How do you choose a Team Beachbody Coach?

Chosing the right beachbody coach

When I started as a coach in 2009 Beachbody coaching was pretty much unheard of.  It was a rarity to be a coach, to take a leap and not know if this business would be legit.  Now I have found that everywhere I go I hear that someone knows someone who is a Team Beachbody Coach.  (Trust me, good problem to have – not like some may think )

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But now its time for you to choose a coach to walk through your own journey of fitness or coaching, how will you choose who is best fit for you?

Here is my explanation on how to choose.

I hope this is helpful!


If you do not have a coach you are working with, please don’t hesitate to email me at and I would be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Beachbody Coaching – is it for you?

When I became a coach in 2009 not one person that I knew had heard of Beachbody.  They did hear of P90x and Tony Horton but that was about it.  I have been a coach now for almost 6 years and have traded my 6 Figure Nurse Management Career for a Stay at Home 6 Figure business spending the time with my daughters that I was missing while working full time at a hospital.  Now I help others get fit and healthy and help them design their own lives and am working on retiring my successful Realtor husband from his career to enjoy our lives and help others do the same.  Here is a News piece that was done recently that sums up EXACTLY what coaching is all about.
FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston I am looking to mentor other woman into building their own businesses doing the same thing, creating freedom and choices for their lives.  Is this something for you? Here is exactly who I am looking to mentor ONE on ONE to earn the same 6 figure business I have earned only in a shorter amount of time.  I have done all the footwork for you and have a very well respected amongst leaders in this business Training System that will give you the Road Map to success.

If you are ready to GIVE YOURSELF a RAISE… Then I encourage you to apply below.

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Coach Training | I have fallen and I can’t get up

Question from Coach Kimberly S “When you struggle to be the product of the product you are selling, how do you get back on track?”

This is such a great question and I can totally relate to this because I suffer from this too.  I will share what works for me in hopes to give you some insight.

For me I find I get sucked into work and life in general and my workouts and consistency struggle.  What happens next is that my business struggles because I am working that much harder on it.  It is very obvious the energy you put out when you are following the plan and your body is reaping hte benefits of it.  “Fine that’s great Anna, I know that but how do I fix it?”

Here is what works for me.  Join a challenge group with peers!  What happens when you become a coach is that we stop worrying about ourselves and start  worrying about our challengers which makes it harder to help them.  A vicious cycle it becomes.  The two peeer challenge groups I joined in the last 6 months are the only times I have fully been committed to my own journey because I could relate to these other coaches struggles.  When it comes down to it, we need others to look out for us too, we are no different.

But how do I find a peer group to join?  It’s super simple.  The Team Victory All Stars group is not there for me to just post.  It is your team page.  I suggest you get the ball rolling.  Pick a program you are dying to do and stay committed to and post in the group “I would like to start xyz on Monday, who’s with me?”  Then you open up a group and you keep each other accountable.  This is where you can vent, struggle, get back-up and best of all NETWORK with peers.

You know all those amazing guest speakers I have been having on the team calls, most have come from networking in groups like these.  I am telling you when you walk into Starbucks and want a blueberry scone you skip it because of that dang group.  No joke that just happened to me today.

The next question Kimberly had was “how do I help my challengers if I can’t do it myself?”  I have the real simple answer.  It just comes naturally when you put yourself first.  I have been sharing in my challenge group all the fun things that have been going on in my peer group.  Everyone wins in this case.

I would love to see everyone’s job as a coach become so much easier and I know for a fact this is how.  So, don’t be shy, ask I will bet you will get that ball rolling for not only you but many more coaches and their customers.

What is Beachbody Coaching?

This week I am running a private group on Facebook where I discuss the most frequently asked questions about What Beachbody Coaching is.  I have been a coach for 5 years and last year I earned the coveted 2013 Elite Team Beachbody Title, so I have definitely learned and applied the best practices of coaching and teach the coaches on my Team to do the same.  Here are the Videos that I shared in that private group.  If this sounds like something you are interested in doing please fill out the application below and I will be contacting you to make sure and get you started right.

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TOP 10 Frequently Asked Questions – Click on Playlist to see All the Videos that should answer all your questions.

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What is Beachbody Coaching? (Webinar – 30 min)