How do I get paid to workout?

I am asked are you a Beachbody Coach?  Does this cost me anything?  Do I have to sell?  Here I just lay out exactly how I became a coach, how I get paid to workout and why I love what I do.  If you are curious at all about whether this is right for you.  I encourage you to listen to this 14 minute podcast.

BF95: Episode 03 Interview with Deborah Baska

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Interview With Deborah Baska

When Corporate America said “sorry we don’t need you anymore, Good Luck!” what are you to do?  I personally was not faced with this exact decision but Deborah Baska had to face this harsh reality one day.  I love this interview because it just goes to show you, you can still be successful if you put your heart and mind to it!  Listen to Deborah explain how she is successful as a Team Beachbody Coach.  She shares her best practices for hitting Elite Coach for 3 years in a row and hitting the rank of 10 Star Diamond.  If you struggle with recruiting in any business this is the podcast for you!

BF95: Episode 02 Interview with Julie Voris

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I’m not gonna lie…. I hate working out.  Love playing hockey, hate working out! …. There I got it out!

I also realize that being in your 40s you need to understand your health and fitness MATTERS!
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I know this but sometimes even I take the low road.
In this interview you will understand JUST how important it is for you and especially for your business that being a product of the product is just as important as building a list.
You will hear from 15 Star Super Star Diamond Coach Julie Voris shares how following through one particular fitness program even as a Master Trainer has majorly impacted the success of her business.
In the comments below, share what you are doing to be a product of the product for whatever your business is.   I would love to hear

BF95 Episode 01: Interview with Dave Ward Podcast

Being an entrepreneur in a business where the top 20% are Women, how do men survive and excel?  ….and playing hockey does not qualify me *wink
I had the pleasure of Interviewing 5 Star Elite Beachbody Coach Dave Ward of the Fit Club Network to discuss how men can be successful in the business in a female dominated business….thats the facts jack!
He gives hope to all men out there who feel that they cannot compete in a women saturated market.  In this inaugural Podcast Interview, he gives tangible tips on how you as a man have have your OWN VOICE and OWN BUSINESS where you can experience the same freedom he and his family have been able to enjoy……seriously they exude a life of freedom.
Dave Ward Anna Gray
Go check him out at The Fit Club Network
Dave is an attorney by trade who followed the status quo until he realized what he was missing while he and his wife Monica Ward built a Million Dollar business.  He now enjoys life near the beach and lives his days in board shorts.
This is such an inspiring message to any male entrepreneur who struggles with the thought of leaving their 9-5 and build a life of freedom.   He proves it can be done on YOUR TERMS!

BF95 Episode 00: Welcome to the Break Free From the 9 to 5 Podcast!

What’s in it for me?

If you landed on this Podcast Episode you have landed on my very first podcast where I give you an insight to my story and how I ended up making a decision to launching a Podcast.


In a nutshell, I am a Registered Nurse, Adoptive Mother of 2 amazing daughters (whom you will hear in my podcasts) and have built a 6 figure business while working full time.
My motto is that if I can build a business while being CRAZY BUSY.  Anyone who is Passionate, Compassionate, Focused and Driven can too!
I also share with you what this podcasts future will be like and what is in it for you.
My goal is to bring you value in every episode and am blessed to have you.
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