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Shakeology Ingredients: “What’s in it?


Back in June of 2009 I made a decision to start P90X for the first time.  At that time I actually had a background in Exercise Physiology (almost 20 years earlier) but knew nothing about supplements.  I actually was afraid of them.   I knew that if I was going to be successful with P90x I was going to follow the plan to a T.  I trusted the P90X Nutrition Guide and got the supplements that were recommended, which were the P90X whey protein and the Recovery Formula, and I got outstanding results with them. About a 3 months later I had heard that Beachbody came out with this new supplement, this time a meal replacement, and that is was going to be called Shakeology.


When it was released, I had no idea what exactly it was, and the price scared me off anyways so I never tried it. I remember sitting on the decision to add this to my nutrition plan for a couple months but I kept seeing other people including my Beachbody Coach rave about the way it made her feel and then others started to come out with success stories that they were dropping excess weight and losing their medication due to their labs changing towards normal.  I researched it on the message boards  and found out it replaces one meal a day and read how others justified the cost. I then started crunching the numbers to find out how it would fit in my budget, and after I had it all laid out on paper I was convinced that I could make it work.

Within the first month of using it I ended up losing about 10 lbs, and the only thing I did different was by adding in Shakeology into my plan! I then shared with my husband and kids (since they certainly were not eating all their vegetables.  Everyone was happy and felt fantastic.  At that point, I knew it was something that worked, so I started recommending it to all of my friends, family, and the people that I coach. One of my best friends ended up losing over 50 lbs combining TurboFire then Les Mills Pump and Shakeology, my mom gained a ton of energy, which helped being in her 60s.  My 90 year old grandma maintains her bloodsugar as a type 2 diabetic and keeps her meds in check by drinking it EVERY SINGLE DAY.  On top of that, there are hundreds and hundreds of the people that I coach who have used it and gotten OUTSTANDING results! It’s definitely now the #1 supplement that I recommend, and I’m constantly giving out Shakeology samples for people to try it. Oh and if you don’t know much about Shakeology, here’s my other Shakelogy site that explains why it’s so beneficial for you! Make sure you watch some of the videos.


I used to go out to eat every day for lunch at the time, spending anywhere from $8-$12, and I just started replacing those meals with single packet Shakeology samples, which cost me about $4 per serving, so I was actually SAVING money every day! It made sense to me and plus, I knew that I was putting something into my body that was extremely beneficial and healthy!  So, I decided I was going to order it and if I didnt like it I would simply return it and get my money back.   I ripped open the bag as soon as it arrived because I was so excited that I could do this and followed one of the most popular recipes my coach said to try.  Quite frankly, it was UNBELIEVABLE!




This pictures shows Shakeology on with a near perfect 97 out of 100 rating! Shakeology scored 5 stars!


Step Three:

Congratulations you’ve made it this far! This step is important. You MUST be serious about Shakeology. It cost me about $6 from my own pocket to send you a sample from my own personal Shakeology collection. I can’t afford just to send samples to anyone who wants to try it, therefore, please only request a sample if you are committed to purchasing Shakeology if you like the taste of it. Still unsure? Take another look at those videos above. 

Will the Free Shakeology Sample Make a Difference?

Well, probably not since you’re only trying it once. Shakeology needs to be taken daily for at least a week before it really starts to get to work for you. A sample packet will only give you a taste. I recommend you go purchase Shakeology and buy a bag of the other flavor of Shakeology on auto ship (gives you free shipping–you can cancel before your next order is filled–that’s my little insider tip). Tropical Strawberry and Chocolate (regular or vegan) are my absolute favorite. Since Beachbody gives you a 30-day money back guarantee on Shakeology its kind of like your getting 31 free Shakeology samples! If you don’t think Shakeology did anything for you then return it for a full refund from Beachbody and you get to keep the one I sent you. This is the only way you’ll get to know if it works for you.

Step Four:

Please email your Name and Mailing Address to receive your free sample. I’ll include my favorite way to prepare it and will follow up with you in about a week to hear how you liked it! Enjoy!