Lets start by saying how much I love Chicken Curry.  I grew up with it.  I have no idea what my mothers recipe was but I love the flavor and the spice of it.   So, when I picked up my new copy of Danielle Walker of Against the Grain’s New Cookbook Meals Made Simple I had to give this one a go.  I first had to take a look at the recipe to see if it met the Gray Family Checklist.

1- Was it Grain Free

2- Was it chalk full of Protein (hubby complains about being hungry)

3- Did it have any “ickiness” that the girls would stick their nose up and shun

It passed the TEST!   So, how was it?  First, the smell in the house was AMAZEBALLS and second it was SUPER DUPER easy to make.  I did modify the recipe from the original and that is what you see.  Would I change anything?  Yes 1 thing.  If you do not have all the spices listed but have curry powder then I would substitute them with Curry Powder.  I will be making this again using the Curry Powder and will report back on how much to use.  I felt this may have been lacking the kick I was expecting.

Paleo chicken Curry


But here is the response from the family.

Sasha “awesome” 
OG “good”
Jeremy “very good” 

Looks like it was a winner!

I did Serve this over Cauliflower Rice