I will start off by saying I meant to blog about my observation and tips on the first round of my 21 day REBOOT/RESET that I did in 2012, but time got away from me and I was only able to remember a few things that I posted in my final review, you can see that review HERE.

This time it is different, this time I was conscious about everything that I could share, so as I write this on day 12 out of 21 here are my tips for anyone scheduled to do the Ultimate Reset.



My recommendation is to decide if you are going to do the reset and a simplified version or as designed and move from there. There is a simplified menu that comes with the program and is very budget friendly but for me last variety.  If you decide you need variety then commit to the regular program but with these tips.

Take each week and look at all of the meals, Sundays and basically 21 different meals (there are a couple repeaters but there is a lot of food to purchase).  Pick out 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 4 dinners that appeal to you and shop for only those four. When you decide to do the Reset a second time like I did, vow to try the meals you did not the first time.  This not only will help on the wallet, it will eliminate wasted food and give you some wiggle room, especially if you have to have a meal.  Definitely purchase all of the extra condiments: ie, Liquid amino’s, Apple cider vinegar, Coconut oil (to name a few) you will be using them when you complete the Reset. So those grocery dollars will go far for you.


Costco – of course non-GMO and organic is best, but if you are dealing with time and budget here is how to make it work.

——–Fresh fruits, try to find as much organic as possible.  Sometimes this is not possible and I am trying to make this realistic for anyone to be able to do.  You will definitely go through the fruit and won’t waste it, plus your family will enjoy it.

——–FROZEN – Brown rice, time saver for busy moms like me.

——–Guacamole, Wholy Guacamole has only a few ingredients that are reset safe. Your family can also enjoy this when you are making the tacos or rice and beans for dinner.

Trader Joes – coconut oil, small produce, whole wheat bread for that first week (your family can enjoy the bread well you cannot), Greek yogurt, eggs, canned beans.

Sprouts or Trader Joes – Sprouts is more affordable and has a wide selection of organic foods. You can get your salmon there for week one as well.

———Your spices, Liquid Amino’s, Apple Cider Vinegar can be purchased at either store.


—Go to bed bath and beyond with your 20% coupon and buy that the Vidalia Chop Wizard. My #1 PREP TIP makes all this chopping so much more time friendly (how much is your time worth to you?).

—Repeat your meals.

—Make vegan Shakeology one of your snacks and follow one of the approved recipes. This is been a lifesaver for me on week too since I became a bit more hungry. Your best bet is to purchase a challenge pack that includes a discounted bag of Shakeology, YOU WILL THANK ME LATER.

—Look out two days ahead and print things early, such as make a double or triple batch of dressing for your salads.

—If your fruit of choice is melons, spend Sunday night “melon balling” your melons and put in a big bowl so it is easy to grab in the morning. Berries are very simple.

—If you are a coffee fan like me, purchase an herbal coffee like Teecino (I hate the hazelnut but the chocolate taste more like coffee).  Brew it every morning so that you don’t spend the morning cursing that you don’t have your coffee (I learned this the hard way the last time)

I think I was much more prepared and you what to expect this go around. The only thing I wish I would’ve done differently is wean myself off the coffee if you days prior I have my headache on day one was for rent this.

If you still have any questions about my tips or need to know how to purchase a Reset please email me at coachannagray@gmail.com.

Beachbody Ultimate ResetI also think having the right support to get through 21 days is key. If you don’t have that let me help you.