Project Curiosity Episode #2 – Lana Kuyvenhoven

This is Episode #2 of my Project Curiosity project interviewing women in my free Facebook Group

It is a free Facebook group for women who are looking for a safe place to hang out in and find their purpose in life again.   If you have kind of lost your way or identity, this group is for you.   Join us!

I had to pleasure of interviewing Lana Kuyvenhoven for my second Episode of Project Curious. It has taken me way to long to put this on my blog but I am keeping it real, mom life and nursing life keep my time limited.  But I just couldn’t wait to share her answers.

I did this interview a little different than I did with with Michelle Butts here I sen her some questions that I was dying to know via Facebook Messenger and asked her to reply with her answers on Messenger.  This way I could really get a feel for her answers.  Best of all really get to know her better.  That is the whole purpose of me doing this project.

Have you ever explored all of Canada? Where is the furthest you have been and why?

The furthest she’s been is Halifax Novia Scotia (in her cute Canadien accent ~ I can listen to Lana talk for days) right before her dad died. She was able to spend lots of time exploring. She has also been to Quebec, Montreal, Alberta, BC

What year did you start BMX racing? Why did you recently choose Roller Derby?

She started racing BMX much more recent than I thought, 2015. I thought she had been racing for years, but truth is she started racing because her husband Pete and her sons were all racing and she was tired of feeling left out and sitting in the stands.

As far as Roller Derby goes, I had noticed on her page that she had been showing up to this sport I am terrified of. But she loves it, she just recently started because she wanted to condition for her BMX racing.

She had come across a couple other moms who were doing and she was hooked. She says that I could totally do it but I think she’s crazy. I will stick with a sport where I am padded head to toe.

What is one piece of advice for someone who would tell you that they don’t have a hobby outside of being a mom and wife but wants one?

You have to make time and go for it.  Some days it doesn’t happen and you just have to work around it but GO FOR IT is what LANA says!  You have nothing to lose and only to gain.  New friends, new hobbies is the way to go!  Her biggest piece of advice, don’t be afraid to do things by yourself.  GO DO IT!

lana and tony horton

Where is the worst smelling place you’ve been?

The boys bathroom at Linden Skateway – it smells like pee and dirty boys! (Best part is that her boys were giggling in the background)

Would you rather be completely invisible for one day or be able to fly for one day?

She said she would fly for the day but would actually stay awake for 24 hours and would see how high and how far she could fly.  She wanted to see as much as she could in the world!

Would you rather have unlimited sushi for life or unlimited tacos for life?

Hands down she said TACOS ?! Life is complete with Tacos and there are so many varieties of them.

Who is the most interesting person in your extended family?

I loved listening to her describe her love for her GRANNIE!! She talked about how awesome her grannie was. What was cool is listening to Lana reminisce about time spent with grannie. You could virtually see the smile on her face behind the Facebook Messenger Voice memo.

She shared the story of her grannie meeting her dad for the first time. Her grannie at about age 3 or 4 had a hard time walking and a soldier came and swooped her up and brought her home. She said look mom I found a soldier, and it was her daddy!

I had so much fun listening to Lana – I seriously could ask her for days about her life.

You can find Lana on Social Media at

She shares all her adventures including meal planning ideas!

Here is an incredible moment I got to share with Lana in her home town.  She one a visit with the trainer Tony Horton on Instagram.  This is how awesome she is, she GIFTED the visit to her home town.  Look at how many people showed up to her event!!

Finding The Quiet in Your Head

You are at work finishing a project…or my case at work in the middle of a surgery when all of us sudden these thoughts come bombarding your head.

:::Like uninvited fireworks exploding. ?


“ I have to pay my taxes”

“I have to schedule an eye appointment for Sasha”

“I wish I could focus on work”

“Why do I always do this to myself”

“I am so on organized”

“I will never get my shit together”

Your mind goes directly to these thoughts and you just can’t concentrate on what you’re really supposed to be doing.

I’m telling you iso happens to me just about everyday **I swear**!!

Guess what?!

There is a solution. I’m here to rescue you I promise {It took me rescuing myself first}. You know that term “take care of your own oxygen mask first before taking care of others”…… that’s what I did!

This is going to be so simple you are going to tell yourself. “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

1️⃣ When the thoughts come bombarding you. Take note! Notice they are intruding on your space and in your head. “Yes crazy thoughts I hear you!”

2️⃣ Now I want you to pick just one! Pick one of those thoughts that in your mind is the TOP PRIORITY. Notice what that ONE THOUGHT IS… and talk to it.

{yes just in your head or your coworkers are gonna think you’re nuts!}.

This is what I want you to tell it. “I recognize you thought /x/ and I promise you that I will focus on you on my next BREAK”

What this does is two-fold: it #1 distracts you from those 10 other thoughts that started firing #2 it allows you to organize your thoughts and take control of them.

3️⃣ Find your next BREAK. These are where mine typically are.

? My Car before heading home ….*it’s where I do all my profound thinking *

? My Car before the grocery store

? My work breaks and lunches

? The Shower

Now here’s a bonus for you. If you can’t find the focus during your break, find a playlist where you can concentrate for 10 minutes. I swear by this Kundalini Yoga Playlist…. it’s like my MAGIC PILL!

Let me know how you do?