Sitting at the beach in the past meant sand down my bathing suit, salty water and sunburns. Today means so much different. This is my second summer being home with my growing daughters full time and even this summer is different than the last.

Last summer I spent wondering if I was entertaining my kids enough and I kind of freaked out, like “how am I going to get my work done while I am entertaining? I worked so hard to make this happen and now I don’t know how I’m going to do it.” Summer ended and we survived.

I’ll get to my point, I swear. This summer I decided to Not Worry and Start Living! We are 1 month into summer and in no way have I felt that the kids were bored nor have I not been able to get the work on my business done. I have chosen to take the attitude and work hours I used to have when I worked full time and FIT it all in, in a shorter period of time.

This has allowed us to take many free beach trips (budget and entertainment friendly). I had one child in a summer camp for a week for the first time ever and I missed her during the day.

Anna Gray Beach

So, the work will get done but I will continue to sit and feel the sand between my toes, breathe the salty breezy air. Smile at the kids faces when they look up after catching a wave and most of all be grateful for what my life looks like now and what an incredible opportunity that being a Beachbody coach bs given me. Freedom to do what I want, when I want and the freedom for me to CREATE things I never knew I had the talent to create.

My heart is full of gratitude and I hope that you can wake up one day with as much gratitude and blessings in your life as I have.

If you wished you could do something in life where you are not working on someone else’s dream and could start working on your own dream. Drop me a line at and let’s chat.