I will start by telling you that I have in 6 years fully completed 4 Beachbody programs from start to finish.  I am not proud of this but I am also human.  In 2009 I completed a full 90 days of P90x and on about day 84 I decided I wanted to be a coach.  I never wanted this “rush” to end.  So for years, every program that came I jumped on with the desire to complete it.

dont throw in the towel quote

Out of transparency I fell short on Insanity ( I fractured my knee cap playing hockey at day 54), Body Beast (I broke my ankle playing hockey on around day 54), and the rest of the programs I fell short not because they were not great programs, I do love them all, but because I lacked commitment.


The 4 programs I fully committed to and finished were P90x, 21 Day fix, the Ultimate Reset, and PIYO.  Every single one I finished I got amazing results —-> Go Figure, right??

p90x Before and After


PiYo Results Female Anna Gray


This leads me to this post.  I have no doubt in my mind that I will be finishing the new Masters Hammer and Chisel.  I am on day 31 currently and have not missed a workout and do not intend to miss one.   In fact I believe I will be doing 2 rounds of this program because it is far from repetitive (I think repetition is my nemesis and probably why I didn’t finish some of the other programs).  This program keeps you on your toes and RESULTS are obvious very early on.

Master Hammer and Chisel day 30 results

I have not hopped on a scale because it plays too many mental games on me and I am sure the scale is up.  But my pants are back to being baggy and I am in love with feeling my abs move when I move, something I forgot happens.  It’s so nice to have abs back.

Have I been following the meal plan?  Yes for the first 2 weeks until the holidays hit.  I have given myself two weeks of freedom while the kids are out of school and with one more day left of it, I will be finishing this round off with NO ALCOHOL.  So I will have my last glass of wine tonight (unless I go to an LA Kings game :)).  I will say I am proud of myself and think that my results have everything to do with the fact I have had ZERO BEER… Beer is no bueno on this program… so while I have treated myself during these two weeks it has not been horrible.

I can say that at age 43 I am happy, healthy and ready to shed some more fat.  I trust the system as always and am committed to sharing my 60 day of results here.

Are you considering this program?  Are you concerned with modifications?  Are you concerned with equipment needed?  Simply send me an email at coachannagray@gmail.com and I will be happy to work with you on the details so that you too can feel on top of the world!


P90x before