I wrote about how I was testing out The Slow Carb Diet a couple years ago when I discovered what it was by the famous author and entrepreneur Tim Ferris.

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If you have never heard of the Slow Carb Diet here are the basic guidelines

Slow Carb Diet

1 – Eat Lean Meats, Beans and Veggies.  Don’t eat Fruit, white foods (breads, pastas, potatoes), or sugar.

2 – Give yourself a Cheat Day Each Week where you are allowed any of the forbidden foods.

You can read more about it in the Book 4-hour Diet by Tim Ferris

Why is this Diet Healthy?

You are rapidly burning fat as you are avoiding foods that promote fat storage.  It does use a bit of wild Hack-techniques like eating immediately upon waking and binging on a “cheat” food once a weak to give your Metabolism a little SPARK of confusion.

Other Guidelines

Eat the listed approved foods, eat the same few meals over and over again, especially for breakfast and Lunch.  Most of us actually already do this.  Don’t drink your calories.  (1-2 glasses of red wine is ok — hee hee like this one).  Start your day with protein — 30 grams immediately upon waking.  Don’t eat fruit (Tomatoes and avocado in moderation).  You should be getting at least 20 grams of protein with each meal.

HERE is an Example of Approved Foods

Paleo Guidelines 

1 — A Paleo diet should be high in fat, moderate in animal protein, low to moderate in carbohydrates.

2 — Eat a generous amount of saturated fats like coconut oil, or clarified butter.

3 — Eat a good amount of animal protein.

4 — Eat a generous amount of vegetables.

5 — Eat a low to moderate amount of Nuts and Fruits.

6 — Cut out cereal, grains and legumes.

7 — Eliminate Sugar.

Paleo dieting has been the latest trend in food.  I will admit this is how I typically eat when I am dialed in my nutrition.  I accompany my Paleo eating with the 21 Day fix portion control system.  I do this because I could eat avocado all day, lol.  No really what I say is moderate and what you say is moderate can be completely different.  When we have the portion control system, there is ZERO guessing and I have been incredibly successful in weight loss and keeping my weight off this way.

So do I think one way is better than the other.  Absolutely not!  Do I think Sugar is bad and you should avoid it, YES!  Both programs avoid sugar which is KEY.  I actually encourage you to try both and see what works for your body.  I like to talk about our body’s having Bio-Individuality.  Everyone is different and what works for me may very well not work for you.  But you will never know unless you commit to something for at least 3 weeks and pay attention to how your body reacts.

I would be happy to help walk you through any of these programs in my coaching program and challenge groups.  Please email me at coachannagray@gmail.com with your concerns.

Comment below if you have tried either of these and let me know what your experience has been.