Team Victory All Stars Coach Spotlight | Tina Shoope

One of my favorite things to do is to HIGHLIGHT one of my former Challengers Turned Coaches.  So, today I want to recognize Tina Shoope who has been a challenger of mine since March 2010.   Simply signed up for a Team Beachbody Account and she was assigned to me to help her on her way.  But this relationship has been so much more than that.  I wanted to spotlight her COMEBACK from what could have been a completely debilitating injury.   She is a fellow Nurse (we Nurses make the best Coaches, just saying)

Tina 3

Let her tell you her Story.  She can be found on Facebook at I encourage you to reach out to her and tell her how she inspired you.  Or feel free to comment below and let her know that way. 

My Story
I’ve always been pretty active although there was a time in my life when I let “life” get in the way and I lost myself. I finally began to find myself a few years ago, regained my drive and motivation to become physically active again and live “my” life. I had completed P90x a couple of times in the past and through my first round I found a coach through Beachbody’s website. Her name was Anna Gray. The reason I chose her was because she was an RN like me. I kept getting emails from Anna asking me to join a challenge group and decided to find out what this was all about. I already had P90x so I committed to Shakeology and my journey began. I loved seeing the changes in my body, enjoyed my newfound energy, and honestly my new lease on life.

I had also been involved in martial arts for around a year and a half (which I loved), and began running. I began having some problems with my right groin and leg in May 2013. I assumed I had “pulled” something at first so I pushed through. It really wasn’t that bad. After some time the pain began to worsen and traveled from my groin to my hamstring to my calf, ankle, and eventually my foot. I often visited a chiropractor anyway so he of course realized I was having some sciatica and focused on this when I would visit about twice a week. I pushed through. I was nearing the end of my P90x round, going strong in karate class (2 belts away from black), and had run two 5K’s when my injury inadvertently completely sidelined me.

I ended up in excruciating pain and in the bed. Walking, standing, sitting, and lying in certain positions became very difficult. I ended up in the emergency department, then my physician’s office and after an MRI was told I had a bulging disc with nerve root swelling at L5-S1 so I was given a round of steroids and then another to reduce the inflammation (which did not help). After nearly a month had passed and I was unable to get out of bed other than for very short periods my then finance placed me in my daughter’s car of which I had to lay down in the backseat to ride to send me 3 hours away hoping that I could see a neurosurgeon and get some help. I had spent a month not only in bed, but unable to lie on either side, struggled to walk to the bathroom, or to shower. I cried constantly. I had never been in so much pain. I saw a neurosurgeon 3 days later and found out that my MRI had been misread. The reason the steroids didn’t help me was because I had a full-blown herniated disc at L5-S1 and had lost complete nerve signalof my sciatic nerve on my right side. I was in surgery a little over a week later.

I remember when the surgery consultant called to schedule my discectomy and I heard it would be a week I cried. I told him I didn’t think I could make it. I could hear the empathy in his voice and he told me they were doing everything they could and the physician had insisted I be scheduled even before my insurance had approved the procedure. I was so physically weak prior to surgery I didn’t think my body could physically withstand the procedure. I was emotionally and mentally exhausted as well. I spoke with my daughter before surgery to make sure that she knew how to take care of things in the event of my death. My son-in-law trying to lighten the mood said they would make sure they “tagged” what they wanted just in case I didn’t make it…lol.

Tina 2

My surgery was September 5, 2013. My children were there and I cried as they took me back and I remember as I was pushed down the hall to surgery and watching the ceiling lights pass thinking this would be the last thing I would see before I died. It makes me cry to write this. I survived surgery….obviously. When I woke up the nurse asked if I needed anything for pain. I realized I wasn’t hurting anymore and said no. He was surprised and insisted. I said okay but told him all I really had was a little incisional pain but I was okay with that, all the other pain was gone. I was able to get up that night in the hospital and walk, without pain. I could sit up; stand, etc. with no pain. Yay me!tina 4

So my recovery began. As my neurosurgeon allowed I increased activity beginning with the exercises for post-op recovery. I did them faithfully although they caused me a lot of pain. My sciatic nerve was damaged and aggravated over being compressed for so long. I ended up in PT 2 months post-op and cried when the exercises I was asked to do caused me a terrible amount of pain when I could only move an inch or so. My physical therapist promised me I was going to get better. I went home and faithfully did my “lame” exercises several times a day. I couldn’t even do a modified plank! I ended up in PT 2 more times over the course of nearly a year and “graduated” for the 3rd time on August 14, 2014.

My physical therapist agreed to let me begin PiYo at that time. After every round of PT I became stronger and in between each round I was working out at home (modified of course) and had done both T-25 and 21 Day Fix. I spent a lot of time in child’s pose when beginning PiYo but a couple of months later on October 4th I was being certified to teach PiYo. I cried (again) as I was in class doing the group workout. I couldn’t believe I was there and throughout the day was messaging back and forth with my physical therapist. I began teaching PiYo the last week of December 2014. I’m going strong, have opened my own studio and now am able to do some impact training and plan to become certified in Turbo Kick in May!!!

tina 1

Last week the owner of PT Pros where I went through PT came to my class and kept saying how proud she was of me. She said most people wouldn’t have recovered from my injury and that she was thrilled that I pushed through and was where I am today. She also said she was going to recommend my class to her clients! I’m thankful for my recovery.

I’m thankful for my sweet friend Anna Gray who kept in touch with me, let me cry, sent me cards, and supported me. I’m thankful for my now husband who stood by my side, made me eat and drink when I didn’t want to, held me and made sure I received the care I needed and who has been my ROCK and biggest supporter as I have healed. It can be done. I’m living proof. Perseverance.

Team Spotlight Lara Curry

Today I would like to highlight one of my STAR DIAMOND coaches on Team Victory All-Stars Lara Curry.  Lara is actually a coach under one of my best friends, also a STAR DIAMOND coach Heather Serrano.  Together they are a powerhouse on my team so why would I not celebrate them.  Lara just celebrated her rank advancement last week and it was very well deserved.  Her team of Coaches absolutely adore her and listen to everything she says.  She really is an amazing leader with an even more amazing story.

Recently she shared with out team a little about her story.  I hope you enjoy it

lara curry star diamond

My Story! I was overweight pretty much all my life (for as long as I can remember anyways) and it’s all I knew… I never really cared to lose weight and remember eating chips and drinking pepsi in high school for lunch every single day. I went all thru school wearing sweat pants because I never wanted to face how big I really was – like I would have to if I bought a pair of jeans! I realized later on how much denial I was in! I did a bit of the “yo-yo” thing after highschool and went up and down the same 10-20 lbs… did a few crash diets (we all know how that works) and joined many gyms! Finally after my mother-in-law passed away in 2011 I finally realized how precious life really is and how there are so many things we can’t control in life, but my health and weight was something that I definitely CAN control! So I initially joined weight watchers and joined ANOTHER gym… weight watchers really helped me figure out how to eat and that I can treat myself once a week and it wouldn’t be detrimental… I moved from weight watchers to just tracking calories on my fitness pal after a couple months and kept up calorie counting.. The gym thing ended up the same as it always did in the past… after a couple months I got BORED and didn’t want to go anymore… That’s when I pulled p90X off the shelf (hubby had ordered it off an infomercial a few years earlier) and decided to give it a go! I completed all 90 days and saw amazing results! I then did Turbofire and started drinking shakeology! I don’t remember how much weight I actually lost in P90X or Turbofire all I know is that I got down 85 lbs lighter than my heaviest weight ever and this is a LIFE LONG thing for me now for the first time ever! I have since done many other beachbody programs and the variety is really what I need to keep myself exercising… I seriously get bored very easily and it’s been 3 years now that I’ve consistently worked out every single week a minimum of 5 days a week! Coaching helps me with accountability as well so even when I’m feeling really unmotivated I still can’t go completely back to old ways because I got people looking to me for inspiration!

Here’s a video I made about my story!



Team Victory All Stars Spotlight Kelle Friesen

Meet Kelle Friesen

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelle at our annual Team Beachbody Summit in Las Vegas.  She flew all the way down here from Canada with her coach Lara Curry and a crew of All Star Canadian coaches.  Kelle has a big heart and is always super helpful to anyone who needs help on the team.  She is ALWAYS striving to be better which is so inspirational to me.  She is a true leader.

kelle friesen
Here is Kelle’s story she recently shared in our team page

Kelle Friesen
I’ve struggled with being chubby for most of my adult life. I turned to food as a comfort after my dad died when I was 17. It became a coping mechanism for me. Throughout the years, I tried (and failed) many different ways to lose weight. It was in August, 2013 that I began a journey of health and fitness that I had no idea would lead me into becoming a Beachbody coach. I signed up for a challenge group to help lose weight and learn healthy habits. I ate alright, but needed help in being held accountable to exercising. Exercise was something that I did very sporadically, probably because I hadn’t found something that I loved to do. I fell in love with Turbofire! I completed my program and became a coach, because I wanted to share with others something I knew worked. I also wanted to pay it forward, just like my coach did with me.

Health and fitness have become very important to me. I love that I get to be an example to my 4.5 year old son. That I get to teach him how to make healthy choices and it pray he won’t have the same struggle I had with food. Also, I’m passionate about helping others achieve their goals. It’s very rewarding to help others reach their goals. I love sharing in their victories! If I just help one person, then I’ve done what I set out to do.

You can Find Kelle HERE

kelley friesen

Team Victory All Stars Spotlight Heather Murray

Meet Heather Murray one of our newer coaches on the team with a big huge WHY!

I met Heather trough another coach of mine Leila, and she was someone that just stood out to me as really wanting something better for herself and her life.  So, when the time came Heather committed to herself and to her life as a Team Beachbody Coach.  She is a teacher who loves what she does and is someone with a huge heart and a Never Give up attitude.  She loves to share healthy recipes on her page in order to inspire others to make a change.  She is such a pleasure to have on the team and in my eyes is a leader because she just never gives up and encourages others to do the same.

Heather Murray



What Heather shared on our Private Team Page

Heather Murray
Here is a little about me and my why!! A year ago today my husband moved out of our family home. I was really sad and hopeful that he would want to go to therapy to work on our marriage as we had been together for 13 years. While waiting for him to realize what he was missing out I decided to join a team challenge in October that was ran by Leila and Anna! I loved having the accountability, especially when I wasn’t losing actual weight on the scale doing T25. Eventually I ended up losing a lot of inches. While doing the challenge it was nice to have positivity in my life especially going through a tough divorce and being a newly single mother to 2 little boys (age 3 and 6). I loved all of the support I was getting and it started to feel like I had another family. I finished T25 and immediately started doing Turbo Jam. I began drinking shakeology everyday and was feeling confident for the first time in my life. Most of my childhood I felt bad about my weight because I was always encouraged to be skinny. “Skinny is beautiful” was my family’s motto and I felt guilty every time I wanted to eat junk food so I began sneaking it. It took me awhile to decide to be a coach (May of this year), but I am glad that I decided to take the leap. I have ran 2 successful free challenges.  I am going to keep pushing because I want to be a good role model for my 2 boys! I want to encourage them to eat healthy and feel good about themselves. I have been going through a lot of changes, but my goal is to be more consistent and keep pushing on!! I hope my story inspires those of you whom also are “slow to start”!!

Connect with Heather Here

Team Victory All Stars Featured Coach Micheal Clobes

Michael Clobes is one special guy on this team.  He has a heart of gold and a gift for caring.  He is a Father of 2 and a devote husband to his wife Kelly.  He recently won an E-Bay Auction to bring the CEO of Beachbody Carl Daikeler to his home town on Sept 27th for a Super Saturday event he will be hosting.  He won this bet as it was a donation to a charity near and dear to his heart.  He even sold his old mustang to experience this.

Michael has stepped up as a leader in the Team Victory All Stars team and recently hosted our Team Call that occurs weekly which gives the team a solid tips and training every week.  He is building his own team of coaches called the Mustangs and they are taking the midwest by storm.

Michael Clobes

Here is Micheal’s Story he recently shared in our Private Team Group

What makes me tick? As it is the first of the month take note that the entire coach network is at 0. 0 success club points, 0 commissions, 0 new coach enrollments, but we have the whole month ahead of us. What do we have to offer people? A way to start from 0! 0Lbs lost, 0 inches lost, 0 muscle gained, but they have the rest of their lives in front of them. I love the fact that we have all the tools provided to us as coaches to become successful. Just as we offer the people we are helping threw tools to get killer results. We use these tools for ourselves in addition to our customers. We provide the support and accountability that they need to become success stories.
Michael Clobes Carl Daikeler
I love people. I love to hang out and enjoy life with great people. You might say I’m a social butterfly. I thoroughly enjoy building relationships with people. Being a musician a lot of what I do is networking. The music side of what I do us probably 49% of my why. I want to have that time back that I’m spending at my day gig to spend focusing on music. I want to be able to go on the road or vacation and not have to ask permission from anyone but my wife. Which leads me to the other 51% of why I’m a coach, and that is my family. Like our super leader, Anna, who has made it to that point that she can take her girls to and from school, I want to do the same for my girls. Anna goes on vacations when she wants and it works with her family schedule, I too want that lifestyle.

My why has morphed over time as I have been a coach for 15 months and have watched people walk across the stage and be recognized for their success. I’ve watched people gain the freedom to leave their day gig, get out of debt and choose what the rest of their lives will look like just as we have the choice today, “Labor/Leader Day,” to stomp on the gas and make this our best month yet! Writing this has gotten me so fired up I’m going to bust out my power of 3 right now and work a power hour to schedule my month! #‎itsgonnabeabigone

You can find Michael HERE