The Superfoods That Could Change the Way You Eat, Feel, and Live – Oprah’s O’s Editor in Chief Discovers Shakeology

I just purchased the newest copy of O Magazine and look what I found, an in depth article describing how the Editor In Chief Traveled with Shakeology creator Daren Olien in search of the Finest Ingredients of Shakeology (You can see more video on Where Shakeology comes from: From the Fields) I have been drinking Shakeology for the last year and a half and my personal results have been: Increased Energy, feeling Satiated, lowered Blood Pressure, Regulated Blood Sugar which lasts throughout my whole day, my Kids absolutely love it, since I had already lost the weight I needed to lose, weight loss has not been an issue.  My friends have shared their personal experience with Shakeology which include: weight loss, gain of energy, significant drop in Cholesterol, regulation of Blood Sugar (Video: How Shakeology is Certified Low Glycemic), perfect for anyone, especially those suffering from High Cholesterol, and Type 2 Diabetes.  So O Magazine featuring this article just makes sense.

Darren Olien: From the Fields

What is Shakeology Equivalent to: Nutrition Simplified

Want to know more about What Doctors Are Saying about it?

What is Shakeology and what have you done with my LUNCH? | My Discovery of Shakeology

So, I have been priding myself on eating clean for the last 6 months while doing my two rounds of P90x and P90x Plus.  I have made changes in my diet that I would have never guessed I would have ever done let alone let myself do.

My History:

Before finding Beachbody and P90x was a long one of doing WeightWatchers multiple times and actually being successful at losing weight on it.  WeightWatchers included eating whatever I could as long as it was under a certain number of points.  The quality of food didn’t really matter as long as I could beat the system and meet my points value.  That included multiple diet soda’s a day, popcorn, 1pt this and 1pt that, frozen meals, fast food, etc.  Most of which were fast and convenient but lacked nutritional value.  At the time it was fine and yes I lost weight but I still never benefited nutritionally from what I was eating.  My body didn’t feel satisfied and when I felt hungry I knew it was working.

After gaining 30 lbs back and trying Weight Watchers again, I just couldn’t do it. My body was done with the processed foods and the way I felt intaking the processed foods, even if they were low calorie.

When I started p90x I originally told myself I could do Weight Watchers while doing this intense workout.  After 2 days, I read the Nutrition guide because I just didn’t have the energy to get through the workouts.  So, I made the decision to wipe out the pantry and the fridge of all processed foods I would eat.  Since I have two little ones at home and a husband who’s staple food was Pizza I couldnt wipe out their food right away.

Once I wiped out the junk, including the Diet soda I felt satisfied and had enough energy for these Extreme workouts.  While it was a hard adjustment at first I just felt good about doing it.  Some of the drastic changes that I made was I started only using Whole Grains which was actually an easy transition for my kids, they couldnt tell the difference between these grains and bread and what they were used to.

I decreased my consumption of diary and replaced it with things like Almond and Soy Milk.  I put things like soy chorizo in with my ground turkey to give it a smokey, beefy taste that my whole family could enjoy without feeling like they were being “cheated”.

Once I got the hang of this it, I made the choice to completely doing something great for myself and my family and became a Beachbody Coach.  This way I could share what I knew and what I experienced with others that were striving to become healthy and fit.  After I became a coach I started seeing other coaches post about Shakeology this and Shakeology that and finally said “I need to see what this hype is all about”.  So I figured with my Coaching Discount Shakeology was totally worth trying what was touted as the Best Meal of the Day.  I was so excited to get the individual packets in the mail and couldn’t wait to try it.

I looked on my own Shakeology site for recipes to enhance the Shakeology experience and found one I knew my husband would try.

  • 1/2 cup Almond Milk (didn’t tell him at first),
  • 1/2 Banana,
  • 1 Tbsp All Natural Peanut Butter, Ice and Chocolate Shakeology was the recipe I would first try.

I first showed my husband the Nutrition Label which consists of 70+ Incredible ingredients which mimic going to the Salad Bar 5 times.  His initial reaction was “EWE”.

Then I had him try the above recipe and the look on his face was priceless.  The next thing I did was have my daughters try it (age 6 and 3), and I was lucky to get the Magic Bullet cup that it was in back.  They were theives and thought that it was a chocolate smoothie (aha! I thought their fruits and veggies and they didnt even know it).  So, we knew right a way that the chocolate Shakeology was going to be a keeper in our household.

Shakeology lunch

So, the next day we tried the Greenberry Shakeology, which by looks was scary but we were unbelievably surprised at the taste. REALLY!!  My favorite Greenberry Shakeology would be ice, 1/2 cup Orange Juice, 1/2 Banana.  It is a nice refreshing taste, a nice change from the rich chocolate.

My routine now consists of one nice hearty Shakeology a day and mostly for lunch.  I am so satisfied with the taste and the fact that it is filling that I just had to write about it.  Even more exciting is that everytime I make it at home with my kids around the first thing out of their mouth is “Can I have a sip?”, and my wonderful husband who at one time in my life was worried about enjoys something incredibly healthy.

og and shakeology

I highly recommend Shakeology and all of the incredible health benefits it offers. If you have any questions or would like to purchase Shakeology you can PURCHASE HERE

Down and Dirty One-Pot Meals

By Joe Wilkes

Beachbody Newsletter #207

Meat and Vegetables in One Pot
For a lot of us, an elegant sit-down family dinner means serving the chicken without the bucket. Having to work until 5:00 or 6:00 at night and then having to come home and whip up something your children will eat and won’t get you reported to Protective Services can be a challenge for anyone. Then after the cooking, the serving, and potentially the force-feeding, you get to spend the rest of the evening doing the dishes and cleaning your kitchen so you can do it all again tomorrow. They never show that part on Martha Stewart. No wonder you have the pizza place on speed-dial. But it’s possible to eat both quickly and healthily. Here are a few ideas for getting something nutritious on the table in a hurry, and the best part? Only one pot to clean!

(And for single people, invest in some airtight containers, freeze your leftovers, and be a slave to Lean Cuisine® no more!)

  1. Vegetables in a WokGet to wok. Instead of summoning the deliverymen with the greasy white boxes, try making your own stir-fry feast. You can cut out most of the extra fat, corn syrup, and sodium your takeout place so kindly provides, and if you can enlist some prep help with the chopping, it takes only minutes to cook, and even less time to clean!
    • Heat enough olive, peanut, or sesame oil to keep food from sticking to the wok.
    • When the oil’s hot, add sliced meat or tofu with some crushed ginger and/or garlic.
    • When the meat is cooked through, add your favorite chopped veggies, like carrots, celery, cabbage, onions, snow peas, or scallions (you can chop the veggies while the meat’s cooking).
    • Add a dash of low-sodium soy sauce or tamari or a little orange juice to make a sauce and serve!

    If you’re not watching your carbs and don’t want to get another pot dirty, follow the microwaveable rice directions in the “Lazy Chef” article earlier in this newsletter. Same rule applies: Go for brown or wild rice. You can also make extra rice and make Quick Rice Surprise the next day, or stir-fry the extra rice with any leftover meat and vegetables. And if you scramble an egg into the mix, you’ve got healthy fried rice—increasing your meal output impressively for virtually the same amount of effort.

    Shortcut: Many grocery stores sell mixes of stir-fry vegetables already chopped and combined in their produce section or frozen. They won’t be quite as delicious as freshly chopped, but as long as they don’t have any extra ingredients (frozen mixes especially might add some sauce or salt you don’t want), they’re just as healthy.
  2. MeatloafLoafing after work. The humble meatloaf. Most of us remember this classic treat from our childhood. It was usually an alchemic combination of ground beef, bread crumbs, ketchup, and whole eggs. Delicious? Yes. Nutritious? Not so much. Much of the deliciousness came from the beef fat soaking the bread crumbs and combining with the egg yolks to give us a couple of days’ worth of saturated fat in one serving. Then there’s all the extra salt and corn syrup the ketchup brings to the party. But it doesn’t have to be this way—a healthy ‘loaf can be made, still be flavorful without the fat, and still maintain enough structural integrity to be repurposed as a sandwich filling the next day.
    • Use extra-lean ground beef, or either ground turkey breast or extra-lean ground turkey. Check the label to be sure it’s extra-lean—if it just says “ground turkey,” it can have 15 percent or more fat, and what’s the point of that?
    • Next, add some vegetables to the mix. You can add chopped or grated carrots, celery, onions, bell peppers, parsnips—whatever you like. Just watch the amounts of juicier veggies like tomatoes, which can turn your loaf into less appetizing soup. The amount of vegetables should be proportional to the meat. (This is also a great way of slipping veggies to the picky eaters in your family.)
    • Instead of adding bread crumbs, try a handful of rolled oats. You’ll get more fiber and they won’t absorb fat the way that bread crumbs will (not that there’s all that much to absorb with this revamped approach to the ‘loaf).
    • Add a couple of egg whites, which, along with the oats’ gluten, will provide enough “glue” to hold the ‘loaf together. Also add any fresh herbs, garlic, or other seasonings you enjoy. Mush it all together and shape into the familiar ‘loaf form beloved throughout history..
    • Most meatloaf recipes bake in a 350ish-degree oven for an hour or so and call for the ‘loaf to sit for at least 15 minutes to cool, letting the ingredients take time to cohere and giving the flavors time to marry fully.
    Shortcut: Take a look a little later on in this newsletter for a terrific reduced-fat meatloaf recipe that follows the principles we’ve just laid out for you. It’s delish!
    Also, not good at separating eggs? Most grocery stores sell cartons of egg whites on their own. Or you can use egg substitutes, like Egg Beaters®. In addition to being healthier, they’re also more convenient. No cracking, scrambling, or getting hands and bowls dirty. It may only save a couple of minutes, but those are minutes better devoted to serious ‘loafing!
  3. Beef StewStew in your own juices. Stew. Or as I like to call it, my vegetables’ last stop before Garbagetown. You’re cooking and cleaning out your refrigerator—now that’s multitasking! You can call it stew, goulash, gumbo, cassoulet, ratatouille, cioppino, or ragout, but most importantly, you can call it dinner.
    • Put a big pot on the stove. Put a little olive or canola oil in the bottom, and when it heats, brown some raw meat, poultry, fish (best if it’s not too flaky or delicate), or tofu. (If you’re using leftover or precooked meat, just throw it in with the vegetables, and ignore this and the next step.)
    • Put the cooked protein aside, drain the fat, and then deglaze the pot with a little red or white wine.
    • Next pay a visit to the vegetable morgue, also known as the crisper drawer, and add to the pot whatever looks like it won’t make it through the night (some garlic and onions are always good, too—even if they’re not at death’s door). Root vegetables are traditional favorites here: carrots, turnips, parsnips, and potatoes are all great ingredients for a hearty stew. Smaller ones can be scrubbed, trimmed, and cooked whole; otherwise cut them in one- or two-inch chunks.
    • Once the veggies have softened and relinquished their juices, add the meat back in, add some low-sodium chicken, vegetable, or beef broth and/or some no-salt tomato sauce, and cook on low heat until it reaches the desired consistency (about 15 to 20 minutes).
    • If you’re short on time after work, this could be thrown together in a Crock-Pot® or slow cooker in the morning, and when you return home, dinner’s ready!
    Shortcut: Most supermarkets’ meat departments sell pre-cut cubes of meat or fish, all wrapped up and ready to go. Also, it’s always good to have a couple of favorite staple vegetables in the freezer or a can or two of beans on hand to throw into the pot.
  4. CasseroleThe casserole—a pan and a plan. How would the cream-of-anything soup industry stay in business without casseroles? Not to mention the canned-french-fried onion companies. Casseroles, in and of themselves, don’t have to be bad for you. They start out with meat and vegetables, which are usually pretty healthy. It’s the improvisations that usually get our diets in trouble.
    • To begin with, choose lean meats. Sausage-and-whatever casseroles are usually yummy because the other ingredients soak up all the artery-clogging fat from the sausage. Using lean meat or poultry will help keep it healthy from the get-go.
    • Also, keep the vegetable-to-meat ratio fairly high. Imagine what a serving of a casserole would look like spread out on a plate in its component parts. You probably wouldn’t consider a pound of meat and a brussels sprout a well-balanced meal. Try to keep the meat to about 4 ounces per serving and fill the rest of the pan with fiber-rich, filling, healthy vegetables (not just potatoes, either).
    • For sauces, try to avoid cheese and anything that begins with “cream of,” as well as actual cream itself. Canned soups, a casserole staple, usually rely heavily on sodium for flavor. You can do much better by using a low-sodium broth, which you can whisk together with some nonfat powdered milk and corn starch to make a faux cream sauce.
    • If you like pasta in your casserole, try using a whole-grain variety.
    • And instead of adding french-fried onions, how about thinly sliced almonds to provide a little crunch?
    Shortcut: Most casseroles can be assembled a day ahead of time, so if you’re anticipating a late day at the office, you can make the casserole the night before, and just pop it into the oven the next day. That overnight bonding time you give your ingredients will make the casserole that much tastier.

My Story


I am a 37 year old, RN, mother of 2 little girls adopted from China. I have always struggled with

weight or the idea of weight my entire life. I was never small as a child and always considered myself as “big boned”. When I got married 12 years ago I did as most do, become comfortable in life. I was in love and enjoyed being in love so much that I never once made a good food choice and endured horrible fast food eating habits. Next thing I knew my weight crept up uncontrollably. I continued to eat horribly and my excuse seemed to be “well I am still playing sports so I am still healthy”, WRONG!

Time came to try and have babies and after many rounds of InVitro fertilization and an Alaskan Cruise I stepped on the scale to reach 205.  (See bottom of page).After completely freaking out, I was introduced to Weight Watchers and dropped 75 pounds, I was able to get to the gym 3 days a week and continued to play sports so I was able to maintain the weight loss for a while, but still had a substantial amount of body fat and very little lean muscle.

Anna Final 90 results

Now you would think since I never became pregnant I should have been able to keep off the weight. WRONG! After adopting our girls and in a span of 5 years I had packed on 30 lbs of nibbling on toddler food-weight. So I was ready to make a change because I refused to go up another size. I chose to do what I knew best and go back to Weight Watchers which worked for 10 of the 30 pounds and then I plateau’d, and not where I wanted to be.

I needed more! Something I knew would decrease the body fat that has always haunted me and wanted to feel better than I ever had. I was not so concerned with the number on the scale but the way I feel in my skin. Along with this I wanted the self-confidence I had lost. My husband and I found p90x and we could finally focus on us and still enjoy each other.

I chose to become a coach because I love sharing my story and more than anything, love to help others stay focus and remain on track for their goals. You can visit my website at or email me at If I am your coach please drop me a line and let me know a little about you and your goals.

I began p90x on June 10,2009. I am now a p90x Graduate! . I have completely I have dialed into the P90x lifestyle with Nutrition and Exercise and my body feels it everyday. I am still looking forward to continuing on the quest for those abs I have never had in my life. I have inspired others to join and continue with this journey. There is so much variety that Home Fitness DVD boredom is a thing of the past.

Anna 2000 and 2010

UPDATE___Me 10 Years Ago and 2010


My Day 1 and Day 90 Success Video

My Wonderful Husband’s P90x 90 Day Results

Jeremy p90x final