Push Up Challenge for June

I am so excited to have joined a Challenge that appears to be too hard at first but I feel like it is the perfect challenge to complete for those P90 grads who are doing weekly Hybrid workouts like myself. I am up and ready for it. Got a Beach Trip scheduled at the end of June and would love to say I did it. So here is the challenge.

MEN: There are women who will complete this challenge. Will you???
WOMEN: Show the men that you have what it takes to STEP UP and GET IT DONE!!

This is a 6000 Push-up Challenge on JUNE 1st! The idea is to do 6,000 push-ups in one month! Ideally you’ll do 200 a day and you can break them up into whatever is a manageable amount for you. I’m going to wake up and knock out 50, do another 50 at lunch, do another 50 after work, and finally do 50 before I go to bed. I don’t care what kind of push-ups you do. You can do them from your knees, you can do them leaning against a wall. The point is to just BRING IT and do them anyway you can! I want to get as many of you all doing this with me so we can all feel better and know we are doing something to contribute to a healthy life.

What matters is who can do more collectively, the men or the women. 6000 is just a goal to shoot for. If you can do more, great! If you can only do half that, GOOD FOR YOU! That is an accomplishment in itself!

Message me if you are up for the challenge as I am really excited to get this started.

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The Coach Do’s
  • You do need to enjoy encouraging people
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The Coach Don’ts

  • You don’t need to be a fitness expert
  • You don’t need to be a medical expert
  • You don’t need to be a nutritional expert
  • You don’t need to be fit from day one

My Story


I am a 37 year old, RN, mother of 2 little girls adopted from China. I have always struggled with

weight or the idea of weight my entire life. I was never small as a child and always considered myself as “big boned”. When I got married 12 years ago I did as most do, become comfortable in life. I was in love and enjoyed being in love so much that I never once made a good food choice and endured horrible fast food eating habits. Next thing I knew my weight crept up uncontrollably. I continued to eat horribly and my excuse seemed to be “well I am still playing sports so I am still healthy”, WRONG!

Time came to try and have babies and after many rounds of InVitro fertilization and an Alaskan Cruise I stepped on the scale to reach 205.  (See bottom of page).After completely freaking out, I was introduced to Weight Watchers and dropped 75 pounds, I was able to get to the gym 3 days a week and continued to play sports so I was able to maintain the weight loss for a while, but still had a substantial amount of body fat and very little lean muscle.

Anna Final 90 results

Now you would think since I never became pregnant I should have been able to keep off the weight. WRONG! After adopting our girls and in a span of 5 years I had packed on 30 lbs of nibbling on toddler food-weight. So I was ready to make a change because I refused to go up another size. I chose to do what I knew best and go back to Weight Watchers which worked for 10 of the 30 pounds and then I plateau’d, and not where I wanted to be.

I needed more! Something I knew would decrease the body fat that has always haunted me and wanted to feel better than I ever had. I was not so concerned with the number on the scale but the way I feel in my skin. Along with this I wanted the self-confidence I had lost. My husband and I found p90x and we could finally focus on us and still enjoy each other.

I chose to become a coach because I love sharing my story and more than anything, love to help others stay focus and remain on track for their goals. You can visit my website at or email me at coachannagray@gmail.com. If I am your coach please drop me a line and let me know a little about you and your goals.

I began p90x on June 10,2009. I am now a p90x Graduate! . I have completely I have dialed into the P90x lifestyle with Nutrition and Exercise and my body feels it everyday. I am still looking forward to continuing on the quest for those abs I have never had in my life. I have inspired others to join and continue with this journey. There is so much variety that Home Fitness DVD boredom is a thing of the past.

Anna 2000 and 2010

UPDATE___Me 10 Years Ago and 2010


My Day 1 and Day 90 Success Video

My Wonderful Husband’s P90x 90 Day Results

Jeremy p90x final

11 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

*****Guest Post*****

11 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

by: Andrew Bicknell

Boosting ones metabolism is something many people try to achieve everyday. Having a high metabolic rate increases the amount of calories, or energy, the body burns on a daily basis. Without optimal metabolism the body will store excess calories as fat for future use. The problem for many people is they don’t ever use these excess calories and as a result struggle with weight issues.

There are many factors that affect a person’s metabolism including age, weight, hormonal changes, lean muscle mass, diet, genetics, stress and the amount of physical activity undertaken on a daily basis. As you can see boosting your metabolism involves many factors, but the fact of the matter is that it is relatively easy to boost your metabolism if you are committed to doing so.

Here are 11 tips to help you boost your metabolism:

1. Build lean body mass. As we age our bodies metabolism or ability to burn calories decreases. One way to offset this problem is by exercising. Lean muscle burns calories and the more you have the more calories you burn, even while resting. You can build muscle through resistance or weight training at least twice a week. You can also boost your metabolism by doing cardio exercises. You can choose to do this between or in conjunction with weight training. Simply going for a walk or using the stairs instead of the elevator are good ways to get in an aerobic workout.

2. Eat Breakfast. Many people ignore eating breakfast. What they don’t realize is that it’s the most important meal of the day. Breakfast gives your metabolism a boost and provides a consistent energy supply throughout the day. The majority of people who eat a healthy breakfast have fewer weight and health issues than those who don’t.

3. Sugar is bad. Processed and refined sugar such as found in sweets and soft drinks overload the body with sugar causing many serious health issues including obesity and diabetes. Complex carbohydrates are a better energy source because they supply an even level of blood sugar. The human body just isn’t built to deal with the large amounts of refined sugar most people include in their diet.

4. Spicy foods that make you sweat can help boost your metabolism.

5. Get a good night’s sleep. There is research that shows that people who do not get sufficient sleep tend to gain weight. This may be because the body uses sleep to heal and regenerate itself, including its muscular system.

6. Drink more water. Water is the lubricant of the body. It also flushes toxins out of the body and keeps the kidneys operating at maximum efficiency. This allows the liver more time to do what it does best, metabolize fat stores.

7. Eat small meals. Eat 5 to 6 small meals per day spaced 20 to 3 hours apart. This gives the body a steady supply of energy and prevents binge eating.

8. Don’t miss meals. Skipping meals in order to loose weight is counter productive because it actually slow metabolism and can lead to over eating.

9. Plan your meals. If you have a daily or weekly menu you are much more likely to stick to your plan.

10. Drink green tea. Green tea has been shown to boost metabolism and unlike coffee does not stress the body with caffeine.

11. Include more high energy foods in your diet including fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These provide a more balanced energy source and will not cause blood sugar spikes.

Boosting your metabolism can be done if you are dedicated to doing it. This does not mean you need to stress over each little thing but if you eat right and exercise you should see a decrease in body fat and a much more energetic and happy you.

For more tips to boost your metabolism and for more information about metabolism please click here.


To find other free health content see e-healtharticles.com



Tony Horton supports the Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity

Tony Horton is not a Beachbody Coach but represents Beachbody products as he was the creator to the very famous P90x In Home Fitness program for which I have had the pleasure of getting through multiple times. For anyone that has done a P90x workout knows that Tony Horton is passionate about being fit and being the best that you can be. He

Tony Basket Ball Picture

recently published a note on his Facebook page in support of the masses becoming part of the solution. What solution? Fighting the trend of Obesity!!! We can all be a part of this huge movement to better ourselves and those around you. I invite you to read Tony’s post HERE and then contact me so that you can be apart of this INCREDIBLE movement. I

have met the most amazing, inspiring people since becoming a Beachbody coach it has changed my life. I have the most

amazing coaches on my team, they inspire me everyday to inspire others and be there for support for those that are on the quest to better themselves. I love helping people and the best thing is when I hear back from those that I have

helped how grateful they are for someone being there for them through thick and thin, a lot of people do not have that support at home and seek it out elsewhere, what a better place to seek it out then others that have done the programs, starting the programs or in the middle of the programs. See you don’t have to be a p90x graduate, Insanity graduate, fitness expert. You just have to have the passion to help others achieve their goals. The income is the bonus and I have

always said that.

Yes i want to become a coach