As someone that has done Beachbody’s Les Mills Pump for two rounds I feel like it is time to share some tips that I find very valuable for those that are just starting, those that have been doing the program and those that are looking to see whether this program is for them.

1. The program starts off slow but stick with it— When you follow the program, the schedule has you doing a DVD called Pump Challenge.  For those that have never worked out with weights this is right up your alley.  For those that have worked out with weights, especially those of you who have already completed programs like P90x you may find this workout boring.  Here is my tip for both of you.  Beginners: focus on the form, do it with the bar only.  Novice: do this disc and really focus on the form, do the DVD with light weights but try and have a mirror in the room so that you can see if you are using the correct form.  It would be a shame if you got far into the program and injured yourself due to rushing through the beginning.  I HAVE SEEN IT HAPPEN, DON’T LET IT BE YOU.  Advanced:  Do the DVD’s but add more weight.  You are just starting a new program that will take you into 90 days of workout (3 months).  Remember Rome was not built in a day.  You need to ramp up for this program so the beginning is just as important as the end when your workouts are longer and you are possibly lifting heavier weights.

2. Do not go up in weight just because you feel like you should–If you feel you are not improving as the days go on only because you havent changed your weights but you are still walking away with muscles shaking.  Don’t up your weights.  Make sure you re-focus on your form, if you are able to squat all the way or lunge the proper way and you are feeling fatigue, then you should keep your weights the same.  If you feel like you are not getting the burn like you were before, that is a sign you should go up in your weight.  I am still lifting on some tracks the same weights as I was lifting in round 1.  Les Mills Pump is a different breed than traditional reps and sets. If you go up in weight before you are ready you are risking your health and you may very well experience a major injury.  Again I have seen it happen before.

3. When doing the back track or any squats with a weak core—widen your stance, this will allow your hips to stay under your shoulders better and take the stress off your back and also make sure you are sitting in your heels.  Feel the pressure of your heels pushing into the ground.  These are just 2 tips you can use in correcting your form so that you can push yourself further without injuring your back.

4.  Straight from the Les Mills Pumps Trainers–How much weight should I be lifting?  –The last 8 reps should be challenging and after you are done with the track, you should only be able to do 1-2 more reps.