Shakeology: The Fields

This gorgeously-produced video segment brings Shakeology from the highest cliffs and densest jungles to a screen near you. Follow “Ingredient Hunter” Darin Olien through Peru as he pieces together the REAL magic that goes into Beachbody’s #1


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The Superfoods That Could Change the Way You Eat, Feel, and Live – Oprah’s O’s Editor in Chief Discovers Shakeology

I just purchased the newest copy of O Magazine and look what I found, an in depth article describing how the Editor In Chief Traveled with Shakeology creator Daren Olien in search of the Finest Ingredients of Shakeology (You can see more video on Where Shakeology comes from: From the Fields) I have been drinking Shakeology for the last year and a half and my personal results have been: Increased Energy, feeling Satiated, lowered Blood Pressure, Regulated Blood Sugar which lasts throughout my whole day, my Kids absolutely love it, since I had already lost the weight I needed to lose, weight loss has not been an issue.  My friends have shared their personal experience with Shakeology which include: weight loss, gain of energy, significant drop in Cholesterol, regulation of Blood Sugar (Video: How Shakeology is Certified Low Glycemic), perfect for anyone, especially those suffering from High Cholesterol, and Type 2 Diabetes.  So O Magazine featuring this article just makes sense.

Darren Olien: From the Fields

What is Shakeology Equivalent to: Nutrition Simplified

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What it means to be a Diamond Beachbody Coach

What it means to be a Diamond Beachbody Coach

I have recently been blessed by the rank advancement of Beachbody Diamond Coach and met my goal of being a Diamond Coach by the 2010 Coaches Summit.

What this means to me is that setting goals is the key, I placed this goal on paper and repeated it in my head daily. By believing in what I love, that is coaching, I knew for a fact that I would meet my goal no matter what. No it wasn’t in 90 days and yes it was in 5 months since becoming a Beachbody Coach, but meeting that goal makes me feel on top of the world. What being a Diamond Beachbody Coach means to me is that I have an incredible team of coaches that believed in me and my passion for sharing what I love so much, Beachbody’s philosophy and undeniably incredible products. All my coaches have that same passion and have either had successful results with Beachbody products or are on their way to receiving those incredible results.

The greatest thing is that we all have the same goal. This goal is to make a difference in peoples lives and spread the word that we don’t want to shorten our lives by heading down the road of Obesity. We all want the best for our families and our friends and have met so many wonderful people that have taken that leap to better their lives and get healthy. We are not salesmen or women, we just have a common goal, share what works and share how happy we are that Beachbody has made a difference in our lives. We are not trainers (although there certainly are Beachbody coaches that are trainers), we are not nutrition experts, or dietitians, what we are is a network of like-minded adults that love the feeling of being healthy and want to share how contagious feeling healthy is. I love being a Beachbody Coach and what it has done for my family. Life’s stresses are better contained when you are healthy and fit. I love my life, my family and the Beachbody community, I cannot stress that enough. You can see below how this wonderful company shows how proud they are to have you part of their company.