Day 2 of the Ultimate Reset I will have to say was a huge success!

I woke up with no headache!  That in itself I knew I was going to win the day.  The Biggest challenge of the day is my weekly breakfast date with my husband but I knew I didn’t want to be a hermit during this round so I still committed to being there.
I brought my Teecino with me and asked for hot water, which took care of the thing I missed the most last time, Friday morning coffee.   I know that this restaurant uses the highest quality food around town so I knew that I could order about the same as I could make at home.  Today called for oatmeal but I chose to repeat my day 1 meal since I could order it.  Two Eggs, sautéed spinach and a piece of toast.
Day 2 Ultimate Reset
Supplements were taken and on time.  Salad was excellent.  The best meal of the day was dinner.  This was enjoyed by ALL the family.  The meal plan’s Southwest tacos.  These tacos were without animal protein but were a hit by all.  I substituted the corn tortillas for the flour for my family since they love to cook the uncooked ones and I stuck with the corn.  I also was able to make my homemade guacamole for which I could have eaten the whole bowl.
So no headache and no hunger, YAY!
ShortCut TIP:
You can buy Brown Rice at Costco in the Freezer section and it is a quick bit in the microwave.  Or you can also get a pouch of it at Trader Joes.

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