journey quote

6 year of following my passion has brought me income, friends, recognition, health, and piece of mind.  My Story

What it has also brought me is a lot of soul searching, doubt in my abilitites, questions about what if I don’t reach my goals.

When you are someone that wants to be great at everything because you were average in your youth, you just can’t help but think these things.

Sometimes I think I am actually different and think ……. am I the only crazy one that thinks this way????

Of course I am not, that is why there are so many self help books out there…. right??!! and trust me I have read them all!

It is just human nature and typically our subconscious that plays games with our mind.

So, I am writing this to say that I know better than to think I need to be like someone else. I need to look like someone else. I need to have the same success as someone else.

Comparison is the ENEMY of good! But mainly I am writing this to remind you that YOU are IN CHARGE of your thoughts! Only you. You write your daily happiness ticket.

You can choose to be in that mind-space that says you are not good enough or you can choose to say “hell this is my own dang journey I will be living in the MOMENT today and will be LIVING IN THE MOMENT tomorrow and so on”

If you need a reminder… simply put in your Phone Calendar at 7am “This is my Journey” so that you start the day ALREADY WINNING!

Your journey is only your journey and no one can take that way from you!