Turbofire and Hockey, what?? Yes even Men’s Hockey!

Ok, so I posted a while back how p90x has made an enormous difference in my Hockey Game.  I would also post how a round of  Insanity has made an enormous difference in my Hockey Game but the day before I was scheduled to do the entire 60 days, I blocked a Slapshot with my Kneecap.  Guess my very heavily padded shinguards need to be replaced. So I attempted a couple weeks of Insanity until I realized it was doing me no good, considering I was competing in the Womens National Hockey Tournament in Green Bay, WI in a few weeks, I needed to heal my injury, so upperbody work was emphasized.  I used P90x, P90x+, and some Insanity (skipping the deep knee moves).  By the time Nationals came I was still in tip top shape, I could skate for days even with a bum knee.

Fast Forward to now and I am finally able to maintain deep flexion in my knee (oh didnt mention, that my knee that was hit with the puck fractured and healed but I overcompensated and injured my other knee 🙁 that has been my nemisis).  Still cant kneel completely but I am able to do Insanity without any pain.  So, the reason I am writing this post is because of the much anticipated TURBOFIRE, created by Chalene Johnson and Steve Edwards (one of the creators of P90x).

I am not a fitness “class” type person, I have always been “one of the guys” that is why I was turned onto p90x originally, great I can do it at home and not look like a goofball trying to get choreography down.  So, when Turbofire was originally mentioned I didnt think anything of it.  Until, I spoke with Steve Edwards at the 2010 Coaches Summit about the program.  He basically said P90x is going to be a game changer.  With this High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT you can burn calories 9 times faster, proven.  Boy my ears perked up with that comment and thought of Insanity.  Well Insanity is Interval Training as well and a killer cardio workout, where you are just dead.  The Insanity program is 60 days straight.  Here is the most exciting part of the upcoming TurboFire, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO — USE IT WITH OTHER PROGRAMS SUCH AS P90x and Chalene Extreme.  YES!! I can still do my muscle/weight resistance training and burn calories on these HIIT days.  How cool is that.

HIIT workouts  “will involve some bursts of “all-out” training followed by periods of lower intensity that allow for active recovery (this means your body can recover somewhat even though you haven’t completely stopped exercising).” from naturalphysiques.com .  We all know that Hockey is exactly that sprint to the puck, then skate, sprint to the puck, then skate.  So not only will the P90x help in strength but TURBOFIRE will help with endurance and you will be able to skate FOREVER.

Now for you MALE hockey players out there, don’t be afraid, really, and I will tell you why.  Because I subscribe to Tony Horton‘s One on One workouts I received a free preview TURBOFIRE 15 min HIIT workout.  The first time I plugged it in I did it by myself without my hockey playing Husband.  Oh My gosh, my heart rate was through the roof and I was literally “burning up”.  Chalene’s ALARM went off and it was go, go, go, then recover.  I also had my BodyBugg on to really see what the calorie burn was like.  Unbelievable, I burned 240 cals in 15 min, what????? I thought there is no way, so next time I was going to enlist (force) my husband to do it with me to see what his take was on it.  Put it in and yes once again, over 200 cals burned in just 15 min most importantly, my husband loved it.  His quote “I like this one because its short and you really feel like you are doing something”, which of course brought a smile on my face.

So, come June 18th when the TurboFire program will be on Sale Officially, I will be first in line.  I can’t wait to use the workouts with my p90x and Skate circles around those men I play with on Thursday nights.  Hello Turbo Fire!!



Proof why Team Beachbody is all about People Helping People (PHP)

Listen to what Carl Diakeler (CEO of Beachbody) says about how the company has grown by the mere fact that people want to help people and continue to help them be better people. The gift of generosity with your motivation just keeps giving and giving.


As always I am looking for those people that would like to take the steps to help their friends, family and love ones on their journey to a healthy and happy life. Please sign up Here to join the Beachbody Revolution


The difference between buying through Beachbody and through Team Beachbody

I discuss what is the difference between buying through Beachbody and through Team Beachbody.  Forgive the horrid hair and no make-up.


**update 12/31/2010**Plus the best News is if you buy through a coach on most of the very popular workout programs you will receive bonus workouts that you cannot get if you buy through the Infomercial Site.  For Example: If you buy P90x you receive two bonus workouts–$40 value, if you purchase Insanity you will receive the Bonus workout Fast and Furious Sean T’s workout…and the list goes on!

Buy P90x

Buy Insanity

Check out other programs Here


What it means to be a Diamond Beachbody Coach

What it means to be a Diamond Beachbody Coach

I have recently been blessed by the rank advancement of Beachbody Diamond Coach and met my goal of being a Diamond Coach by the 2010 Coaches Summit.

What this means to me is that setting goals is the key, I placed this goal on paper and repeated it in my head daily. By believing in what I love, that is coaching, I knew for a fact that I would meet my goal no matter what. No it wasn’t in 90 days and yes it was in 5 months since becoming a Beachbody Coach, but meeting that goal makes me feel on top of the world. What being a Diamond Beachbody Coach means to me is that I have an incredible team of coaches that believed in me and my passion for sharing what I love so much, Beachbody’s philosophy and undeniably incredible products. All my coaches have that same passion and have either had successful results with Beachbody products or are on their way to receiving those incredible results.

The greatest thing is that we all have the same goal. This goal is to make a difference in peoples lives and spread the word that we don’t want to shorten our lives by heading down the road of Obesity. We all want the best for our families and our friends and have met so many wonderful people that have taken that leap to better their lives and get healthy. We are not salesmen or women, we just have a common goal, share what works and share how happy we are that Beachbody has made a difference in our lives. We are not trainers (although there certainly are Beachbody coaches that are trainers), we are not nutrition experts, or dietitians, what we are is a network of like-minded adults that love the feeling of being healthy and want to share how contagious feeling healthy is. I love being a Beachbody Coach and what it has done for my family. Life’s stresses are better contained when you are healthy and fit. I love my life, my family and the Beachbody community, I cannot stress that enough. You can see below how this wonderful company shows how proud they are to have you part of their company.