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Define tus músculos en sólo 90 días con P90X 

P90X® es el revolucionario sistema de 12 rutinas de ejercicios que definen los músculos y te ponen a sudar, diseñado para transformar tu cuerpo normal a uno definido en sólo 90 días. También recibirás un completo plan de nutrición de 3 fases, una detallada guía de entrenamiento, un calendario para seguir tu progreso, soporte en línea de tus compañeros y mucho más. Tu entrenador personal, Tony Horton, te mantendrá concentrado y motivado a cada paso ¡y los resultados te parecerán increíbles!

Todos los DVD de ejercicios y manuales están en español.

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How to Take Measurements for p90x | Insanity | TurboFire | Premium In Home Workout Programs

How Do you Take a Thorough set of Accurate Measurements before doing a workout?

You want to be consistent so that when you see progress it will be obvious.  Remember the scale does not tell the whole story. I am a perfect example of that.. Keep pushing play and make sure you take Measurements and Pictures before you start a Fitness and Nutrition Program, measurements and Photos do not Lie!  You dont want to regret not doing it later.


Turbofire and Hockey, what?? Yes even Men’s Hockey!

Ok, so I posted a while back how p90x has made an enormous difference in my Hockey Game.  I would also post how a round of  Insanity has made an enormous difference in my Hockey Game but the day before I was scheduled to do the entire 60 days, I blocked a Slapshot with my Kneecap.  Guess my very heavily padded shinguards need to be replaced. So I attempted a couple weeks of Insanity until I realized it was doing me no good, considering I was competing in the Womens National Hockey Tournament in Green Bay, WI in a few weeks, I needed to heal my injury, so upperbody work was emphasized.  I used P90x, P90x+, and some Insanity (skipping the deep knee moves).  By the time Nationals came I was still in tip top shape, I could skate for days even with a bum knee.

Fast Forward to now and I am finally able to maintain deep flexion in my knee (oh didnt mention, that my knee that was hit with the puck fractured and healed but I overcompensated and injured my other knee 🙁 that has been my nemisis).  Still cant kneel completely but I am able to do Insanity without any pain.  So, the reason I am writing this post is because of the much anticipated TURBOFIRE, created by Chalene Johnson and Steve Edwards (one of the creators of P90x).

I am not a fitness “class” type person, I have always been “one of the guys” that is why I was turned onto p90x originally, great I can do it at home and not look like a goofball trying to get choreography down.  So, when Turbofire was originally mentioned I didnt think anything of it.  Until, I spoke with Steve Edwards at the 2010 Coaches Summit about the program.  He basically said P90x is going to be a game changer.  With this High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT you can burn calories 9 times faster, proven.  Boy my ears perked up with that comment and thought of Insanity.  Well Insanity is Interval Training as well and a killer cardio workout, where you are just dead.  The Insanity program is 60 days straight.  Here is the most exciting part of the upcoming TurboFire, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO — USE IT WITH OTHER PROGRAMS SUCH AS P90x and Chalene Extreme.  YES!! I can still do my muscle/weight resistance training and burn calories on these HIIT days.  How cool is that.

HIIT workouts  “will involve some bursts of “all-out” training followed by periods of lower intensity that allow for active recovery (this means your body can recover somewhat even though you haven’t completely stopped exercising).” from .  We all know that Hockey is exactly that sprint to the puck, then skate, sprint to the puck, then skate.  So not only will the P90x help in strength but TURBOFIRE will help with endurance and you will be able to skate FOREVER.

Now for you MALE hockey players out there, don’t be afraid, really, and I will tell you why.  Because I subscribe to Tony Horton‘s One on One workouts I received a free preview TURBOFIRE 15 min HIIT workout.  The first time I plugged it in I did it by myself without my hockey playing Husband.  Oh My gosh, my heart rate was through the roof and I was literally “burning up”.  Chalene’s ALARM went off and it was go, go, go, then recover.  I also had my BodyBugg on to really see what the calorie burn was like.  Unbelievable, I burned 240 cals in 15 min, what????? I thought there is no way, so next time I was going to enlist (force) my husband to do it with me to see what his take was on it.  Put it in and yes once again, over 200 cals burned in just 15 min most importantly, my husband loved it.  His quote “I like this one because its short and you really feel like you are doing something”, which of course brought a smile on my face.

So, come June 18th when the TurboFire program will be on Sale Officially, I will be first in line.  I can’t wait to use the workouts with my p90x and Skate circles around those men I play with on Thursday nights.  Hello Turbo Fire!!



My Experience Being on the Injured Reserve List

Being on the Injured Reserve list is not easy to say the least, especially for someone that has been used to working out 6 days a week for the last 3 years and playing Ice Hockey at least 1 time a week.  Being Injured comes with a whole line of unexpecteds.  So, feel blessed if you have never experienced any major injury as I felt up until about 4 weeks ago.

At the age of 40 at the Woman’s Ice Hockey National Tournament in Oakland, CA I played in our teams last game of the tournament, took a “check” from an opposing player and went down, fracturing my fibula.  This fracture turns out required surgery to repair it with plates and screws.  The recovery period still has not been determined by my Orthopedic Surgeon but my goal is to get back on the ice by October 2013.  One week after surgery I was fitted for a “walking boot” for which I am not allowed to walk on ironically.  xrays

So, take a very busy mom and set her on the couch and make her only get around on crutches and what do you get, someone that is determined to make this work and someone that knows as a Nurse that she needs to listen to her body.  So, I have really had to listen to my body when it comes to working out.  My minds wants so bad to get in my home gym and continue where I left off (Day 58 of Body Beast) but I have found that I need to listen to my body and realize all these workouts and staying fit have led me to this very point.  As hard as it is to sit on the side lines with my workout I have discovered a few things that I was surprised with but when I think about it, not so surprised with.

For the past 3+ years I have been drinking Shakeology religiously, I drank it on average 5-6 days a week before my injury (yes it should be 7 but I am being honest).  What it did for me before my injury was noticeably give me energy to get through a very busy mom day and my insides feel like they are 100 % in check.

Here is what I have noticed in the last 4 weeks that I have been injured.  I have religiously drank my Shakeology EVERYDAY since being injured, NO JOKE.  Since not working out has been so mentally challenging I knew I didnt want to miss one since I didnt have my workout to fall back on.  So I have sat hours on the couch since being injured but have had my Chocolate Shakeology with Almond Milk, Coconut Chocolate Flax Seed, and a handful of almonds and ice EVERY SINGLE DAY.

So, why am I writing this whole post?  Because here is what I have noticed since ONLY drinking my Shakeology everyday.  My hair feels AMAZING and soft, my insides again feel like they are 100% in check if you know what I mean, and the big difference is I have not gained any weight, my muscles are still popping through thanks to my Body Beast Jump Start, I am happy with how I look in a bathing suit and best of all, all these nutritients are absolutely making a difference in my healing as my pain is beginning to drop and my mobility without the boot on (while sitting down) is getting better.

I have always loved my Shakeology but after going through the toughest thing I have had to in the last 3 years I am even more convinced that this WHY I can say I am HAPPY, HEALTHY and have a great attitude about this injury.

Thank you Shakeology and Beachbody for being a part of my life.

If you want more information about Shakeology or would like a Sample, please visit this post HERE 

Day #4 and #5 July 30 Day Challenge

Day #4 and #5 July 30 Day Challenge

Day #4:

Sunday, got on the treadmill at 12pm, much later then I wanted to, well after coffee and my Shakeology, see my goal is to get on the treadmill before eating breakfast.  But life happens and picking up the girls from sleepover comes first.  So, after that I got on that treadmill and hit my 20 minutes.  I was good with food all day, strictly vegetarian, although I think I cheated myself with some calories as I downed a P90xBar in the middle of the day because I was starving on my way to go grocery shopping at Trader Joes, for some healthy eats.  Made a great Salad Dressing a friend shared with me that is Vegan, and piled on the mixed greens, avocado, and asparagus:

Here is the Recipe:

‎1/4 cup cashews,

5 tsp apple cider vinegar,

1 tbsp fresh onion

1 tbsp fresh garlic ,

1tbsb mustard (spicy),

1 heaping tsp of agave nectar,

red & black pepper flakes to taste ,

1 medium cucumber and reserve 1/4 cup water to add to desired thickness….blended in my vitamix

For my workout it was Shoulders and Arms P90x style, felt so good but my body was definitely in need of the P90x Recovery drink.  Late night with a 5 am wake up call the next day.  The next 4 days will be the challenge as it starts my work week back up.

Day #5

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz 5 hours of sleep and my alarm went off, guess what it was tough to roll out of bed, but I forced myself to not hit snooze and JUST DO IT,

so I did just that…put some contact solution in my eyes, threw on my workout clothes as my Cat kept me company in the closet, and hopped on.  My legs were tight and cold but I managed to get through my 20 minutes and at the end I felt great.  I took a shower, made my Shakeology and Coffee and hit the road.  I ate fairly well for lunch with a Mediterranean salad with Hummus instead of meat, which was good except I felt a bit guilty for the bit of Dairy in the tzatziki and a couple crunchy pita chips but all in all I avoided the meat which I love so much on this salad.  I managed to get through the rest of the day without a snack and paid for that later.  I ate some walnuts on my drive home, got home and scarfed.  Well I scarfed on Clean Food and all vegetarian and no dairy, but the Carb Content when I figured it out was WAY to high, especially at 7:30pm.  I got the kids to bed and completed Yoga from the Tony Horton One on One Series as opposed to the Classic Yoga that was on the calendar.

So for tomorrow, 5 am treadmill and my night workout.  Goodnight all!  Have an early morning.

A Day in the life of Anna Gray | Mom | RN | Fitness Coach

What does a day in the life of a busy mom who works Fulltime as a Registered Nurse, owns her own successful Home Business and enjoys playing hockey every week look like?  Many have asked and now I would like to share with the world.

Let me start out by saying in my case I have to give a very large amount of credit to my wonderful husband of almost 14 years Jeremy Gray is my true love as well as my partner in crime.  He has a very successful Real Estate business for which many hours a week consume him.  But he does have the flexibility to play a huge role in parenting and running the daily household.  The key to keeping the marriage stronge is by far COMMUNICATION, SUPPORT, Bi-Monthly at minimum date nights, and daily “I love you’s”.

So, back to a day in the life of me.  Some say Why do you do so much, some say how do you do so much?

I learned from the best! My MOM (who ironically is a Business Partner now).  I watched her excel in her career year after year and saw her Recognition and Support she received and just naturally expected that in my life.

So fast forward 20 + years laster, many years of schooling for a career in Nursing and moving up the nursing ranks.  I thought I had make it, my life was fulfilled.  I had reached a payscale only few had or really wanted to (Being youn and naive I realized that many RN’s never aspired to be in a  management role).  Now I am older and wiser.  I completely respect my nursing profession and LOVE it.  My 10 years in the Operating Room were some of my favorite years and my last 4 years as a RN Clinical Applications Analyst has been so incredibly fun to learn everyday (the natural student in me).  So, why would I start my own business.  Well Ironically my business started for me when I decided to make a gigantic change in my life.  I decided enough was enough and I wanted to lose weight and feel great and stop going through the motions.

When I took on helping people achieve their health and fitness goals after reaching my own.  I had no idea what kind of business this could turn into.  The more people I helped the more people I wanted to help.  Then as everybody amazingly, money started to appear.  WHAT??? I GET PAID FOR THIS??? How cool is this!  Ohh now what are my dreams and goals, now that I see this as possible.  I adjusted my goals accordingly and realized this IS A Business and a Business I LOVE!

So because I love this Business so much and it has become my passion and has gotten me closer to my goals I would have never dreamed about.  I have made the time in my busy schedule to follow my passion, so HERE GOES:

  • 6am-Wakeup-Scan email/Facebook messages for anything urgent.  Respond to anything urgent-5 min
  • 605-645am-Get ready for work
  • 645 Leave for work with coffee and Breakfast down the hatch..Listen to personal development in car
  • 730am Arrive at work
  • 730am answer anything urgent or F/U with my early morning communication-5 min
  • 735am-10am Work as an RN Clinical Systems Analyst
  • 10-10:15am Snack-Reach out to people that need help while I snack
  • 10:15am-12:00pm Work my Fulltime Job
  • 12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch-
    • Take any phone calls with my coaches or customers, 15 min
    • Email Customers
    • Find interesting Health and fitness information to share
  • 1:00-4pm Work my Fulltime Job
  • 4pm-4:15pm afternoon snack, make my SHAKEOLOGY and reach out to those that need help
  • 4:15pm-6:30pm Work my Fulltime Job
  • 6:30pm-7:15pm-Phone calls on the way home if needed, if no phone calls then listen to Personal Development
  • 7:15pm-Phone/Computer is put away for family time
    • Make dinner if my husband hasnt already
    • play with kids
    • Bathe kids
    • Book and Bedtime
  • 9:00pm Change Clothes for workout
  • 9:00-10:00pm Workout, Log workout in WOWY SuperGym
  • 10:00pm Check on my Challenge Groups, finish email follow up for the day, make the kids lunch
  • 11:00pm shower and Bed

So not this is not 8 hours of sleep but I have the ability to get 8 hours of sleep on Fri, Sat, Sun when I dont work my fulltime job.   Sometimes I have to force myself for an 11pm bedtime because I am having so much fun and get caught up in the moments.  I take Tuesday night off from my workout as a rest day to sit on the couch with my hubby and watch a favorite show.

So for just over 2 hours of work on my Business a day I have made a significant difference in others lives (or so they sometimes tell me :)) and a substantial amount of supplemental income.

On Fridays, I have a little more time to work on my business as I am off from my fulltime job (I work 4 10 hour shifts) but traditionally I go with my husband to drop the kids off at school and go out for breakfast for a breakfast date.  On Saturdays and Sundays I typically work about 2 hours on my business or less.

So a total of about 12 hours on my business and currently (May 2012) I am making approximately $5,000 a month with it.  I have been in this business for just under 3 years and have certainly had my growing pains just like any other new job, great thing about starting this business, is ZERO overhead like a traditional business.  Oh yeah and I have been able to do this WITH A FULLTIME JOB! Who could get a $5,000/month raise in 3 years in their traditional job.

Great thing is looking at what that will be at year 5 and what is even more fun is that my team of coaches are reaching their financial milestones so much quicker nowadays because there are so many ways to reach out to people and help them live fulfilling lives.  The reason they are reaching it so much quicker is that we have a very simple training system we plug them into that was not in place when I started.  All these coaches are products of the products and have changed their lives tremendously.

Now can you see WHY I love this??

If this sounds like something you could see yourself doing I would love to talk to you about it.  If you need help in fitness and health, let’s get you to success.  If you are a driven Business person or think you have the desire to follow in my footsteps, LET’S DO THIS together!! click here to CONTACT ME and get started TODAY.