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Today is day 2 of Phase 2 in the P90x2 workout.  I have recently completed Phase 1 and feel amazing!! I started my Beachbody journey way back when when I did P90x and dropped 2+ pant sizes, and tons of body fat.

Phase 1 is called the Foundation Phase, the reason for this is that rather then slap you in the face like P90x did, this phase helps you build your foundation so that you can kill it in your next 2 phases.  The phase is flexible unlike P90x.  P90x is strictly written as Phase 1 = 4 weeks, 3 weeks and a Recovery Week.  P90x2 gives you the option of doing the Foundation phase between 3 to 6 weeks based on your success in it.  I found that by week 3 I was going to have to go at least another week because my balance and core was still not stable going through these workouts.  But I was definitely progressing.  Week 4 I knew this was my last week in this phase and I was going to really have to bare down and focus and my workout sheets proved it.  PROGRESS NOT PERFECT.


Workouts in Phase one or Foundation Phase: (so fun to watch because I have many friends in the workout programs, all Beachbody Coaches that were Success Stories themselves)

P90x2 Core: Lots of Stability Ball work and some Medicine Ball work but very doable by both men and woman of all levels (there is always a modifier in the workouts including one that has zero equipment)  My friend Barbie Decker is one of the Cast members and she is such an inspiration.

Plyocide: A variation of Plyometrics in the original P90x but with a new twist, there is less jumping involved, ie NO ROCK STAR JUMPS 🙂  you feel incredible after completing this workout.

Recovery/Mobility: Here is your introduction to the Foam Roller.  What is a Foam Roller?  Well it is like paying someone to give you a Thai Massage, but this magical tool does it for you.  This is intended to get those knots and kinks out of your body before your workout so that you are not horribly sore the next day.  This workout is an extended version of the warmup foam rolling in the other DVDs.

P90x2 Total Body: My friends Traci Morrow and Mark Briggs are in this workout and again a total inspiration!! Traci is an adoptive mother like me so I have a special place in my heart for her.  This workout is exactly what it sounds like, head to toe workout and you are BEAT after the workout but feel amazing!

YogaX2:  A SHORTER YOGA!!! Very little repetition like the original version but still very tough!

P90x2 Upper Body: Balance and Power 🙂 This one is a doozy!! but by day 30 you will be so proud of yourself for accomplishing what you never thought you could possibly do, yes if you do them consistently you will progres..

So finishing this phase:

I feel Stronger, Leaner–my legs and arms are leaner and I have lost some more belly fat.

As far as Nutrition goes: I have been doing a 30 day Vegan cleanse.  So I have been following the cleanse and not the nutrition guide but still seeing amazing results.  Now that the cleanse is over I will be following the VEGAN VERSION of the p90x2 Nutrition guide.  Like the workouts, the Nutrition guide is very flexible based on your current nutrition likes.  There is a grain-free version, a vegetarian, a vegan and then your standard.  I do believe that this nutrition guide is much easier to follow then the original so people should really embrace it.  If you have a hard time following it then make sure to upgrade your Team Beachbody Club Membership to use their Custom Meal Plans.  I look forward to getting back on my daily Shakeology especially with a NEW VEGAN SHAKEOLOGY scheduled to launch Feb 14th.  You NEED this in your diet.  You don’t want all your hard work to go to waste by not tying in your nutrition!

Stay tuned for my Review of Phase 2.

Do I eat now or later?

Do I eat now or later?

I am constantly getting this question on my blog and on my Facebook page.  I figured it was time to give my opinion on this topic.  While my workouts are typically at night and I have to deal with whether or not to eat dinner before my workout (I do eat, btw)

But for those of you that prefer to workout in the morning I am determined to give you the information you need.

You need to remember that Food is fuel and therefore it is important to eat at least something prior to a workout.  Eating before exercise serves specific functions for your body:

  1. your muscles are fueled with the food eaten the day before as well as the hour before your workout
  2. your stomach is happier as it is settled and not playing hunger head games
  3. helps prevent low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)- a dangerous position to be in and the symptoms can include dizziness, nausea, and headaches
  4. helps mentally knowing that your body has what it needs to push yourself in your workout.

There really is no set amount of how much to eat as well as what to eat.  This really does vary from person to person and activity to activity.  There really is no wrong choice and my best advice to you is to experiment with what works well…If you feel full and feel like you are gonna barf, well then next time back off.  If something is too sweet, next time go for something like oatmeal.  But everyone is really different.

Not only fueling yourself in the morning is important to your success.  But really maintaining healthy nutrition is key to success.  You really won’t see the results you are looking for unless you fuel your muscles consistenly with the right food.  Good Wholesome Food and stay away from the fried food.  Vegetables and salads with no crappy dressing are a simple solution to putting the right things in your body.  If you hate fruits, vegetables and salads, then contact me and let me know.  I have a really great alternative for people just like you!

Many people choose NOT to eat before working out because they are worried about feeling sluggish, having cramps or diarrhea, and/or an upset stomach.

One more thing to think about, if you workout on an empty stomach you will be exercising on fumes, not fuel.  Like not putting gas in your car before driving to work.

Remember too that after your workout you should really fuel your body some more.  You have just burned through your “gasoline” and in order to get your engine moving you need to eat some protein and carbs, so this is where you would typically have your eggs, toast, and coffee.  Roughly 60% of these calories should be from Carbohydrates, this is in order to replace the Glycogen that you have lost in your workout, 25% of your meal should come from Protein, this will stop your body from breaking down the muscle to use for energy and will start to actually rebuild and repair the muscle you just worked on.   HERE is what I drink only after a REALLY REALLY tough workout as it has the perfect Carb to Protein Ration and replenishes what I just lost so that I can come back hard the next day.

Stay away from the processed foods my friends, now is not the time to say I can eat anything because I just worked out.

…for those that can’t get their workout in the morning and have to workout at night, the same holds true, fuel your body to get through your workout.  What I typically do these days is drink my Shakeology about 45 minutes before my workout.  This also keeps me from overindulging after my workout especially late at night.

So put something in your system and your body will perform to its maximum potential.


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Business Seminar turned Life Seminar | Better Mom | Better Wife | Better Person

Have you ever gone to a seminar and walked out of it thinking “Well that was a waste of my time?” Now let’s ask have you ever gone to a seminar and thought “I would have paid a bazillion dollars for that” Well this last weekend the latter happened to me.

For the last year since my business started to flourish I have been engulfing myself with personal development I have been doing this for myself but also those people that I serve. Since reading or listening to personal development everyday I have been able to improve my skills in running a part-time business while working fulltime and having a family. If not for personal development, I would not have gotten raises at my job or have succeeded in my business. So, when other successful business collegues had told me that Dani Johnson was a must see in person, I thought “hmm, what does she have to offer?” Then I realized that my mother went to on of her First Steps to Success Seminars a few years back and I just brushed it off as another seminar. Now is when I am kicking myself.

What I experienced last weekend was not just for Business owners it was for everyone. In fact I have a friend who traveled with our group brought his 19 year old son on a whim and his son walked out of that event on the phone with a handful of his closest friends to get them to come to the next event. It was that impactful in his life.

Here are just a few things that I learned while I was there

1–Skills to put into place to pay off Debt using her War on Debt system and witnessed 120 people on the stage that had already paid off debt using her system. I met many of these people too. They had been at it, a lot of them for less than a year.

2–Communication Skills using her Gems terminology on personalities. Since being home I have been able to communicate with my husband and my kids better by just using the simple skills she taught.

3–How to be a better Employee of my current job for which I have been at for 4 years.

4–How to be a better business owner while being an employeetrepeneur. So many of you out there can be one and you have always thought you didnt have the time to because you worked fulltime and had a day job. It is possible! It is possible without compromising the ones you love.

5–How to be a better friend. Using her Gems Mastery system understanding how people tick and not to get upset because they dont think like me has been amazing.

6–How to love people and love myself for who I am.

If you need any of these in your life, which we all could use one if not all of these in my opinion. I suggest you tap into her free material on her site at or better yet get yourself to one of her First Steps to Success Events and then let me know how that impacted your life.