How to combine your passion for nursing and fitness

Some of us were athletes in high school and college, some of us picked up going to the gym in college and most of us will never lose the love of being fit and healthy.  We could never imagine doing anything with our love for it because we spent our long hours studying for the NCLEX and have been a part of the very prestigious careers of nursing.  We love being a nurse and we love feeling great and want others to feel the same way.  ESPECIALLY our patients.

I came across a message thread recently that led me to this post.  There were so many people who fell into this category that just felt lost about what to do next. Some of them were group fitness instructors and Registered Nurses, some thought about achieving more certificates, some wanted to open a gym, but all wanted to find a way to combine the both and just didn’t know how.

I thought, WOW they don’t have any idea of the information I know to be true and have been living for the last almost 7 years.  I have found the holy grail, I swear!

So, I will spell it out how you really can use both loves to earn a living and most importantly help you fulfill your destiny in life.   There is nothing wrong with having two passions.

For me I needed a way to lose weight as I had fallen into the trap of “eat whatever is in the break room” – Yes you know what I am talking about.  I ballooned up to 205 lbs and felt disgusting.  In 2009, I found a solution that has literally changed my physical, mental and financial life.  I had no idea that it would.  I just needed to change myself.

Enter Beachbody.  Here is a link to my very first workout program and physical transformation

Once I took control of my life following a very laid out plan I could do on my own time (as you know we Nurses tend to be CRAZY busy and EXHAUSTED).  So I was able to get my workouts done late at night when the kids were asleep, I followed a meal plan that I could prep and take to work and I was on my way to avoiding the break room donuts.  But as you know there are so many other nurses that feel they are too busy, too tired and too distracted to have a plan and eventually spiral themselves into being those unhealthy, overweight nurses we see everyday.  The Struggle is REAL!

So how does that translate into using your passion for nursing and fitness into helping others?  Well see there was a business opportunity that I was presented after I finished my first workout program where I would continue to work on my journey but instead of keeping to myself I would share it with others.  I would refer others to programs that would meet their health needs.  I would recommend a dense health food shake instead of all those synthetic powders that people tend to grasp for in a pinch.  By providing meal plans that I have used, online support groups to help them along the journey in the privacy of a group.  What I found was that many of the people that have worked with didn’t have the support at home.

What is this opportunity called?  Beachbody Coaches

What are the Benefits of Coaching?

  1. You own your own business from the start, you are you and are not the company.
    1. Most people feel they don’t want to sell something because they want to be themselves, great news is you are YOU
  2. You are always working on your own fitness and nutrition journey first.
    1. I like to refer to this as “putting on your own oxygen mask first before you help others”
  3. You do not have to build a business on your own
    1. I have a team of 1000 coaches who work together and support each other.
  4. You don’t have to be at your final goal weight or goal body to coach.  Just like as a nurse, you connect with your clients like you do your patients, while you are on the journey.

Can I still be a Registered Nurse and work as a coach?

  1. I personally worked as an RN in Clinical IT after years of being in the OR and management and then walked away from nursing to pursue my Beachbody Business since I had matched my salary in my business.  The last two years have been amazing and have allowed me so much freedom with my family.  So much that I was able to return to nursing in a capacity that I missed and love, the OR again.  Building my business and working as a nurse brings fulfillment in more ways then one.  I think only a way a nurse “gets”

What do I have to do to get started?

  1. Decide on following a fitness plan, commit to drinking a whole food dense nutrition shake that will help you get through your nurse shifts and inspire your fellow peers to say “what are you drinking that gives you so much energy?”
  2. Connect with your team of coaches and dig into the training that I provide.  I know nurses make amazing coaches, we strive at being better, at learning how to help people and be their advocates.  There really is no difference between nursing and coaching, the biggest difference is that you can build some financial security and be fulfilled all in one.
  3. Email me at Email me with the subject line “coaching” and let me know you are ready to get started or that you would like more information.  We will set up a chance to chat and see if this is a right fit for you as I like to select my coaches based on their drive to be better, their motivation and their sense of community.  If those are qualities that you take pride in I would love to connect with you.

If you are curious about just being a part of a fitness and support group or this dense nutritional shake then please contact me at Email me at with the subject line “fitness group” and let’s get you started on your own journey!