When I was a young girl my parents were athletes.  My mother played softball and soccer and my dad played softball, soccer and basketball.  I remember vividly hanging around the bleachers at the ball games, getting dirty and running around.  Why wouldn’t I play sports too.  If you grew up like me you were surrounded with sports.  I was actually the first person (not just girl) to get a “rad” skateboard when I was a kid.  Heck, my 8th grade graduation present was a BMX dirt bike.

I spent most of my youth in jeans and shorts just seeing how messy I could get or how fast I could be around the boys.  That continued into my high school years.  I played soccer, tennis and softball (1 year) competitively and my life evolved around after school practices.  I had to be in the best shape as a teen but I never considered myself an athlete.  Athlete’s ate really healthy, athlete’s knew their bodies were their temple.  I was just a teenage girl who liked to hang out with my soccer friends and it just happened to be that we did a lot of running.   I was horrible with my eating, enjoying a Burger King 2 for $2 every day after school (yea that’s 2 burgers and 2 fries for $2).

Burger_King_Whopper_ComboFast Forward to College and the Sports went away but the eating habits did not.  Are you with me here?  Does this sound like you?  I know I am not alone.  This is where my biggest struggle came in.  I didn’t know how to handle this, I didn’t know what to do, so I Yo-Yo Dieted.  I had a horrible body image in college and I just kept hiding in my baggy clothes.  Then when I met a boy it was time to “Diet” but I never really learned to eat right.   Of course this got worse when I got married years later.  I started playing hockey when I met my husband but of course I was 25 then and not 16 so my body didn’t act the same, nor did I burn the same amount of calories I did in high school.  The only thing I knew how to do was to gain weight and wish that I was still that athlete I was in high school but with a day job.

Long story short, I wish I knew what I know now back then.  So, if you find yourself relating to any of this then here are the action steps I wish I took way back then.

5 Action Steps to Getting that Athletic Self Back

1 – Tell yourself YOU ARE AN ATHLETE –  Nothing has changed in your mind.  You could still pick up that racket or soccer ball and kick the crap out of it like you did when you were a kid, right?  You know you could do it, so YEAH you are still an athlete!   Stop feeling sorry for yourself!

2 – STOP going through the DRIVE THRU!  Today there are so many healthier choices.  Even though fast food restaurants try and keep up with the healthy trends, THOSE FRENCH FRIES are still staring at you.  Write down 3 Restaurants in your area as your GO-TO Healthy Options.  I will give you some examples:  Chipotle, Subway, and hey Panera has a great “hidden” menu, just ask them for it!

3 – Go on Amazon and order the book The Champagne Diet  it is like $5 on kindle.  Talk about feeling confident in your skin, and no it is not a DIET book!

4 – Connect yourself with a Like Minded Group of individuals.  I have been involved in private Facebook groups for years, I only wished they existed way back when.  There are so many support groups out there, if you are on Facebook just search for groups like “mom’s fitness group” or “former athlete’s fitness group


“Most of us Plateau when we lose the tension between where we are and where we ought to be” – John Gardiner.

5 – Set yourself a Goal to DO SOMETHING.  Have you always wanted to do a Tri-athalon?  Have you always wanted to run a Half Marathon? a Mud Run? a Fitness competition?  Play your sport again?  Then SIGN UP and work towards it.  Tell the World, tell Facebook that YOU ARE DOING this thing!  People may say you are nuts but in my world, that is just more fuel for the fire!


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