By Anna Gray

Yes it is already Mid February 2013 but I have spent the last month and a half reflecting on my last year of health.  It officially appears that I am one of many trying to overcome their fitness plateaus.  See, I took control of my health and fitness back in 2009 when I did my first round of p90x and got amazing results!! Fast forward almost 4 years and where am I?  Well I am technically in the same pant size but I know in my heart that I am not in the same fitness level I was in back then.  Why?  I have done every Beachbody workout put out as soon as it was put out.  I will admit I have not always finished them.  I think that I have not finished them for multiple reasons.  One, my fitness business has taken off even more then I ever could even imagine and with me working full-time, having 2 young kids and a husband, something had to give.  So what gave if I was still doing all the workouts?  Well I still ate Clean as I have not had things like diet soda since my first round.  This month I have discovered what changed, was I was eating clean but I was eating too much which was fine when I was doing P90x and focusing on that program.  If you have ever done p90x you realize that you should be eating up close to 2000 cals a day even for a woman.  I realized I was still eating that way but I was not burning the calories and my metabolism wasn’t what it was then.  So, now why is that?  Well that is because I did not push myself in my workouts like I did with P90x.  Workouts like Insanity tested my patience and frustration levels as I felt like I wanted to puke because the workouts were so hard, TurboFire tested my patience since I didnt have the choreography skills like they did in the videos.  I have realized that these cardio based workouts as amazing as they are, did not tug at my heart like ones lifting weights did.

Now you say *gasp but don’t you sell those products why would you say that you wanted to puke or you were frustrated.  Because I am real!! I have plenty of friends, customers, family that have done them and have had AMAZING results because it really did tug at their heart!  For me it was when Les Mills Pump was brought in the picture and I could lift weights again and not worry too much about choreography and still have a blast doing it so guess what?  I started to see results again, but still felt like I was not where I wanted to be.  I really was just going through the motions and not pushing myself to my limits, those limits where you are just struggling to get those last 3 reps in, when I did push myself I knew I was getting results.  But at the same time since business was going so well there were days I skipped my workouts because I had a call to jump on or I had many emails to return and really didnt put my fitness first.  I put my family, my business and then my health in that order in my life and it showed.  Priorities are amazing things as they really do show you a reflection of who you are and where you are at.

So, in January I was lucky enough to spend a week in Hawaii as a reward trip for my business and spent a lot of time with some incredibly fit people.  I have always been the coach but I really never had a coach, coaching me.  I have had business success partners that push me in my business but not someone that really showed me it was possible to reach the goals my heart really wanted to reach until this trip.  I got to spend a lot of time with my friend Jade Nguyen, a mom and fellow business woman who was learning how to push her business further from me but what I gained from her was really how to push my fitness further.


Beachbody CEO and I


So here I am with a whole new outlook on 2013.  I have started to really dig deep in Beachbody’s Body Beast program as I feel like I am back home again lifting weights.  My body seems happy with me.  I have a new schedule that forces me to NOT skip my workouts.  I get up at 4:45am thanks to Chalene Johnsons’ highly suggested tip for successful individual and I get my workout in before heading to work.  I am really starting to learn to push myself again with my workouts until those last 3 reps are such a struggle.  Best of all I learned from Jade what simply to eat on this program and how I could incorporate that in my daily work schedule.  I have found many fitness success partners in the last few weeks pushing me to stay on track with these goals.  I am measuring my calories burned throughout the day and calorie intake so that EVERYDAY I am in a calorie deficit.

So, will my business struggle if my priorities change from Family, Business, Fitness to Family, Fitness, Business.  NO!! It won’t change because my business is FITNESS so these two will actually go side by side and I will be forced to hone in on my time management because all of the other things will be in place the way they should.  I am extremely excited for this years journey as I don’t see the last 3 years as a failure at all, I see it as a stepping stone to my next GOAL!!

I hope this inspires someone to brush off those cobwebs, get past that plateau because you know others have met the same goals you want to meet.  IT IS POSSIBLE!! ARE YOU WITH ME?