How do I make a Healthy Choice at a Mexican Restaurant?

I decided to do some research on my ABSOLUTE favorite food MEXICAN FOOD and how to make healthy food choices at a Mexican Restaurant on the P90X | INSANITY MEAL PLAN

Mexican Cuisine


Good selection of vitamin-rich, high-fiber vegetarian items.


Many of the choices are high in fat because of large portions of cheese and sour cream, and also because some foods are fried (such as beans and tortilla shells).

What to look out for:

  • Bypass the tortilla chips — they may be free, but they aren’t fat-free!
  • Refried beans — they aren’t cooked just once in lard, but twice!
  • “Queso” which means cheese.

Try these tips:

  • Request plain, fresh tortillas, instead of fried tortilla chips, to dip in the salsa at your table. Most restaurants will provide a clay pot of warmed tortillas free. Corn tortillas contain less fat than flour ones, but both are still a good alternative to fried chips. (One six-inch corn tortilla = 1 bread or 1 carbohydrate/starch serving).
  • It’s salsa time! Load up your tacos, burritos, tortillas, or fajitas with salsa instead of sour cream and high-fat alternatives. Not only is salsa fat-free, it’s also full of vitamins.
  • Did somebody say beans? Not only are black beans low in fat, they are high in fiber and protein. Ask for black beans instead of refried beans which are fried in lard or some other type of fat. (One-half cup boiled beans = 1 bread or carbohydrate/starch serving).
  • Try a burrito — Fill the burrito with chicken, black beans or rice instead of refried beans.
  • Fajitas are a good bet. Because you can build fajitas yourself, you can avoid high fat items like guacamole, cheese, and sour cream and use vegetables and salsa instead.
  • Opt for bean and rice dishes, which helps you load up on fiber and nutrients; spice it up with salsa.


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