Being an entrepreneur in a business where the top 20% are Women, how do men survive and excel?  ….and playing hockey does not qualify me *wink
I had the pleasure of Interviewing 5 Star Elite Beachbody Coach Dave Ward of the Fit Club Network to discuss how men can be successful in the business in a female dominated business….thats the facts jack!
He gives hope to all men out there who feel that they cannot compete in a women saturated market.  In this inaugural Podcast Interview, he gives tangible tips on how you as a man have have your OWN VOICE and OWN BUSINESS where you can experience the same freedom he and his family have been able to enjoy……seriously they exude a life of freedom.
Dave Ward Anna Gray
Go check him out at The Fit Club Network
Dave is an attorney by trade who followed the status quo until he realized what he was missing while he and his wife Monica Ward built a Million Dollar business.  He now enjoys life near the beach and lives his days in board shorts.
This is such an inspiring message to any male entrepreneur who struggles with the thought of leaving their 9-5 and build a life of freedom.   He proves it can be done on YOUR TERMS!