What is the 3 Day Fix?

The Great thing about living a balanced life is that if you fall off the wagon it doesn’t take much time to get back on the wagon.  I find this so very true ever since becoming a coach.  I find the accountability of being a coach keeps me from sitting on my arse at home on the couch for weeks.  Instead, I let my body rest but sometimes I feel just how rested it really is, LOL.  So I have an upcoming all expenses paid (minus airfare) trip to Cancun for myself and my family.  For this Trip I would love to feel amazing in my bikini like I did last summer so desperate times calls for desperate measures.  Time to bring out the 3 Day Fix.  What is the 3 Day Fix?  The 3 Day Fix is part of the 21 Day Fix program that I have always raved about as it has finally made life and following a nutrition plan a NO-BRAINER.  I have struggled all my life with yo-you dieting, weight watchers, you name it and this is the most simple program to follow and by far the MOST FLEXIBLE.  I can follow it anywhere I go as well as put it into overdrive for an upcoming event without starving myself.

Here is my Meal Plan for the week
3 Day fix meal plan, free meal plan


Kind of Boring but super filling…
3 day fix breakfast

What I love about throwing in the 3 day fix is that the prep for it is super easy as it is only 3 days of locking it down and eating SUPER DUPER CLEAN!!

Here is what I prepped

Baked Chicken (decided not to grill because my kitchen was clean)

4 Chicken Breast

Pick your Flavor God Seasoning

Oven set at 400 degrees

Bake with Seasoned side Up for 25 min

Turn over – Bake 10 more min or until done.

Measure in your 21 Day Fix Container and BOOM!

3 day fix prep, 21 day fix prep, food prep, clean eating, flavor god recipesI am not a HUGE Fish Fan but I suck it up for this.  So Tilapia it was.

steamed tilapia, tilapia recipe, 21 day fix tilapia

Steamed Tilapia

1 package of Frozen Tilapia (I got mine from Trader Joes) Thawed in Fridge for 1 day

Flavorgod Lemon Garlic Seasoning

Electric Steamer (I have an Oster – super EASY to use)

Season Tilapia on one Side, place Seasoned Side up in Steamer, steam for 23 min, measure in Red 21 Day Fix Container

If you are tired of doing it on your own, then join my next Exclusive Challenge Group!  Stop making commitments to quick fixes, this will be a lifestyle change!