My Thoughts Phase 1 of p90x

p90x Day 1

I was looking forward to variety because thats what got me to purchase p90x. The 1st two weeks consisted of a lot of “What the” and “are you kidding me?”. Day 3 I could hardly walk. Those were the days that I had to repeat to myself “Just push play”. My body was not used to working out, let alone working out that late. Not only that but this was my 1st experience with eating clean. So, these two weeks were like detox for my body with the exception of my morning coffee. I will say what kept me “pushing play” was the man Tony Horton. There is just something about him that just wants you to come back for more. Oh yeah and all pushups were on my knees and all pullups were assisted with a tall chair. My high protein Fat Shredder diet consisted of lots of egg whites, protein shakes, cottage cheese and one piece of bread a day.

Phase I week 3- “I get it”
Ok, now I get it. Everything that Tony does there is a reason all his moves are combinations that work off each other. So, when you are doing KenpoX you are really doing a little of everything. Ok I see “I turn this way and my abs feel it. I squat this way and I am working my legs.” So really you are working everything everyday. No wonder 6 days works. Just when I get the concept (not the moves) it was time for the Recovery Phase. What?? Recovery…I was just getting the hang of it. I knew Tony had a reason. So I stuck with it. By the end of the recovery week I couldn’t wait to take pictures and measurements and I was shocked with what I found. Wow a decrease in everything, ah ha more motivation to continue. By this time I was getting used to my 2000 calorie diet with 50% protein. So on to phase 2 with excitement because I knew also there would be even more variety.

My thoughts on phase 2 p90x

My thoughts on phase 3 p90x

p90x Day 30