Day 1 of the Ultimate Reset seemed to be more than I bargained for.  This was my second round of the Reset as I had gone through this 21 day detox/reboot in 2012.  Here are my results.

So, the layout of the Reset is 21 days following a meal plan that is broken up into 3 phases/weeks.  The Meal plans start with animal protein (or vegan option of that is your choice) and by the end you are eating Lots of veggies and fruit.  This plan is not made to starve you by any means.  There is also a supplement schedule to follow every day.  The supplements vary during each phase.  Most of them are  capsules with the exception of the Alkalize and the Detox those are in powder form, mix them with water and GULP.

My Goals for this round are:

–Ween myself from coffee
–Get rid of a layer of goo
–Gain back some mental clarity
–Get rid of my ankle achiness after fracturing it in the spring.

Day 1 Recap

I woke up as usual and rather than make my normal cup of coffee with a TBS of half and half I was prepared with a fake Teecino (herbal non-caffienated coffee).  I prepared a normal breakfast:  Two eggs, sautéed spinach, 1 piece of Toast.  I took all my supplements as planned and was hoping to be a breeze all day since I knew what to expect.  OR did I??
Ultimate Reset Day 1b.jpg.jpg

I suffered a horrendous headache from the moment I woke up tip the moment I hit the pillow.  the day before I kind of joked that I would deal with the consequences of my coffee.  In hindsight I should have started to ween my self off of coffee a few days prior.  Totally my fault.

I still managed to make and eat my lunch and dinner and will have to say that I am not a Salmon person by any means but really, really enjoyed the salmon I made using the recipe in the meal guide.  That was a success since I probably could have slept all day if I had the ability to.

Worst part about it was that I was invited to the Los Angeles Kings game with the best seats we have ever had.  I was also supposed to play hockey (even though you are not supposed to workout).  I was definitely skipping my hockey game for this headache but not the Kings game so I had to give in and take an Aleeve.. only one but there was no way would be able to survive that game without throwing up.   I will also say that I started to experience some chills, like I was just getting the flu towards the end of the night.

The game was great, we came home and I crawled into a ball and passed out, hoodie, socks and all.

Here is my day 1 Video (midday before my headache got worse)

If you have any questions about this 21 Day Detox/Reboot, please feel free to send me an email at