I do is cross things out and turn it into a doodle.

8. You will find that you will have all of your ideas in one location, and be able to track your life in one spot so that you can always refer back to it in the future.

Comment below if you have used a bullet journal before and how you use it?  What have some of your planning struggles been in the past. I’m sure you’re not alone?

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