3 Tools I use to stay organized as a working entrepreneur mom | Quick Tips


I have been asked over the last 3 years

“How do you do it?”

“How do you work a full time job, be a mom and run a successful business?”

Well I am here to show you a few quick tips on what tools I use to stay organized and stay on top of everything without letting anything fall through the cracks.  Well, not everything.  I have been known to forget to invite people to my daughters birthday parties or forget to pay a bill or two, hey nobody’s perfect!

Here are 3 Tools I use everyday to keep me on top of my game.  Please comment below if this video was helpful or if you would like to see more videos like these.

How to be a successful Beachbody Coach

How to be a Successful Beachbody Coach- Mindy Wender

originally posted 9/14/2011

The key to success in the Beachbody business is to follow your heart and duplicate what works! My friend Mindy is one the the top coaches in the business so I can’t think of a better person to listen to for advice when it comes to growing your business. It truly is about building relationships with people and being in it for the right reasons. I would do this even if there was no compensation plan =)  No need to re-invent the wheel and have me tell you how to be a Successful Beachbody Coach because Mindy laid it all out there and I speak from my own experience of being a coach for 3+ years that she is 100% dead on with how it works.

My name is Mindy Wender and I am a 10-Star Diamond Elite Beachbody Coach. I have been coaching for 2 years now (watch for my blog coming soon on my journey through out my 2nd years as a Beachbody Coach coming soon) and I have so many people ask me questions so I thought as questions come up I will blog about them to help not only my team but ANYONE looking to be a better Team Beachbody Coach within their business.

Beachbody Coach Summit
Today Im going to focus on … WHAT TO FOCUS ON :)


Almost daily I have coaches message me or email me asking me how I have created such a successful business on Social Media in such a short period of time and I think they truly believe that I am this hard core blogger, that Im a master at SEO, I know how to tag the right words, etc etc etc but thats all FALSE!


I grew my business since day one on Social Media because I live in a small town and everyone who I knew who was either local or not were on my Facebook page as a friend so it was a no brainer for me to just connect with them THERE first! I know personally I was on facebook every single day in the morning before work and at night before bed so I thought “Maybe others are doing the same as me”  So basically just because everyone sees me as this SOCIAL MEDIA NERD Beachbody Coach that doesn’t mean that Im running my business the opposite of someone who runs their business face to face and does extremely well like Tommy Mygrant (great friend of mine and an AMAZING Beachbody Coach who is just CRUSHING this business) We run our businesses somewhat different yet the same and both of us are successful.
Beachbody Coach Mindy Wender Social Media


My biggest tip for a new or old coach is to NOT focus on the busy time consuming work that is great and will help your business BUT its not what grows a strong foundation and successful business. Busy work I consider to be things like setting up a like page, setting up your online store for beachbody on your facebook like page, setting up a blog, designing a blog, pumping out content to your blog, listening to endless amount of training from all those “EXPERTS” out there on SEO and Keyword strategy, etc etc etc again that is all great things but its not what is going to build your business and build LEADERS in your business TRUST ME!


What works??? I will tell you if you promise to stop trusting all those Social Media “EXPERTS” and listen to REAL COACHES who are doing this daily and are successful at doing it! Ok?


Assuming you promises hehe ….. What I do every single day for the last 2 years that i have been a coach in this business is THE BASICS! That is what every single coach NEW OR OLD needs to focus on to keep their business moving forward. The basics are very simple and anyone can do it … you need to focus on the follow…


1. WANTING TO HELP: first you need to want to help others. Set out every single day to try to help others get healthy, fit, and maybe evenstart up their own fitness business so they can help others and get paid for it too. BUT most of all HELP OTHERS WITHOUT EXPECTING ANYTHING IN RETURN!


2. Build Relationships: So often I have coaches asking me “Do you focus on getting more customers or team building” NEITHER I focus on helping as many people as I possible can and building relationships with those people. I build relationships through social media by asking them questions and LISTENING to them so I can really get to know their needs and wants. Once i know their needs and wants THEN I can say “Ok do I have something that could benefit them or help them” And thats when I make the decision do I focus on sharing a product or shakeology with them or the business or maybe even nothing at all that has to do withbeachbody. ITS ABOUT THEM NOT YOU!


3. MY TO DO LIST: I always do “The Game Plan” that beachbody has mapped out for all coaches (I call it my POWER HOUR TO DO LIST)  before I focus on anything else. I need to make sure I am getting my to do list done before I move on to the “busy work” or surfing the net or facebook which we call know can be SOOOO time consuming and one minute you are focused and on track and the next you are looking at your cousins, bestfriends, sisters, aunts, baby shower photo album … am I right or am I right?


The above tips sound very basic, very easy, and may seem like “WOW, thats it” but its true if you are doing the above things along with my LAST TIP that I will be sharing below you WILL move your business forwardbut here is the thing… ITS UP TO YOU! So many coaches say “This isn’t for me” or “It works for you Mindy but just didn’t work for my” Im sorry but that is just not true… this business WORKS for anyone and if you have caught yourself ever thinking or saying those things STOP IT!! This business is simple and if you are working your business and doing the things I described above… the game plan that beachbody has mapped out for you to clearly and you have the RIGHT mindset then you will be successful and if you aren’t you aren’t doing the above steps that i just posted,  plain and simple.


I Don’t mean to be harsh but its the truth and I believe that tough love sometimes is the best thing for us. I know it was for me when I was coming up with every excuse in the book. I think people forget that coaches like Josh Spencer, Hillary KellyTraci MorrowJenelle Summers, and myself are successful because we have had something handed to us and it was EASY for us but we all started right where you are and we worked are way to where we are now! YOU CAN TOO! I was so broke living off of $8 per hour while my husband was laid off from work for over 6 months and we had a new baby at home that needed the MOST expensive formula on the market and I was planning a wedding and I was shy and I was scared and everyone around me didn’t believe in me so TRUST ME I get it but don’t let those doubts and things stand in your way. This is YOUR life no one else’s so if you want to achieve all your goals and dreams YOU are the only person who has the ability to do so … so GO FOR IT!!!


Lastly my BIGGEST TIP…. without this nothing in your business will grow and move forward and Im sure some of you guessed it but here is all the TOP BEACHBODY COACHES BIG SECRET…. CONSISTENCY!
Thanks for sharing Mindy!!


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Can I be a Beachbody Coach if I live in Canada? | YES!

Are you a Beachbody fanatic and have wondered when it was your chance to become part of the coaching network because you basically are already sharing with others?  Well as of today you can!!  Be a FOUNDING Beachbody Coach!


So how can I become a Beachbody Coach if I am a Canadian citizen?

• Currently, individuals residing in Canada may enroll as a Coach, however, they
will be operating a United States independent business with Beachbody in the
United States.

Will the Coach Opportunity be available to individuals throughout Canada?

• Yes! Individuals who reside in any province in Canada are able to enroll as an
Independent Team Beachbody Coach. As in the United States, a Coach in
Canada must be at least 18 years old.

Can a Coach in Canada manage their account via their business?

• Yes! Canadian residents who enroll as individual Coaches can use their SIN
(Social Insurance Number). However, Canadian residents who enroll under a

Will Coaches who reside in Canada see pricing in US dollars?

• Yes! Since they will currently be operating directly with a United States business,
all product prices will remain in US dollars.
• In addition, Coaches will see their commission reports reflected in US dollars and
will be paid any commissions due in US dollars (either by check or EFT depending
on their personal choice).

Are Coaches residing in Canada required to have product orders shipped to their

• No, product orders can be shipped either to a residential address or another address
of the Coach’s choice. Product can be fulfilled to a physical address or PO Box.

If you have more Questions regarding this please contact me at coachannagray@gmail.com and I would be happy to share.

I would love to add you to my Very successful team and get you started right and let you enjoy the benefits I have enjoyed for the last 3 years.

I am looking for ONE REQUIREMENT for my fellow fitness junkies.  That requirement is that you want to SUCCEED in this Business as much as I want you to SUCCEED! WE offer 100% SUPPORT without pressure.  It’s time, be a founding coach! We are ready to run, are you?!!!