Today Marks Day #22 of the Ultimate Reset for my husband and myself.  I am not going to lie and say that it was not difficult and we completely breezed through our 22 days.  Truth is if I didn’t do this with my husband it would have been much more difficult.  The great thing was that our 5 and 8 year old were so supportive and even tried some new foods.  The house on day #22 is a happy place.

Jeremy Ultimate RESET Results


Day’s 2, 3, 4 for myself were a breeze.  I had very little mental haziness.  Very little headaches.  Now keep in mind that I was a mult-coffee a day lover!  I haven’t had soda in 3 years so I am grateful for that.  But these days were absolutely no problem.  There was a lot more food prep then I thought.  Multiple trips to the grocery store for fresh food (really I can’t complain about that right??) I drank more water than I have probably drank in months so I was flushing those toxins away.  The infamous Alkalinize supplement that I had kept reading about was scary and smelled a bit green.  If you are familiar with wheat grass, it smells and tastes like that.  But I have to say that if my husband could get down Alkalinize for 21 days straight, ANYONE CAN!

Day’s 2, 3, 4 for my husband were a completely different story.  See he was used to eating processed, frozen, restaurant food, drank sweetened latte’s, and prides himself in his pizza connoisseur-ness, and someone that had not had a good night sleep in 20 years using sleep aides for the past 10 years.  These days were by far the hardest for him.  His symptoms were a large headache and his stomach did not agree with him.  He did not sleep well and felt udderly horrible.  I can quote him that day “I will give this 4 more days and if I feel this same way I AM DONE” I had to agree with him.  It was miserable watching him go through this.  But I know that THIS would be EPIC for him if he was able to complete it.

Day #6 for me was the worst day of the whole reset.  I experienced similar symptoms as my husband.  Lack of appetite, exhausted and just wanted to sleep.

Day #7 Clarity for the both of us.  It was like we both came out of the fog and said “we made it through the hard part” It is only up from here.  Se we trucked along

Day #8-21  We managed to eat all the food on the RESET, some things were better than others but none were absolutely horrible, it was fun to experiment and make soups and other veggie dishes in the kitchen, fun to have my kids join me and participate.  When it came time to take the dreaded DETOX supplement we found it was NO PROBLEM for us.  It was not bad at all.  The last week we did struggle with hunger a bit so we upped our portion sizes and that seemed to resolve the issue.  I did sneak some Vegan Chocolate Shakeology on a couple occasions which is allowed (and was HEAVENLY)

Best part of the RESET is that we were able to spend incredible amount of family time together because we didnt go out to eat so that we wouldnt be tempted and we were able to eat together and hang out together as a family.  Something I will never forget.

Results of the RESET were:  I have lost those 9 stubborn lbs of belly fat I had slowly gained over the last 3 years even after all my working out and eating clean. .  I am human!!   (I did not workout during the 21 days as directed (feel free to contact me to ask me why)Jeremy has lost an amazing 22.5lbs in those 21 days.  He lost 12lbs in the first week.  He was diligent with this program and what he got out of it was HIS SLEEP back.  Yes he lost weight, Yes he feels better about himself in his clothes.  But he has been able to fall deep asleep without any sleeping aides and it shows and makes me so incredibly happy I cannot contain myself.

If you are looking to shed those stubborn pounds, looking to clean up your diet, looking for a good night sleep, looking to just feel better about yourself and RID those toxins that have been in our system for so long.

***UPDATE*** Here are our Lab Results: Jeremy AMAZING results, My Results

If you are looking to start the RESET here is all you need to know to get started  posted by another fellow coach that completed the program Ultimate Reset TIPS

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