43 year old Mom who plays sports

Soccer from age 5 all through high school. Tennis from age 12 through my sophomore year in college.

Ice Hockey from age 25 until present. Sports are in my blood – my parents played sports and still are.

I was taught you are never too old to do it. There has never been any limit in my life to what is possible. I choose to play sports and will play as long as I physically can.

I think sometimes people think I’m nuts for playing hockey. Probably because I grew up in San Diego, California and no one knew what hockey was.  For me, hockey has just been an opportunity to learn a new skill.

Anna Gray Hockey
Just like when I started my own business. I thrive on learning new skills and being a better version of myself each and every day.  I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t have bumps and bruises from this past weekend during the Pacific division women’s national ice hockey tournament.  But,  I will say that I am not bedridden, I am not on any medication, and overall I feel amazing!!!!!

About 10 years ago, when I was playing hockey, I was overweight and out of shape and winded on every shift I took.  I was proof that you could play hockey and be over 200. But I could not skate for longer than 30 seconds without being completely winded.   I remember being diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma in fact.  In hindsight that was another word for overweight and out of shape.
anna gray hockey old
I think I continue to play competitive hockey because it’s like a barometer on how physically healthy I am. If I weren’t playing it would be easy to skip that extra work out or eat like crap. But I do it to prove to my own self that I can still hang with the rest of them.  The girls that played in high school and college.
I’m grateful to be surrounded by incredible workouts, incredible nutrition, incredible support which allow me to keep up the pace that I would like to do for the rest of my life.  Heck I know a gentleman hockey player who is in his 80s and still get on the ice at least twice a week. I want that to be me!!!!
So I will enjoy a couple days off to recover and then I will be back choosing my workout of the day at home, drinking my nutritional shake, and hoping to inspire my two daughters.
anna gray soccer old
Age is just a number.
If you would like the information about the workouts or nutrition shake that I am talking about please feel free to click on the link year and be a part of the #empowerYOU movement!

My Story


I am a 37 year old, RN, mother of 2 little girls adopted from China. I have always struggled with

weight or the idea of weight my entire life. I was never small as a child and always considered myself as “big boned”. When I got married 12 years ago I did as most do, become comfortable in life. I was in love and enjoyed being in love so much that I never once made a good food choice and endured horrible fast food eating habits. Next thing I knew my weight crept up uncontrollably. I continued to eat horribly and my excuse seemed to be “well I am still playing sports so I am still healthy”, WRONG!

Time came to try and have babies and after many rounds of InVitro fertilization and an Alaskan Cruise I stepped on the scale to reach 205.  (See bottom of page).After completely freaking out, I was introduced to Weight Watchers and dropped 75 pounds, I was able to get to the gym 3 days a week and continued to play sports so I was able to maintain the weight loss for a while, but still had a substantial amount of body fat and very little lean muscle.

Anna Final 90 results

Now you would think since I never became pregnant I should have been able to keep off the weight. WRONG! After adopting our girls and in a span of 5 years I had packed on 30 lbs of nibbling on toddler food-weight. So I was ready to make a change because I refused to go up another size. I chose to do what I knew best and go back to Weight Watchers which worked for 10 of the 30 pounds and then I plateau’d, and not where I wanted to be.

I needed more! Something I knew would decrease the body fat that has always haunted me and wanted to feel better than I ever had. I was not so concerned with the number on the scale but the way I feel in my skin. Along with this I wanted the self-confidence I had lost. My husband and I found p90x and we could finally focus on us and still enjoy each other.

I chose to become a coach because I love sharing my story and more than anything, love to help others stay focus and remain on track for their goals. You can visit my website at or email me at coachannagray@gmail.com. If I am your coach please drop me a line and let me know a little about you and your goals.

I began p90x on June 10,2009. I am now a p90x Graduate! . I have completely I have dialed into the P90x lifestyle with Nutrition and Exercise and my body feels it everyday. I am still looking forward to continuing on the quest for those abs I have never had in my life. I have inspired others to join and continue with this journey. There is so much variety that Home Fitness DVD boredom is a thing of the past.

Anna 2000 and 2010

UPDATE___Me 10 Years Ago and 2010


My Day 1 and Day 90 Success Video

My Wonderful Husband’s P90x 90 Day Results

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