Push Up Challenge for June

I am so excited to have joined a Challenge that appears to be too hard at first but I feel like it is the perfect challenge to complete for those P90 grads who are doing weekly Hybrid workouts like myself. I am up and ready for it. Got a Beach Trip scheduled at the end of June and would love to say I did it. So here is the challenge.

MEN: There are women who will complete this challenge. Will you???
WOMEN: Show the men that you have what it takes to STEP UP and GET IT DONE!!

This is a 6000 Push-up Challenge on JUNE 1st! The idea is to do 6,000 push-ups in one month! Ideally you’ll do 200 a day and you can break them up into whatever is a manageable amount for you. I’m going to wake up and knock out 50, do another 50 at lunch, do another 50 after work, and finally do 50 before I go to bed. I don’t care what kind of push-ups you do. You can do them from your knees, you can do them leaning against a wall. The point is to just BRING IT and do them anyway you can! I want to get as many of you all doing this with me so we can all feel better and know we are doing something to contribute to a healthy life.

What matters is who can do more collectively, the men or the women. 6000 is just a goal to shoot for. If you can do more, great! If you can only do half that, GOOD FOR YOU! That is an accomplishment in itself!

Message me if you are up for the challenge as I am really excited to get this started.

2011 Challenge….lose more body fat, p90x and Slow Carb Diet with Shakeology

I am following what Fellow coach Dallas Carter is doing, I was at my lowest weight finishing p90x one year ago, I was 146 at the end of my first round of P90x and a size 4, am now at 156 so I have gone up in weight, but gained more muscle and stayed the same pant size but I would like to drop some weight and get a little more lean so I will be posting my daily food on my Facebook Like Page Here and taking pictures of my food..he is following the Tim Ferriss’s ‘Slow Carb’ diet with Shakeology http://bit.ly/slowcarb..I will try and do the same.

Visit my Facebook Like page http://www.facebook.com/mycoachannagray, make sure you Click LIKE and feel free to post your own meals of the day and pictures of your meals.  Let’s do this together!!



Need a Fitness Program at Home?

If you don’t have the time to get to the gym and are paying enormous amounts of money monthly to keep the gym membership that you are not using like I did, please watch this video.  There is an at home fitness program for you that WORKS!! I am a perfect example and walking billboard that it works!  If you have kids, any of these programs are for you because you don’t have to worry about getting daycare for the workout at the gym that you may not even be consistent with and are wasting your money.  Better yet, with any of these workout programs you automatically get a free fitness coach.  Someone that will keep you motivated and accountable, unlike any Personal Trainer at the gym that you see once a week.  Really the coach is free!  Please feel free to email me at coachannagray@gmail.com for any questions regarding any of these Beachbody Programs or how you can be a coach and help others stay motivated, enjoy a substantial discount and earn some extra spending money.  I would love to help you get where you want to be with your fitness and health, just like my coach has been for me.