Anna Hockey1So I started p90x in June of 2009 in search of getting my body back in the size I was happy with. But an added benefit of p90x has been an increase in speed and stamina of my hockey game. So, I have been up an down in size and weight for the last 11 years of playing Ice Hockey. Some years are good and some years I’m sucking wind. I would say from 2006 to June 2009 I was in the sucking wind category. As my p90x transformation continued I started to hear comments from my men’s over 40 team. Like “You are flying” or “You knocked him right on his …” . I will say that this was more motivation to keep moving. So, I have been pushing along doing my two rounds of p90x anAnna Hockey2

d started INSANITY. As I progressed my strength was amazing, but I have to say that I was not tired on the bench, breathing with no effort at all. But the true test was going to be this last weekend, a Woman’s Hockey Tournament in Las Vegas. See I haven’t played in this tournament since before I adopted my wonderful little girls, so it was going to be interesting to see how my stamina faired for 3 games in two days and possibly a 4th. I came prepared with P90x Recovery Drink in hand and Shakeology shaker cups for all my teammates. And the tournament began. First game we played against a team from Chicago, a very fast and physical team. We could not match them in goals, in fact 6-0 to be exact. But I felt amazing! I skated back and forth and up and down. I was winded but my recovery on the bench was very short and I was ready to get back on the ice in no time. Downed myP90x Recovery Drink and made drinks to go around so that my team would be primed and ready to go for Game #2 that was 5 hours later. Game #2 against a team from Vancouver faired exactly the same…not to our advantage, these girls (yes they were definitely girls and not women) were strong and very physical. Not sure what happened but that fact is we lost. Again, my stamina was shocking to me. I still continued to skate the ice and really tax myself by racing and chasing down the puck where the old me would have needed an oxygen mask on the bench. Instead, I sat on the bench (or in the penalty box..oops) and

caught my breath and was ready to sprint some more. I downed my P90x Recovery Drink again and after some much needed rest the next morning at the MGM Grand Spa (well it was Las Vegas), game #3 was bound to be our saving-face game and that it was. We beat a team from San Diego 7-3 and controlled the game, this time there were cheers from my own players during certain plays like “Did Tony Teach you that?” after a wicked slap shot, or “Your p90x self better beatmy out of shape self to the Puck”, and of course the famous “X” symbol, with Hockey Gloves in the air.

So, my thoughts of how p90x can be used to increase your “Steam” in any sport is it does Amazing things. I love the way I feel flying across the ice, able to get up quickly after being knocked down and just feel plain strong. That was not my goal before starting it but it is a welcoming “side effect”.

If you are seeking help with your game or help with your stamina in any sport (I also feel the same way when I have been on the soccer field). Please ask me how I can help? I would be so glad to help get you to where you would like to be. Anna Hockey3  Anna Hockey4  Anna Hockey5   Anna Hockey6   Anna Hockey7