Shakeology: The Fields

This gorgeously-produced video segment brings Shakeology from the highest cliffs and densest jungles to a screen near you. Follow “Ingredient Hunter” Darin Olien through Peru as he pieces together the REAL magic that goes into Beachbody’s #1


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Push Up Challenge for June

I am so excited to have joined a Challenge that appears to be too hard at first but I feel like it is the perfect challenge to complete for those P90 grads who are doing weekly Hybrid workouts like myself. I am up and ready for it. Got a Beach Trip scheduled at the end of June and would love to say I did it. So here is the challenge.

MEN: There are women who will complete this challenge. Will you???
WOMEN: Show the men that you have what it takes to STEP UP and GET IT DONE!!

This is a 6000 Push-up Challenge on JUNE 1st! The idea is to do 6,000 push-ups in one month! Ideally you’ll do 200 a day and you can break them up into whatever is a manageable amount for you. I’m going to wake up and knock out 50, do another 50 at lunch, do another 50 after work, and finally do 50 before I go to bed. I don’t care what kind of push-ups you do. You can do them from your knees, you can do them leaning against a wall. The point is to just BRING IT and do them anyway you can! I want to get as many of you all doing this with me so we can all feel better and know we are doing something to contribute to a healthy life.

What matters is who can do more collectively, the men or the women. 6000 is just a goal to shoot for. If you can do more, great! If you can only do half that, GOOD FOR YOU! That is an accomplishment in itself!

Message me if you are up for the challenge as I am really excited to get this started.

How to Take Measurements for p90x | Insanity | TurboFire | Premium In Home Workout Programs

How Do you Take a Thorough set of Accurate Measurements before doing a workout?

You want to be consistent so that when you see progress it will be obvious.  Remember the scale does not tell the whole story. I am a perfect example of that.. Keep pushing play and make sure you take Measurements and Pictures before you start a Fitness and Nutrition Program, measurements and Photos do not Lie!  You dont want to regret not doing it later.


The Healthiest Million of the Week!

Shakeology generated over a million dollars a week which couldn’t have happened without the support of our amazing coaches and all of the great people here at Beachbody.

This is how we celebrated the milestone!

Shakeology has generated this all by word of mouth and no advertising because It Works, It Tastes Great, and it makes you feel fantastic. Best of all it brings the family together.  Everyone loves it: