I meet people everyday on social media who are either runners, people who love go to the gym, love crossfit, or love following a plan that connects them to a community. I see it everyday! I also see how amazing these people are at sharing their love for fitness and health. It pains me however to see them not be able to take advantage of their love for fitness and monetize it to create a living they desire.

beachbody coach

I started and continue to do in home fitness programs so yes that seems like it is just a natural fit. So, how can those who love to workout outside of their home be amazing coaches? It happens all the time. There are amazing coaches out there able to create their own financial security because they are able to connect their clients with tools and resources that fit their needs. They have taken the selfishness out of their own journey and have decided to listen to what other’s needs are… By listening to their needs they are able to connect them to the tools and resources they NEED to LITERALLY CHANGE THEIR LIVES. Imagine the power you have to do such a thing. So, why wouldn’t you want to use your love of posting your food and workouts not only to inspire people but to CHANGE their LIVES!!!

I also explain it in more detail in this video I created.

If you are now ready to earn an income while doing what you love, I would love to have you join our Team Victory All Star Team. Please email me at coachannagray@gmail.com with the Subject line “I’m Ready” and I will connect you with the next step and training to make it happen!


Beachbody Coaching