Body Beast Review for Women week #4 | T25 Hybrid

Body Beast Review for Women week #4 | T25 Hybrid

This is my 4th week of Body Beast where I am plugging in T25 for the scheduled Cardio Days.

I have done 2 rounds before this but I seem to be accident prone, including fracturing my ankle…. (insert sad face emoji)  

This time I am determined to FINISH.

The first 3 weeks were considered the Build Phase. Here you are building a foundation of developing lean muscle.  The workouts in the Build Phase are approximately 40 minutes long.  Here is what a week looks like in the Build Phase (week 1 – 3).

Monday:  Build Chest/Tris body beast build phase
Tuesday:  Build Legs
Wednesday: Build Back/Bis
Thursday:  T25 Cardio
Friday:  Build Shoulders
Saturday:  Rest
Sunday:  Build Chest/Tris

For Beast Cardio I did T25 Cardio 1.0 (week 1), Speed 1.0 (week 2), Total Body Circuit (week 3).

The first 2 weeks I was only eating clean (no processed foods) but did eat grains and dairy.

Starting week 3 I decided to cut out Bread, Dairy and the Summer Ice Cold Refreshing BEER.  I knew that leaning out would be harder if I did not.

So a typical day for me right now in Build and Bulk phases look like this
Pre-Workout:  Beachbody’s Energy and Endurance with water, 30 minutes prior to my workout
Post-Workout:  Vanilla Shakeology, Beachbody’s Base Shake 1 Scoop, 4 Frozen Pineapples, Water, for rapid muscle absorption
Lunch: Egg Salad Recipe over a bed of lettuce.
Snack: 2oz Turkey Slices, 4 oz Fruit
Dinner:  Tritip, Steamed Veggies, Homemade guacamole
1 Suma capsule before bed
**I have not used the Fuel Shot yet and most likely will use it in the 3rd phase
***I am not using the Max Creatine because I want to avoid the bloating that occurs with Creatine

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I have noticed my metabolism is back on fire and I am often hungry.

The Bulk phase workouts are a bit shorter (with exception of Legs) but they are packed with power.

Short bursts of the same weight is designed to bring your muscles to fatigue (and trust me it does).

I love how I feel after the Bulk workouts and also love how my muscles feel after my post-workout meal.  It’s like my empty take of gas is now full again.

My goal is to lean out and build more lean muscle definition.  Hoping my thighs and waist will lean out by the end of this program.

Here is a this weeks Lean Bulk Phase:
Mon Bulk Chest
Tues Bulk Legs
Wed Bulk Arms
Thurs T25 Speed 1.0/Beast Abs
Fri Bulk Back
Sat Bulk Shoulders

The Challenges in the next few weeks will be my 15 year Wedding Anniversary in Las Vegas.

My weekend get away in Laguna Beach as a reward Beachbody has given me.  (Good thing there are Live workouts with Beachbody trainers when I am there to keep me on track).

Other than these I should be on track to finish all 80+ days of Body Beast with pure focus.

Continue to follow my journey + Body Beast Reviews through the next few weeks.

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***Updated 12/1/2014 ***

One of my Coaches Carrie Merschat (you can find her here on FB) took my recommendation and went through P90x, the followed it with Les Mills Pump and has now done 2 Rounds of Body Beast and she looks so dang amazing.  She is PROOF this program is FOR WOMEN!!

Carrie Merschat 1


Have any other questions regarding this program, please email me at with the Subject:  Body Beast

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My Female Body Beast Review and Results 1st 30 days

I recently completed day 30 of Beachbody’s Body Beast Lean program and was asked a few questions by some of my customers and friends and wanted to address my thoughts on Phase 1 of the program.

Body Beast Female Review

In order to do that I want to go back to why I decided to take this program on.  When Beachbody announced this program at the 2012 Beachbody Coach Summit in Las Vegas, the whole MGM auditorium screamed in excitement as we always do when Beachbody announces a new program, but then I saw the SIZZLE video for the program and went “huh?  this program looks like it is designed for men that want to completely Bulk Up and then they started talking about the Supplements that go with the program and that you can naturally get bigger and bulk up, so I decided at that moment this program was not for the woman and I was going to share the excitement with all my Post-p90x men customers as it seemed like it would be perfect for them.

Fast Forward 7 months with me sitting out on the Lawn of a mansion on the Big Island in Hawaii at a Reward-Trip I won for top coaches on my Beachbody Team with some of my fellow amazing coaches and one in particular who was in AMAZING shape, as lean as I would love to be and SHE could not stop raving about Body Beast The Lean Program.  She was almost finished with her first round and she RAVED about how her legs were leaner and her upper body was leaner and just her spirit was lifted.  She followed the same path as I had over the past 4 years, starting with P90x then Les Mills Pump and felt the same way I did about them so I know that I could relate to how she was feeling and when I asked her if she was taking any of the supplements to go along with it.  She said the only thing she was doing with supplements was drinking her Daily Vegan Shakeology for breakfast with Coconut Water and 1/2 Avocado.  I of course picked her brain for what she was eating and it was basically lean meat and veggies and it was like the Seas parted for me and I knew exactly what I was to do NEXT!  EXACTLY.

As soon as I got home from my amazing trip I hopped online bought my Body Beast Program, ordered my Workout Bench and then Treated myself to something that had been on my dream board for 4 years.  A set of BowFlex Select Tech Dumbbells.  I felt like it anytime was good, Now was that time!!

I new that if I got started that this program would fall under our planned Beachbody Success Club Trip in Orlando FL so I needed to make sure I could still make the commitment.  Now here is where it gets good.

I am SO glad I made the commitment.  I am writing this on my flight to Orlando reflecting on the last 38 days of the program so here are my observations.

  • This Program is totally made for men and woman


  • Gaining Lean muscle in 3 weeks is TOTALLY POSSIBLE.  I have witnessed the most lean muscle in my upper body, back and abs at this moment in time.


  • Am I taking supplements?
    • Yes, for the first week I was only Drinking my Vegan Chocolate Shakeology until I started to connect with other woman doing the program in a challenge group I am a part of.  Now my supplements include Beachbody’s Base Shake (whey protein that I add to my Shakeology), Suma Root, Kre-Alkyln, and BCAA.  All taken in the morning either before or after my workout (if you would like more information about my workout and eating schedule please feel free to Email Me I would love to help you.


  • What is different with the Body Beast Lean Schedule than the Body Beast Huge schedule?
    • There is not much different except that one day is replaced with one day of Cardio (and let me tell you Sagi gives Shaun T a run for the money in the cardio category and the cardio is not what you expect but is completely EXHAUSTING.


  • Have I lost weight on the program?
    • I went in the program knowing I would be wearing my Body Bugg (calorie counter for which I feel is the most accurate besides for wearing a Polar Heart Rate monitor all day) and would be journaling my calories in My Fitness Pal and understanding that EVERYDAY there would be a deficit of calories.  I was aiming for between 500 and 1000 a day.  Days that I play hockey and am not at my day job sitting at my computer all day were days that I reached that 1000 calorie deficit.  So, while being in a deficit everyday I have only lost 3 pounds.  The old me would be upset and wonder what I am doing wrong, then I go back to when I did my first round of P90x and remember (and tell all my customers this) THE MAGIC HAPPENS in the last phase of the program.  This program is 84 days so I anticipate seeing more weight loss, more fat loss and definitely the most lean muscle body I have ever had in my life, NO DOUBT!  AND YES I AM 40 🙂

Body Beast Results Women

  • Has Body Beast Met My expectations?
    • Actually it has exceeded them.  As a woman, we tend to want to see results quickly (throwing out that whole Rome was not built in a Day theory because it just doesn’t sound good to us) and want to see instant results.  I can say that the results I have seen in 3 weeks absolutely drive me to want to see more results.  Just Like Good Ol’ Tony Horton did in my first round of p90x.


  • Have I lost inches in 30 days?
    • I have not taken measurements but I have taken progress pictures and absolutely see changes in lowered body fat.


  • How long are the workouts?
    • In the first 3 weeks the DVDs are on average about 40 minutes.  These DVDs go by extremely fast (I personally think faster than P90x even though they are the same length in this phase.

I would encourage any female that is looking to gain that lean muscle and seeing those curves you have never seen before to take the leap of faith with this program and take it on.  If you are still unsure or would like me to answer more questions please feel free to send me Email Me and I would be happy to help you.

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Keep an eye out for my thoughts on Phase 2 of Body Beast Lean for women (Bulk phase) ***Update 8/23/2013— I broke my ankle playing hockey on April 6, 2013 when I was on day 56 of Body Beast.  I had a plate and screws put in my leg and  I have recently recovered to my max potential and am back to starting Body Beast over filing in the cardio days with T25, because it is short and packs a major punch.  I am not a cardio fan so Body Beast is perfect for me but I know I still need some cardio to get the results I am looking for so I am maximizing my potential on that cardio day with T25. *** ***Updated 12/1/2014 *** One of my Coaches Carrie Merschat (you can find her here on FB) took my recommendation and went through P90x, the followed it with Les Mills Pump and has now done 2 Rounds of Body Beast and she looks so dang amazing.  She is PROOF this program is FOR WOMEN!!

Carrie Merschat 1 10392496_10202407333579211_480396901932024027_n

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More P90x Success Stories | Shakeology Success Stories | Chalean Extreme Success Stories

Are you interested in seeing more P90x Success Stories?

Or maybe some Shakeology or Chalean Extreme Success Stories?

I know I love to see updated Success Stories, more people that have changed their lives like myself, this not only gives me more motivation to keep pushing myself but I just smile at how these have motivated so many others.

Beachbody created a Challenge this year called The Beachbody Challenge where not only is there a grand prize of $100,000 but there are monthly prizes for those BRINGING IT!!

So, on the brink of starting a 3rd round of P90x this Sept 25th (you can join me) I am ready to provide yet another set of before and after pictures because I plan on just Killing It!!

Check out Beachbody’s August Success Stories:





2012 Beachbody Summit Announcements | New Beachbody Products


The new blend includes 5 new superfoods (such as Moringa and Himalayan salt), has more of a natural cacao flavor (sort of like dark chocolate), and is, of course, vegan!  I got a chance to taste this while I was at Summit.  I would say if regular Chocolate Shakeology is like a milk chocolate bar, then Chocolate Vegan Shakeology is like one of those gourmet dark chocolate bars.  And the best part, no added fillers, flavoring, or fructose.  All you taste is the delicious ingredients just as nature intended it.

Here is a Video where one of the creators Darin Olien, explains the difference in the new formula


The Beast is for the men and the women!!

I will be doing this after I finish the Ultimate Reset in August.

BODY BEAST workout is an extreme program, specifically developed to bulk up your body AND your confidence. We got to see and hear from creator Sagi Kalev.  What is awesome about this program is that it will allow you to put on solid muscle mass, and drop body fat significantly without having to lift huge amounts of weight with his method of “Dynamic Set Training”.

Beachbody even developed 4 new supplements specifically designed for Body Beast


Just when you thought Shaun T workouts couldn’t get any crazier, we got to see a preview of the second volume in the Asylum line up.  7 new workouts with extra speed and agility work will have you performing like an athlete.  And speaking of athletes, keep an eye out for the new Asylum Volume 1 infomercial featuring Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno doing Insanity the Asylum!  It’s Sweet!  Check out a preview to the new Infomercial featuring Apolo Ohno.


For all you Les Mills PUMP Fans, this new workout looks amazing!  It is an MMA inspired workout that will have you working up a sweat and feeling like a badass!  Pre-orders will begin this fall with delivery in time for Christmas!  I’m so excited!


Now Available on Team

Beachbody’s breakthrough skincare treatment, Derm Exclusive, is now available to you through your Team Beachbody account! Watch as your wrinkles disappear in minutes—no needles, no lasers, no peels, no pain in 4 steps.  I watched my mom’s wrinkles disappear before my eyes while at the Beachbody Summit.

It was one of our best-sellers at Coach Summit!

There it is!!  Some of the biggest announcements from Summit.  The Summit was amazing!  So many life changing stories, testimonies, workouts, and experiences that I havent even put in words yet, although I do have a ton of great pictures including pictures with all the Live Beachbody Traininers, Check it out HERE.  In fact,  next years Coach Summit is already scheduled for June 20-23, 2013 back at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  If being part of an amazing event like this is something you don’t want to miss.  I invite you to let me know about it on my Facebook Page, and I will be in touch to see if I can help!


My Insanity Workout Review and Results

My Insanity Workout Review and Results

So I decided to write my thoughts on Insanity. I wrote my thoughts on P90 X, phase 1, phase 2, phase 3. And I wrote those thoughts a year and a half ago. Since then I have been doing other beach body workouts, such as Turbo fire, Revabs, Brazil Butt lift, and Insanity in pieces. The reason I did this and not the Insanity program in the whole was because I suffered a series of injuries throughout the year from playing hockey. The injuries consisted of a fractured left patella, a sprained right knee, and a sprained right wrist. With the other workouts I was able to modify and still succeed. But I was not able to take on Insanity completely. About two months ago I felt that my health was at its peak and it was time for me to do the 60 days of insanity.

Week one day one, I struggled to get through the warm-up. Week one day number two, I struggled to get through the warm-up. Week one day three, I got through the warm-up. I knew I had a tough road ahead. Because I had done some of these insanity workout in the past I knew what to expect in month one. I knew that I would be extremely exhausted after each workout, drenched in sweat. Weeks one through a week five went extremely fast. Week one was completed in a hotel room in Tillamook Oregon on a business trip. The great thing is that all I needed were my discs. It was perfect because it was raining and I had no desire to go outside. The second week was easier because I had gotten through the first week.

I really wanted to focus on my nutrition in the program so I printed up the meal plan diets from teambeachbody to use as a guide. I had been using these meal plans throughout the year so when I went to compare what I was already eating during this first month of insanity to the meal plans they were basically in tune with each other. I knew that with p90x I had eaten a higher number of protein grams then in a typical workout plan. So, my goal this time with Insanity was to increase my protein intake. This increase in protein intake would help me lose that extra fat. So, after each workout when I was extremely exhausted I mixed my P90 X recovery drink with one scoop of whey protein. That totally hit the spot and I was able to push harder the next day.

The end of day 30 I didn’t seem to notice much difference in the way my body looked. But the biggest noticeable change in day 30 was that when I played hockey I could skate forever. My cardio was at its peak. I have never been in this good of cardio shape in my life, even when I was playing soccer and tennis in high school.

Now onto month number two of Insanity. This is where the max workouts come into play. This month I had to be creative on when I could eat. I work long days at the hospital and the only time I can work out is at night after I put the kids to bed. So if I were to eat a normal dinner there is no way I could get through the hour of max workouts. I would literally throw up. So I needed to meet all of my calories or the majority of my calories by the time I got home from work. I would eat a snack, usually Shakeology, before getting the kids to bed. I would go straight to my closet, changed into my workout clothes and go to my workout room in my house.

The max workouts were so challenging that I was almost in tears but was determined because of Shaun T and his motivation to get through the workout. There were many nights that I just wanted to lay on the floor and finish the night, which reminded me of my first round of P90X, it was so great to experience that feeling again. The second month I started to see and feel different. My upper body was so much stronger and I could see more and more definition. My abs were even more defined and the small pooch that I have never seen gone in my life was dissipating, finally! I felt lean and strong.

After completing P90 X I was worried that I would lose my upper body strength and definition that I had gained. The complete opposite happened. I had way more definition in my upper body and abs than I could ever imagine. My legs and butt were leaner, still have some room to go with those legs. I have always had thick muscular is what it is.

I will have to say that weight loss did not happen in 60 days. But I truly believe that my body fat percentage has decreased even more. So after doing almost 2 years of Beachbody workouts I have thrown my scale away. It doesn’t matter what the scale reads as long as you are happy and content in your body, I have never been this defined and with this body fat in my life. I am 38 and look forward to what my body looks like when I’m 40. I am so grateful that Beachbody is in my life and will be forever.

If you are looking to purchase Insanity or P90 X please feel free to click on one of these links to the right. Don’t forget to view my p90x success story on my About Me page. I would also be happy to help you with any questions, goals that you are trying to reach.

P90x Week 1 and my busy life| P90x Round 3

After Completing 2 rounds of P90x, I am in week one of P90x in my 3rd round.  It is made of 3 phases, each phase consisting of 30 days.

Since this is my 3rd round my perspective is a little different then my first round phase one review.  In the last two years I have completed a round of Insanity (did not follow the nutrition guide, just ate clean), a round of Insanity Asylum (again ate clean but didnt follow the diet to a T), some TurboFire, some Chalean Extreme, and some of Tony Horton’s One on One workouts (one advanced workout a month), so with the release of the P90x2 Pre-orders I decided to do a round of P90x By the Books like I did the first time.  This time however I decided I would be journaling/blogging my experience weekly if not more because I know that people want to know does P90x work?

I am a working mother of 2 little beautiful girls that my husband and I adopted from China who commutes 4 days a week and who has my own business as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach.  Needless to say I am a busy woman like many of you.  I have gone through diets that have worked and have fallen back into the ruts.  This time my motivation is different and I love that I can say that.  My motivation this time is I have come so far, I am ready to go even further.  Could it be possible that I can have those ABS and lean body mass that I have only dreamed of, heck I have seen people get them, then yest of course it is possible.  My first round results were unbelievable to me, so why can’t I just push that further.

So the round begins.

Week 1 Nutrition:

–I am following the meal plans in the Club Membership of Team Beachbody on the weekend or when I have time to cook, the recipes are simple and all clean eating food. (Sign up for Club Membership)

–But everyday experience is about making the best choices I can for being completely on the run.  Since time is limited, I do sacrifice not preparing my every meal for which I can completely improve on, but I am a BEING TRANSPARENT.  This is just who I am.

–I am journaling my food in an online program called and have been able to plug in the P90x diet guidelines so that I have a constant view of where I am at through the day, do I need more protein, am I out of carbs, etc?

–such a lifesaver that is.  I have it on my phone and it sync’s automatically.  A busy woman’s dream.


Week 1 Exercise:

Chest and Back I surprised myself with and continued where I left off with pushups, pullups did suffer, but I know I will get that back, no doubts.

–I am using a chin-up assist this time instead of a chair, and Love it.  If you need one you can find it Here

–Plyometrics was a doozy but I was able to complete it with a few pauses, really focusing on form.

–This round I decided to do Ab Ripper X after the muscle building days as my tip before was to do it before for best form.  I want to push myself this round so I have done that on Day 1 and Day 3 and am glad I chose to.  I still recommend for beginners to do it before the Muscle workout.


My Daily Routine:

Get up, usually drink my Shakeology before heading out the door with my coffee.

–I work 10 hour days and my commute is about 45 min each way

–I spend some time at lunch working on my business (for which I wish everyone I knew was doing this with me, I love my business and Team Beachbody, they represent such great products and integrity)

–I come home from work, make dinner for the kids, typically dont eat too much since I still have to workout.

–Play with the kids, get them Bathed and in Bed

–Go straight to my closet and change my clothes.

–Come downstairs and push play where there are no distractions, yes there have been some late nights but every bit of it is worth it.


I am sore, sore, sore today day 4 and looking forward to YogaX, my muscles absolutely need it.  I am a bit low on energy today because I am really trying to balance out my protein and carbs, but I know I have a handle on it.

Next week should be even more of a challenge as my family and I are moving a couple miles away and need to still pack our house. YIKES!!

I have been photo-journaling my days as well, including what I have eaten (copy of my food journal) you can see them Here

If you are looking at starting P90x or any other workout programs and need help getting started, please feel free to contact me at anna@coachannagray I would love to help you.  If you can relate to my busy schedule, I can help you make it work for you.  If you are looking at starting your own business like I have I would love to talk to you about what Team Beachbody Coaching is all about.